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Bird's Death

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See as Hiro goes through pain because of one accident. This accident creates a spiral of difficult that he must overcome. Hiro will face the reality of his accident.

Horror / Drama
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A white haired fifteen year old boy was sitting a boring old classroom. He had light skin and green eyes. He wore the school uniform which was blue and black. He was reading a book called the Bird's Eye. This boy's name was Hiro Sazuki.

He wasn't much of a special boy and he wasn't so popular. Since most people would be on their phones. Sazuki would be on his books. He had three books always on him.

"Hey... you're just reading that book," somebody poked the book. Hiro growled and looked at his best friend.

Ryoku Kenichi, he wasn't popular either, but he was average. Difference was he didn't even like to read. "All you do is read."

"All you do is just be on your phone," Hiro said while turning the page.

"Well I know, but look... it's pass time and hey... Mika is back there." Hiro moaned while glancing back at Mika. She was a brown short haired girl. She had black eyes and fair skin.

"So what? Mika has a boyfriend," Hiro blushed while he kept on reading.

"I heard a rumor that Mika broke up with him," Ryoku giggled while Hiro's eyes widened. "So you are interested..."

"I'm not popular enough to talk to her," Hiro said and Ryoku groaned.

"Oh come on, neither am I and I can probably get her without trying," Ryoku chuckled while Hiro growled.

"Then go do it, there's no point arguing with me..." Hiro glared and Ryoku sighed.

"Look man, you should at least try to ask her out... or just talk." Ryoku shook him. "You always look at her, this might be your chance!" Ryoku smiled.

"Ugh... I can't believe I'm doing this... fine... I'll talk to her after class." Hiro said and read his book. "Now can you please stop disturbing me, I'm reading-" Ryoku took the book. "H-hey!"

"Wait let me read," Ryoku looked and started to read silently. Hiro groaned at his friend. "So who is this Ryan guy?"

"He's the main character. He was born into a Samurai family. He must protect his clan so he mastered the art of battle." Hiro explained and Ryoku blinked,

"But the book is named Bird's Eye?" Ryoku asked. "It's not about a bird..."

"You're really starting to make me question your mentality..." Hiro squinted. "Bird's Eye means by his art of battle. Sharp and clear, like a bird..." Hiro huffed and closed the book. "Since you refuse to leave me at peace... I guess we can talk."

"Oh that's so cool, well yesterday I was playing video games and I saw a player in multiplayer. Well he was like really good, but I just started to win..."

"Oh my god he's talking about his game..." Hiro thought while glancing over and seeing Mika. "She is wonderful huh?" Hiro then saw Mika turn to him. She was shocked as Hiro looked back at his friend.

"And boom, he raged. He threaten to hack me, but I knew he was too young to even work the internet," Ryoku laughed without noticing Hiro stopped paying attention.

"Mika made eye contact with me..." Hiro sighed, "yeah, yeah, the hacking," Hiro rolled his eyes.

"Oh and what did you do yesterday, mister I'm not boring...?" Ryoku crossed his arms and Hiro blinked.

"Oh!" Hiro smiled, "well I read the sequel to my last novel. I got done with the whole book in one night. You see, a boy named Shiro was trapped in another body..."

"And boring!" Ryoku called out and Hiro glared. "I'm kidding, but come on... nothing happened? Nothing?"

"Well I mean, what do you expect?" Hiro asked and Ryoku groaned.

"For you to fly or for you to like, fight someone... something that doesn't involve reading." Ryoku exclaimed and Hiro tilted his head.

"You know reading is very healthy, causing imagination of the story and your own to be released at once..."

"I rather go watch a movie!" Ryoku smirked and Hiro growled. "Well come on! I took you to the movies one time and you brought a book."

"The book was actually where the movie got its adaptation. You see I wanted to read ahead to not only see the book's difference, but also know how the emotion will be played during the film-"

"You realize right now we both could be making out with girls...?" Ryoku said and spawned another glare from Hiro.

"Well you know you can go! I am not binding you into this conversation." Hiro said and Ryoku rolled his eyes.

"I need my friend to be happy, if he isn't, I'm not!" Ryoku crossed his arms. "Look man, you just need to chill and talk to people..."

"What about you?" Hiro asked.

"Oh please, people are lining up to meet me, I just don't accept them!" Ryoku posed while Hiro only blinked. "Just try it out man, you will find a girl I bet..."

"I'm not boyfriend material," Hiro looked down and Ryoku chuckled.

"So, some girls aren't girlfriend material and they date. You have the ability to Hiro... you have likable traits... like... like you... you... you uhmm... wow this is difficult..." Ryoku started to think while Hiro put his head down. "I'm kidding, hey let's go find you a nerdy girl to flirt with." Ryoku suggested.

"Didn't we do that last week and you nearly got kicked out from the library?" Hiro asked and Ryoku nodded proudly.

"I know, but come on. There has to be a girl just like you..."

"Maybe in another dimension?" Hiro rolled his eyes and looked to the side. "You're so stubborn you know that?"

"I know I am, but that what makes me special!" Ryoku chuckled. "I wonder what makes you special?"

"Nothing..." Hiro blinked while Ryoku dropped a sweat.

"It's a start, you have nothing... ah... what a good quality to have..." Ryoku jokingly smiled and Hiro groaned.

"Okay I get it..." Hiro then looked to the window. "I... I read fast I guess..."

"I mean that's boring, but good enough," Ryoku gave the thumbs while Hiro grew a vein.

"You know just go study or else you'll end up in summer school!" Hiro scoffed, "I don't want to end up helping you again.

Ryoku chuckled, "well then, what about this… you talk to Mika and I mean talk… then I promise I will study."

"Well summer school it is," Hiro sighed and Ryoku pouted.

"I mean it, come on man, Mika is a nice girl and you're a nice guy. You two are meant for each other." Ryoku smiled and Hiro blinked.

"Didn't you say that about Kami sensei? And wasn't she married?" Hiro asked and Ryoku almost fell.

"That was a phase, look class is about to end. I will believe you since you are honest… Go talk to Mika. Nothing will hurt you," Ryoku smiled.

"Alright…" Hiro agreed and Ryoku lightly cheered. "But if you fail, you will have to pay me to teach you."

"You got a deal!" Ryoku laughed and then the bell rang. "Well catch you later, text me if you done the deed." Ryoku grabbed his bag and head out. Hiro blinked and sighed while shaking his head.

"Uhm Hiro…" Hiro heard a voice behind him. He turned and saw Mika who was holding her bag. "Can I ask you something?" Hiro's brain almost exploded and his heart pound.

"Well I need to go! Can we speak about this later!? Yeah bye!" Hiro ran out and Mika blinked. Hiro was walking through the hallways before going into an empty bathroom. "What the hell did I do!?" Hiro screamed to himself.

"Mika was right there…" Hiro leaned and had little tears falling. He then leaned back on the wall. "I am an idiot…" Hiro rolled his eyes. "God if Ryoku finds out he will laugh at me for days."

Nearly an hour pass and Hiro was stretching. It was fitness class and unfortunately Hiro shares this class with Ryoku. Hiro then felt someone walking from the back. He turned on to her a hard pat to the back.

"If it isn't my good friend Hiro," Ryoku chuckled, "so tell me, when you plan speaking to the princess that is Mika?" Ryoku chuckled and Hiro blinked.

"I plan it when I plan to rule the world," Hiro rolled his eyes. He was very embarrassed of what occurred during homeroom with him leaving Mika when he could have talked to her.

"Alright then, let's get you ready with some pushups," Ryoku flexed and Hiro groaned.

"Can't we just jog around like we usually do…?" Hiro asked and Ryoku laughed.

"Silly me… no!" Ryoku grabbed Hiro by the shoulder. "You see doing exercise is the best thing possible. You and I must gain fitness to impress the ladies."

"Whatever, okay, but this is on you," Hiro said and Ryoku laughed proudly. He twitched when seeing Ryoku pose like a mad man.

"Let's do this," they both got in pushup position. "Let's do this together Hiro… one, two, three, four," Hiro started to intensively do pushups. "Eight, nine, ten… elev…" Hiro looked to the side and saw a collapsed Ryoku which made him mad.

"You only did ten!?" Hiro snapped at his friend who was struggling to even breathe. "How can you be tired?"

"This is the first time doing pushups," Hiro grew a vein, "I want to be fit so I tried the impossible," Ryoku chuckled and Hiro shook his head.

"You always find a way to make yourself look dumb huh?" Hiro panted while being as tired, but not showing it much. "Maybe that was makes your smart…"

"Oh don't be that way, you know you enjoy my company," Ryoku smiled while looking up at Hiro. "What do you miss your books?"

"No!" Hiro shot out, "I'm just thinking about Mika." Hiro sighed.

"Oh your future girlfriend huh?" Ryoku chuckled while glancing at Hiro. Hiro shrugged before turning to Ryoku.

"You won't make fun on what I'm about to tell you…" Hiro stated and Ryoku. "Well Mika was about to talk to me and I panicked… so I ran…"

Ryoku was holding in his laughter as Hiro growled. "What did I say!?"

"I know, I know, it's just funny, you have a chance to be able to be free from me bothering you about Mika, but you blew it!" Ryoku laughed at Hiro who growled.

"Whatever man, I'm still winning the bet." Hiro pouted and looked down, "why am I so bad with girls?"

"Same reason why you are bad with people… you don't try." Ryoku looked up as Hiro rubbed his fist. "You like to read and get good grades, why don't you try as hard to communicate with others?"

"Isn't that what people call stress?" Hiro asked and Ryoku chuckled.

"I know… I know… you like doing books and homework, but still. You don't have to leave high school wondering why you never got along with anyone."

"I want to leave high school nicely, that is true. But making friends is hard work…" Hiro took a look at Ryoku, "I mean look at you…" Hiro chuckled.

"Ha Ha Ha," Ryoku sarcastically laughed. "Well come on Hiro, let's go for a jog I guess since we got nothing to do." Ryoku got up and Hiro did too.

"This is what we should have been doing from the very beginning…" Hiro scowled Ryoku who laughed.

"Alright, I get it!" Ryoku pat Hiro and pushed him a bit to start walking. "So what are your plans all week, other than finish a book."

"My plans are to study for mid-terms coming up," Hiro sighed and walked slowly on the track. There were other students passing, but they just didn't seem to care.

"Your plans are to study for terms you will pass regardless…" Ryoku groaned at Hiro.

"You realize that just because I have good grades means I don't study!" Hiro frowned before he started to jog. "Come on, we need to jog once or twice today."

"Right!" Ryoku chuckled and the two friends started to jog

The day was over and Hiro was tired. All of the day was average and a bit boring. Hiro was just getting ready to head home and go to sleep as usual.

He was walking down the halls and turned to the exit of the school. What he saw made him shocked as he saw Mika sitting writing things down. "Oh no…" Hiro thought as Mika was turning. "Should I run?" Hiro asked himself and Mika looked at him.

"Oh Hiro!" Mika smiled and Hiro was still as stone. He walked forward as Mika got up. "Do you have time now?" Mika asked and Hiro gulped.

"What should I say… oh my god I can't believe this is happening," Hiro glanced down. "Well I do now," Hiro chuckled and can't believe how much courage he picked up.

"Great," Mika smiled and started to look through her bag pack.

"Probably she wants me to do homework and the other stuff…" Hiro smiled lightly, "at least I will get to talk to her…"

"Here," Mika handed Hiro a paper. Hiro blinked and took the paper.

"What is this?" Hiro opened the paper up and saw that there was a number written on it. It was a phone number.

"It's my number, you see I need a tutor for our homeroom… Japanese History… and uhm…" Mika blushed which made Hiro blush. "I would like you to teach me…"

"Eh!?" Hiro looked shocked, "she not only blushed, but asked me for assistance… wait… this could be a prank."

"Here try calling me so I can put you down as a contact," Mika said while taking out her phone. Hiro's back almost gave way as he took out his phone. He started to put down the number and called. Mika's phone rang and Mika giggled.

"Hello," Mika answered and to Hiro's own shock. He felt so happy that Mika was giving him her number.

"You can call me whenever to tell me that you can tutor me. Just not today, I need to go with my dad. But thank you for accepting my request Hiro." Mika giggled and Hiro nodded quickly. A car horn was heard and Mika turned. "I need to go, bye!" Mika waved off.

Hiro was speechless, but once Mika was in the car and the car left. Hiro jumped up and cheered. "I did it!" Hiro smiled while running out. "I can't wait to tell Ryoku all about this." Hiro walked down the road to the side walk.

"I will be able to hang out with-" Hiro fell to the side and was fading to unconscious. "What was that?" Hiro asked himself as he collapsed.

Moment later Hiro got up and saw nothing around. He got up and dusted off, "maybe it was me…?" Hiro huffed. It felt as if something heavy crashed into him.

"Young man!" A man in a suit came by. "Did you see anything come around here?" He asked and Hiro blinked.

"N-No…" Hiro answered and the man nodded. He touched his ear piece and started to speak in it. "Who is this guy?"

"Well I'm sorry for bothering you, stay safe kid." The man said while running off and Hiro looked over.

"I wonder what that was all about. Maybe some mugger just knocked me out…" Hiro looked around, "I'm not missing anything." Hiro shrugged and walked to his usual way home. Although he was a bit freaked out, he didn't mind it at all. It served him a little interesting story to tell Ryoku later on.

Hiro was sitting on his bed at home. He was reading a book like usual. Though he constantly stopped due to the fact that Mika talked to him.

"She's so lovely," Hiro closed his book and looked up the ceiling. He was too giddy, but he liked the feeling.

All of a sudden he heard a ring from his phone. He took it out to find that his mother was calling him. His mother and father were both working. They weren't going to be home until the next morning.

"Mom?" Hiro answered the phone.

"Honey, I guess you aren't asleep, no I'm here to tell you that I made dinner right before I left. I'm sorry I didn't leave a note, but I made chicken."

"Oh really thanks!" Hiro smiled while sitting up. It was turning out to be a good day for Hiro.

"It's in the oven, but be careful, don't overheat it or it will burn your tongue."

"Yes mom," Hiro rolled his eyes and walked out of his room. "Thank you, love you, bye," Hiro hung up and was heading to the kitchen.

He turned on the living room to watch television, something he rarely does now. He heard the news come on immediately. "And today seems to be another good night as the weather for this week will be clear and windy."

"A good weather for Japan I may say," a co-anchor said. "On another note, the charity for the hungry has taken a great jump. Nearly thousands of dollars given to feed the poor." Hiro put down the remote and headed to the kitchen.

"A nice week for me and Mika…" Hiro smiled while entering the kitchen. He walked over to the oven and opened it. Revealing two fresh grilled chicken legs. He took them out and placed them on the counter.

He looked and saw the people who helped with the charity event. Hiro got a wide smile on his face. He took out a glass from the cabinet.

"And today must be a good day. Since we have no breaking news," the news caster laughed. Hiro chuckled and opened the microwave. "I really wish everyday could be like this really."

"Oh don't be silly, it can. We just need for the day to stay the same." The news team laughed at the innocent jokes as Hiro picked up the plate.

Hiro suddenly collapsed in agony from pain. He coughed as the plate of chicken legs crashed down to the ground. It cracked and shattered while the chicken legs splattered.

"Ugh!" Hiro coughed while feeling a great pain in his chest. He shook around and almost kicked the cabinets.

Hiro growled and even let out a whimper of pain. The pain was coming out of nowhere. Hiro started to shiver and shake uncontrollably.

Hiro calmed as he laid down on his stomach. His vision was fading very slowly. His eyes widened when he finally let out a screeching scream. He arch back and forth while his felt a great agony in his whole body.

Hiro started to rise and went for the phone on the table top. He almost reached it before his pain came back which made him move around violently. "Help… Help…" Hiro was too distracted by his pain to take time to think what is going on.

Hiro got up finally, but before he could respond to himself. He screamed while in his shadow in the wall. Spikes were coming out his back. He groaned while collapsed down once again. The black spikes on his back started to decrease into his body.

Hiro's body was fading and coming back. He hit his head on the ground while grinding his nails on the ground. "Help!" Hiro said and he heard the door slam.

A woman, his neighbor broke in from hearing the agonizing screams. She had already called the police, but she cared for the boy too. "Hiro!" The woman ran and saw Hiro shaking in the ground. "Oh my god Hiro…"

"Don't… get away," Hiro didn't know what he was saying. He gritted and clenched his teeth. The woman walked over and started to hold the boy.

"Please Hiro, stay strong, help is on-" her eyes widened as she felt a hand go through her stomach. A dark armor black hand that was from Hiro. "H-Hiro?" she looked at Hiro who was calm. His eyes glowed blue instead of read. He was just looking down.

Hiro removed his hand and blood spilled everywhere. Hiro was only sitting on his knees. He looked at his black armored hand. His eyes widened upon realizing what he had done. He looked to the side, "Mrs. Renko?" Hiro looked and saw the woman lying on the ground motionless.

"N-No…" Hiro looked at his bloody armored hand before he felt the pain from his chest coming out again. He screamed in agony and sadness before a long spike grew from the side of his body. He jumped to the window that lead to the outside.

The glass shattered as Hiro landed on the ground. He coughed and growled before running off. "Why? Why? Why?" Hiro asked himself continuously.

Hiro stopped at a dark alley and cried his eyes out. "What's going on? What happened?"

Hiro sobbed before hearing the police sirens heard behind him. He panted before feeling another agonizing pain from his chest. He fell back and growled before slamming into a wall.

Hiro breathed in and out before falling on his knees. "Why?" Hiro then saw a shadow show up.

"Hey kid…" Hiro looked and saw a man who looked to dirty. "You came to the wrong place," the man held a knife. Hiro's eyes widened before seeing the body. This man was a murderer.

"Wait…" Hiro looked in shock while the man stepped forward.

"Hey kid… don't feel bad. I will take you a nice place…" the man pointed his knife at Hiro. Hiro wasn't scared, but shocked. He was not shocked at the murderer or the dead individual. He was shocked at the fact that he killed someone.

He realized he killed his neighbor. He didn't care about the murderer in front of him. He sobbed while on his knees.

"Shut up already," the man stepped forward. Hiro's eyes widened as the same agonizing pain came back.

"No… No!" Hiro screamed before feeling something was trying to come out of his body. "Get away!"

"I said shut up!" The man went to stab Hiro, but Hiro screamed. The man saw spikes coming out of his back. Hiro moaned in agony as his body was in pain.

"What the hell…" the man stepped back. A spike grew out of Hiro's hand. It stabbed the murderer in the chest. The murderer coughed as he dropped the knife. Hiro looked coldly at the man with blue glowing eyes.

Hiro's eyes glared as he squeezed his hand. The spikes came out of the man in multiple direction ultimately killing him. Hiro's spikes refracted from the man's body and back into Hiro.

Hiro shivered upon realizing what he had done. He killed a man without knowing how. Hiro saw the dead corpse of the murderer in front of him

Hiro then sobbed, but this time for the amount of confusion he had. "What's going on…?" Hiro sobbed and then he saw something in the reflection of a broken mirror. Hiro gasped while attempting to reach over the mirror.

Hiro picked up the mirror and saw a reflection that horrified him. His eyes were blue which was shocking enough. But he head sharp teeth. He had a short of armor surrounding the right side of his face and even his hair was different as it was black in the right edges of his hair.

Hiro dropped the mirror and before he could even comprehend what was going on. He looked up and let out a scream. A scream that echoed through the alley and out to the streets.

"What a minute we have breaking news… the residence of Sazuki have been broken in. The body of the next door neighbor Sumi Renko has been found dead. The young teenage son of the Sazuki residence, Hiro, is reported missing."

"What? Authorities have found two dead bodies and supposedly the unconscious body of Hiro in a nearby alley… we will give out more information when details are presented to us."

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