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"Be careful who you love. Because if you love the wrong person, it will change you forever." Lana is a young woman who gets happily engaged to her highschool sweetheart. It's the kind of love you could dream of; all kisses and promises and adventures. Things start to unfold as the wedding inches closer. Is it really all as it seems? ♡• I own the storyline, plot, characters, and chapters. My work cannot be stolen, copied, rewritten or used in any way without my permission/authorization. Thank you. _katie •♡

Horror / Other
Katie M.
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Chapter 1

"I love you so much, Charles." Lana told her soon-to-be husband. He hugged her closely, and they sat on the couch, admiring one another.

Charles was in his early twenties. They both were. He had beautiful, curly brown hair that seemed to shine in the sunlight. It was like cotton; so soft and dreamy. Lana fell in love with it, she fell in love with all of Charles. No one could tell her different. He had freckles covering his face, like little stars in the universe of his face. The way Lana looked at him; the way she observed him was unique and like no other. She described her love in every way possible, you had to be a fool to not believe how much she loved him.

Lana was also young, radiant, sweet and beautiful. Her hair was long, silky and light. Blonde and freckles covering her face. Not to mention those eyes of hers... so light and blue, it was like staring into an ocean. You could get lose in those waves.

They were engulfed in eachother. They were inseparable. Ever since childhood, they could never be separated. Charles saw Lana and from that moment, he knew he had to get her.

Charles held Lana's hands in his. He rubbed his thumb over the beautiful and shiny engagement ring on her finger.

"I knew since day one, that you would be mine." He smiled and she kissed his cheek.

"I am so lucky to be with a man like you Charles. I knew I made the right choice. Look at us, we are so perfect for each other." Lana's lips curled into a smile and she looked down at the ring. So many butterflies living in her tummy, it's like she was dreaming. Because she was, in fact, dreaming.

Charles' phone buzzed and he pulled it out of his back pocket and then placed it back in his pocket and stood up.

"I have to start going babe. I am gonna be late for work. I will miss you." He leaned back down to plant a kiss on her lips and her eyes flashed a bit of sadness because she misses Charles every time he has to go. But then she kissed him back and smiled.

"Okay baby. I will miss you too. Please hurry back, dinner will be ready for you tonight." She smiled.

"Of course my Lana. I love you." Charles smiled. He grabbed his keys from the coffee table and walked out of their home.

Lana walked into their bedroom and stared at herself in the full-length mirror. She admired herself, and she felt so beautiful. A woman that was once incredibly insecure had found the beauty in herself, finally. Charles helped her find her beauty. He lifted her up so much, and pointed out all of the wonderful things about herself.

She imagined a wedding dress wrapped around her body and the wedding ring shining on her finger. She pictured all of this in the mirror, and she knew that soon, the two would start their beautiful life.

Lana felt like the luckiest girl in the world.


Charles was driving down a long road, that never seemed to end. The breeze kissed his skin as the windows were down, and the warm air lightened the mood. The hidden guilt within himself seemed to be brushed off as the nice weather soothed any and all worries.

He kept driving, until he finally took a turn and was on another street. He was somewhere, but it was not work. He was in a neighborhood.

He parked in the drive way and walked up to the mystery person's home.

With the ring of the doorbell, it was answered in seconds.

"I was waiting for you. I told you to hurry up." A woman with short, shoulder length red hair said and smirked. She quickly pulled Charles inside and kissed his neck, and the two shut the door.

This wasn't the first time Charles had visited this woman. He would see her the countless times he's claimed to be at work, the times he claimed to be caught in traffic.

At the end of the evening, Charles would lay with this woman, not a care or worry in the world.

Charles felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

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