Suicide forest

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Bad things come in twos

When he realized that it was the amazon death foreat that he was going to spend the freaking night

He freaked out inside

In the fucking dark with mummies and evil spirits

It wasnt his idea of having fun

Oh he was really going to disown his retarded friends. But first....face certain death in the face

He wasnt being a drama queen or king

He had heard of the horror stories about that fucked up forest

A fucked up side show that is so demented

He alway thought that the statues were made by a mad mordern day artist who wanted to frighten people.

When it was time to go into the forest

He took a deep breath

Flipped his buds the bird

And walked into the forest praying to god that he would come out with out even a scratch

But that might just be a pleasant fantasy.

He new the eeality of the situation he was going to encounter

They say that space is the final frontier they haven heard of this place

The Amazon death forest.

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