The Betrayal

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Guy named Brendon loves looking at females through the shower at his new job. But what his boss doesn't know is that the should have check his background check.

Horror / Romance
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Hey guys, and welcome to my book series THE BETRAYAL.

So, some of you guys have asked my a bunch of questions about myself and other things. So, today, I'm taking the time to introduce myself before we get into the juicy, funny, thriller, and yet kinda disturbing details in the story.

So, let's hope into in

First, I would like to thank my friends at school, and the creators of 13 Reasons Why, Unfriended, AND Many more, who create beautiful and creative horror moives that everyone still enjoys to watch.

Second, everything in this book isn't real, nor should it be taken seriously. This is just for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. I only write books like this to have fun and explore how far my imagination could go.

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