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chapter 4

“come in,” he said.

no, I won’t. he repeated it dozens of times and yet couldn’t stop from moving forward. he was following the man. his sister was just right there. his hand was going numb and he couldn’t feel her there at all. sometimes she was there and sometimes not at all. he essentially looked back many times to make sure. the three of them or maybe not three at all walked the hall. the dust was thick and smelly. the house was rather never cleaned at all but was one of the nicest houses in the neighbourhood. everything felt normal or at least he told his mind many times to make it a reality. the camera was still there on his shirt pocket. still recording this man. if he was not here he told himself, he will not be visible in the camera. they walked in the kitchen which was unused from months. he noticed a stingy odour that he recognized was of blood. this alarmed him. he felt his sister squeeze tighter now. she was feeling it too. it was almost swallowing the three of them. the children covered their noses but the man was unaffected. he was just walking ahead of them now close to another salon in the house. he opened the door and stepped inside and gestured them to follow.

he sat on the small bed. the window was unclear. he couldn’t see anything from outside or inside. he was standing just at the door when he thought run, this is your only chance, run! run! run! but he couldn’t move. what about my parents? he must have them somewhere. why did the odour smell like blood? did he....? no, he is going to make us hot chocolate. he, thinking that, sat on one of the chairs and his sister followed and sat on his lap and hugged him tightly. that doesn’t seem to matter. he was too engrossed finding where his parents were. he wanted to have them.

the moon was leaking from broken windows in the room. sometimes there were clouds and the room would be dark and sometimes just enough to feel the man’s presence. he grabbed a hold of his butcher’s knife. he felt his sister shiver. I will kill him if he even touches her hair.

“shall I tell you a story first?”

they were startled. both of them were looking at him.

"I will take your silence as yes. okay, so there was a boy who had a little sister. he always envied his sister. she was better at everything. he was never chosen for anything. he was always left behind. he was so...”

his sister fainted and he panicked.

“stop, please,” he said

“he was so bad that he wanted to take his sister’s life and make up an evil story that will call him a hero and everyone will love him. one day, he decides to do it. he grabbed a knife from the kitchen and deliberately entered her room. he was staring at her from the door. he hid his knife in his shirt and went near her. they had a fun talk and a nice two hours. suddenly, he grabs the knife and stabs her. she continues to laugh and talk further. he, startled, hides the knife again. it was as if he had stabbed a hologram. but no, there was blood coming from the wound. he stabbed her many times after that. he tried to kill her in many different ways but she simply was not dead. he would faint at a certain a point and would wake up at the moment when he was standing at the door holding a knife. he tried to go into his room and sleep instead but no he would wake up holding a knife at her door. he was stuck. now tell me, what should he do?”

none of them spoke for a while. none would felt the urgency to do so.

“Can we please leave?” he said sounding a little frightened and apologetic.

“no, first answer,” he said while raising his voice

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