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there is someone at the door. should he go to open it? should he listen to his little sister? should he let her control him? who is at the door anyway? let us both find out

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter 1

she came from school, opened the door of her house and sat on the sofa calling for her mother. she wasn’t home, she noticed. she called out for dad. he wasn’t home either. she went into her room changed clothes and threw her bag on the floor. her brother was home till then. he didn’t even look and went straight in his room. she climbed downstairs, slowly. the house was so empty that she felt alone but she kept walking. she was hungry. she went into the kitchen and started down the cupboard but it was hard to reach. her height was not enough. while she was trying to climb the kitchen counter she slipped and fell with all vessels and spoons crashing one by one near her. this caused the older boy to come downstairs and look.

he went into the kitchen and saw her sobbing softly. he spoke nothing, lifted her and alleviated her just enough to sit on the counter. her knee was going red and slowly green. she stood and opened the cupboard. she fished out some packets of cookies and crackers. he took them from her hands settled them on the dining table in the middle of the kitchen. he opened the fridge and took out some cold milk and was about to ignite the stove. he saw her on the counter. he went to her and balanced her down softly.

she limped to the dining table. he heated the milk and poured it in two glasses. he saw her again. she was still crying softly pitying herself. he went into dad’s room and brought back the first aid kit. he applied some of the gel and that quieted her. he took the box back and washed his hands with soap. he sat at the table again opposite to her. they shared the same amount of crackers and cookies. it was quite a while since they have not spoken but the little girl was getting anxious.

“where’s mum and pa?”

she was already crying on their mention.
it was six in the evening. they should be home by now but they weren’t. he was silently eating the snacks.

"I don’t know,” he said with as much calm and care as he could show.
she was not convinced. she grabbed a cracker and threw at him. it landed on his nose. he winced but continued to eat.

“tell me”
“I don’t know.”
“come on...you are the older one, right?”

“like they tell me everything. I am twelve” he countered and tried to reason
“whatever...i want to see them” she started crying and yelling the same thing over and over again. he was supposed to calm her down and he tried.

" we will play something”
“no, I want them”

“Okay...they are coming a little late” he lied
“they are coming, right?”

“yes, they are. let’s play now" he was surprised by the calm of his mind

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