Broken Fragments

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Taylor Grace Hazel Philips is the daughter of the famous Melenie Philips who got pregnant at 17 after she was raped at a charity ball and from the moment she was born she was thrown into the spotlight not only for having a 'slutted rape victim' as a mother but for also having a grandfather one that used to be respected about time in prison for toture and attempt murder on his own daughter It was fair to say Taylors life was anything but pretty While Taylor had a comfutable life with everything she needed and parents that loved her she felt like there was something missing in her life, her mother at the respectable age of 34 was still haunted by nightmares and burdern by flashbacks of what happened in her youth and thouth they tried everything from sleep medication to counciling nothing seemed to be working and to no fault of her own Taylor couldn't be around her mother during one of her episodes as it reminded her of that terrifying night and the only thing that could calm down her mother was her dad Elliot Walker Feeling lost and confused and frustrated Taylor makes friends with a girl called Amelia Greyson But could Amelia have more secrets than shes letting on? And could Amelia hold the key to finding out Taylor's bilogical father and the person who raped her mother?

Horror / Romance
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This house

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