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chapter 3

they both walked like clumsy children. there was no one outside the house. the camera keeps recording. there were footprints on the staircase. they walked down to the ground following the footprints. they made no sound not even of the steps. she held his hand tight. it was night. they should be asleep. they were but a 12 and 10-year-old kids. they should be forgetting this and going back to bed by now.

suddenly a thought passed through his mind, what if the man has my parents, I have to go there to find out.

they stood shy from the sight of the house. she held his hand tighter and whispered

“We can still go home sleep in our beds and wake up again tomorrow to find mom and dad in the house. we can still do that”
he looked at her coldly.

“I don’t think so. whosoever is in this house has our parents.”
“But...shouldn’t we call the cops?”

“cops? they will think we are pranking”
“or they will not. we can still not take the risk. let’s go home. I am afraid.”
“you know what, I don’t think so”

she tried her best to stop him with all the reasons and morals but he couldn’t be stopped. at least not today. no, he could not be stopped. not today, I won’t let her toy with me anymore. he marched to the door and knocked once, then twice and stopped. no was opening the door. he was sure he saw someone going inside. he started to pound on the door with a clenched fist. harder with each blow. the door was vibrating in his frame.

someone opened the door. a very weak man. his clothes were hanging on him. it scared the little girl by his side who was now clutching his arm tightly squeezing the blood flow and probably will leave a bruise. he locked his eyes with the man. the man was looking too old and weak for a fight or a chase. they just stood there. it was past midnight. the moon was shining its light on the street. he was first to speak

“why would you do that?”

“Can you see me?” he said with a rusty voice too strong to be coming from his body.

“of course I can and my sister can too. stop playing with us”

“you can’t see me. you are part of a big problem. get lost now and let me sleep.” his voice was stern and heavy just like a man in his 50s.

the man turned to close the door. Christopher was shocked. of course, he could see the man. his sister was only afraid because she saw a man there. he is still toying with us. he concluded.

“stop! or I will call cops”
the man stopped and looked at the kid. he chucked a laugh

“cops?...they can’t see me. get lost now”
he snapped

“that’s it! I am calling all the neighbours.”

“they can’t see me either. alright, come in. I will make some hot chocolate for you both” he laughed again.

she was putting too much pressure and was threatening to cut the handoff with the pressure alone.

“Why are you taking us in? are you afraid that they might see you?” he asked with suspension

“no, they can’t. now that you are also dead I need to take care of you before anyone finds you and snaps your soul and body into two separate beings.”

let’s go home. she whispered in his ear. it was coming in a ragged breath. he looked at her. maybe she is right. this man is probably insane. we should go home and call pa again. the man almost turned to leave the door open behind him.

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