Suicide forest

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Stick figures

As if pushed and draged into the murky water

Mikey thought that it was the end yet again.

This was the witching hour

As he was neing pulled buy the demented stick figures miley fought back but only to anger them some more.

They started to dunk and attempted to drown him

Wad he going to die in this primordial water

That was pure hell

But he fought kining and screaming

He unfortunately inhaled some water and semi drawned but soon enough the stick figures stiffened up and stopped trying to kill him

They were still in the same posse ass he first saw them in.

Hesaw the sun raising

And daylight coming

He walked out of the forest pissed as fuck and he saw his chucklehead friends he gave them each a slug in the face told them to leave him along and fuck off

He walked away angry


Worse for ware

But thankful for his second chance

At life

And movird to Warsaw where he would be safe. Miley was the first ever person documented to come out of the amazon suicide forest alive.

-the end-

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