Bird's Death

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Starting Over

It's been three weeks since Hiro and Mika both studied in the Café. They have been talking more in and out of school. Ryoku also got to be good friends with Mika. They mostly talk in homeroom, lunch time and after school, but that's about it.

Hiro has gotten better although suffering from nightmares in the night. He hasn't sobbed or uncontrollably cried. It's becoming like nothing happened.

"I don't care how many times it was done. You don't prank a teacher," Mika was eating some rice balls while arguing with Ryoku.

"But it's hilarious and some teachers deserves it. Right Hiro?" Ryoku asked Hiro, who was eating some steak.

"I don't know," Hiro chewed on the steak. "It's not right to prank anyone in general."

"Well still," Ryoku pouted and Mika laughed.

"You just really want to get arrested huh?" Mika giggled before eating another bite of her rice ball.

"It won't ever happen! No one wants to see me in jail…"

"No one wants to see you at all," Mika rolled her eyes and she giggled. Hiro rolled his eyes while smiling. Ryoku was in the feeble position.

"Oh, don't be sad Ryoku. You know you are needed." Mika pat Ryoku's back.

"Is that right Hiro, am I needed?" Ryoku asked and Hiro shrugged.

"Maybe as an example of what not to become…" Hiro said and Ryoku growled. He grabbed Hiro by the head.

"I'm sorry mister I read all day. Maybe we all should be shut ins." Ryoku and Hiro then wrestled while Mika laughed. A phone call was made and she turned around.

"Damn it Ryoku, I'm not the strongest!" Hiro growled and then shockingly pinned Ryoku. "Huh?" Hiro blinked.

"You been working out because strongest might be debatable." Ryoku chuckled and Hiro only looked at his palms. "Hey maybe with muscles you can get Mika."

"I mean I wouldn't say that. I don't even like Mika that way anymore…" Hiro looked to the side.

"Well aren't you lying," Ryoku chuckled and Hiro growled.

"And that's final!" A loud yell was heard. "I don't care what the hell you did. It's what you didn't do." Ryoku glanced over. "I won't ever!" Mika hung up and Ryoku was frightened when she turned.

"Is something wrong?" Hiro asked as Mika sat back down.

"It's my stupid ex-boyfriend. He just wants to get back and all. I told him no," Mika pouted and frowned.

"Well you know… it won't be bad if you do get back." Ryoku said and Mika shook her head.

"Not to him… not someone like him. He just acted nice," Mika gritted her teeth.

"So is that why you guys broke up?" Hiro asked and Mika shook her head.

"Well the reason I went out with him was because he was sweet. Come to find out that he was rude to all my friends. He wanted me to not talk to anyone, but him… he was the worst. I can't believe I fell in love with him."

"Then why don't you fall in love with other people… maybe nicer?" Ryoku asked and Mika sighed.

"I have and tried… if only there was a guy…" Mika glanced at Hiro who was just eating his food. Ryoku didn't notice her gaze either.

"Hiro I'm wondering how did you do on the test in Japanese History?" Mika asked.

"Well I did fine as always." Hiro nervously smiled, "I mean it was simple for me, how did you two do?"

"Seventy…" the two said coldly and Hiro looked away.

"I should have not asked…" Hiro gulped before turning back to the two.

"That grade was higher than my previous test so I guess I should be happier." Mika leaned back and smiled. "How does it feel Hiro, to be one of the smartest?"

"Well… I don't know… it feels like you have a title others have."

"Just like how Mika's ex looks at Mika," Ryoku pointed before being kicked by Mika. He grabbed his face and whimpered in the corner.

"I still need to thank you for going to study with me every day. And you too Ryoku… although you fell asleep twice."

"Three times," Hiro said and Mika looked shocked. "Yeah he didn't feel sick. He took a nap on your bed." Hiro told and Mika's eyes became focused on Ryoku.

"Didn't I say that my bed is my use only!?" Mika asked and Ryoku shrugged. Ryoku moved his head as Mika kicked. He got up and Mika chased him. "Get back here Kenichi! I'm going to teach you about the importance of privacy and rules!"

"But I don't want to get hit!" Ryoku was then hit by Mika. Hiro finished his food.

"The steak didn't taste good as usual…" Hiro touched his lips. Ryoku sat down with multiple bumps while Mika sat down normally.

"Well we are learning a new subject tomorrow. Can you two come to study?" Mika asked.

"I can't… me and my dad are going to visit my sick grandma. I won't be here for at least four days." Ryoku informed and Mika turned to Hiro.

"I guess I can go," Hiro said and Mika smiled.

"Good then, as long as Hiro is there. I'm bound to know something." Mika nodded and Ryoku huffed.

"Well I know somethings too," Ryoku growled and Mika rolled her eyes.

"Ryoku… you literally thought World War 2 was a conspiracy and it was a lie…" Mika looked at Ryoku with a bland look. Ryoku nervously smiled before shamefully looking down. "I hope your grandmother gets better anyways."

"Thank you," Ryoku nodded, "but still. Hiro you better take notes for me!" Ryoku said to Hiro who nodded.

"Like always," Hiro said and Ryoku lightly smiled. The bell rang as the three friends got up. "I guess it's time for class."

"Alright so I'll see Hiro tomorrow and Ryoku will be in a week or so." Mika pointed and the two boys nodded. "Well I gotta go," Mika waved and walked off.

"She's so energetic," Ryoku chuckled and turned to Hiro who was smiling. "What are you so happy about?"

"Nothing really, it just seems peaceful today," Hiro looked up and saw the blue sky. "I'm gonna get going Ryoku. I'll see you around." Hiro waved.

"Sure, but you better come to Gym, I can't do those sit-ups." Ryoku demanded and Hiro nodded.

He walked down the stairs back into the hallways which was full. Hiro turned and was heading to his Foreign Class. He felt strange as if someone was following him.

Hiro glanced back and suddenly a big person bumped into him. "Hey loser, watch where you are going!" Hiro saw a spiky haired big jock. He was wearing the uniform, but the sleeves were pulled up.

"I'm sorry," Hiro said while the boy turned around. Hiro stepped back before the big jock wrapped his right hand around Hiro's neck.

"The fuck did you say bitch!?" The man was angry as Hiro looked at him shocked.

"I said I was sorry… I was sorry for being in your way." Hiro gasped out before being let go.

"No you didn't loser! You called me a bitch. Well get up!" Hiro looked up shocked. He knew this guy had issues. The jock got in the fighting position.

"No I said I'm sorry!" Hiro said it as loud as the crowd looked at him. The jock just swung and Hiro's eyes widened. He was hit back into the locker.

Hiro growled as the jock shook his hand. He felt in severe pain from hitting Hiro. "Get up, I'm gonna teach you some respect!"

"Hey man, he said he was sorry…" another student tried to interfere, but the jock glared. He stepped back as Hiro got up.

"Apologize bitch!" The jock punched Hiro in the face. Hiro coughed, but the hit didn't hurt. The jock viciously growled while punching Hiro in the face once again.

Hiro slammed back, but it only hurt slightly. "Hey!" A teacher could be heard from the side lines. Hiro was looking up at the angry jock.

Hiro didn't understand why he was doing this, but it was pissing Hiro off. Hiro got up and panted. The jock only got angry and was about to hit Hiro until Hiro caught it. The jock looked shocked at Hiro who was shocked too.

Hiro moved back and the jock was going to swing again, but ended up getting tackled by some coaches.

"Are you okay?" A teacher came by and shook the young boy. Hiro looked scared and nodded. "Let's get you to the nurse…"

Hiro looked at the jock who was being tied down by security. Hiro shook his head and moved forward.

"You were hit multiple times… yet no injury. He was the strongest guy known in the rugby team…" the nurse said while checking on Hiro's face.

"You know who he was?" Hiro asked and the nurse nodded.

"His name was Maiko Tomoshi. He was an ace athletic person. He was so kind. To think that he would do this to a person… must have been the break-up." The nurse rolled her eyes.

"The break-up?" Hiro asked and the nurse applied some cream on Hiro's face.

"It's some gossip, but I guess. Well some rugby players came in and told about Maiko depression. Apparently his three-month long girlfriend broke up with him like a month ago or so…" the nurse giggled.

"I guess, by any chance do you know the girl?" Hiro asked.

"I do. It's Mika," the nurse spoke softly and Hiro's eyes widened.

"Mika Hina?" Hiro asked and the nurse nodded.

"You know her?" She asked while putting her hand on her waist.

"She's my friend… well just became my friend. I never thought they used to go out… so that's who she was talking about." Hiro looked down amazed.

"So are you her new boyfriend?" The nurse asked Hiro shook his head.

"Oh heavens no!" Hiro laughed, "I'm just a friend. It kinda makes sense on why he attacked me." Hiro glanced down and the nurse shrugged.

"Who knows, but Maiko is most likely suspended. I guess it's what he deserved." The nurse turned and took a lollipop out. She put in Hiro's mouth, "you are free to go."

"Alright," Hiro said with the lollipop in his mouth. He bowed before getting up and exiting the nurse office.

Hiro was heading to class while touching his face. "His punches didn't hurt. His muscles were the size of my head… yet… it didn't hurt." Hiro shrugged, "maybe he was too heartbroken?"

Hiro entered his class and the people stared at him. The teacher only sighed, "Hiro, sit please… you have been excused."

"Yes sir," Hiro bowed and went to sit down. Hiro sat down and people were looking.

"Dude… that's the guy who took the punches of the Rugby Caption Maiko…" Hiro heard some male talking behind him.

"Wow… I mean he doesn't look injured." A female voice. "Wasn't he the kid from the apartment incident?" She said and Hiro looked down. He wasn't sad, but more annoyed. He just wanted to move on with his day now.

Whatever intent Maiko had was all over with… it didn't matter. Hiro sighed and then started to write down notes as the teach lectured. He heard a vibration from his phone and took it out secretly.

"Hiro, can you meet me in the bottom floor by the vending machine? –Mika"

"Sure," Hiro knew what it was about, but he wasn't scared. Maiko is going to be as far away from school as possible.

The classroom ended and Hiro just walked off. He went down the hallways where he got the stares. They were way different from when the incident happened. Those stares were sad ones, these were shocked ones.

"I know, I'm okay… he probably didn't hit me hard enough…" Hiro walked straight down the stairs. He saw by the vending machine was Mika.

"Hiro…" Mika spoke softly and Hiro decided to take the class off. "When I heard what Maiko did… I immediately knew it was you…"

"How so?" Hiro asked while they both sat down by the vending machine.

"Maiko and I see each other in the mornings. Well he told me about the loser I was with at the café."

"So he was stalking you?" Hiro asked and Mika shook her head.

"Nope, he and I were supposed to meet before. We were going to talk about us. Guess who came into the café and then told me he was busy?" Mika spoke sarcastically. "That's when I texted you… didn't know he stayed."

"So it was stalking…" Hiro blinked and Mika groaned.

"Don't call it that, I don't like to think of my ex as a stalker." Mika sighed, "you look completely fine by the way." Mika touched Hiro's face.

"I know," Hiro chuckled and Mika giggled.

"Well where was I… oh yeah… well. He and I fought. Then I told him I rather have Hiro, I said your name, as a friend than ever go back with you. He assumed I meant dating and that lead to another fight. I told him finally that I'm going to meet up with you."

"So basically he may have set up that whole situation to get the chance to beat me up…" Hiro looked down and Mika nodded. "Is your other ex that type of guy?"

"He moved away hence why we broke up," Mika told and then looked down sadly. "If I knew he was going to attempt that. I would have stopped him."

"It would have made things worse," Hiro smiled, "I'm okay and hopefully he will be too. As long as he doesn't do it again it'll be alright."

"Tch!" Mika growled, "yeah right. Texted him. He told me how you were being perverted and talking to people about me! Then I send him that you don't have any other people to talk to than me and Ryoku."

"I'm glad you think that way," Hiro looked down depressed.

"But still, he will forget it. The last text I send him was I'm going to check on Hiro. He never responded. He is probably punching a wall or two."

"So how strong is he by the way?" Hiro asked and Mika looked up. She was thinking closely.

"He could lift about five hundred pounds. And he lifted me up." Mika giggled and then turned angrily. "We never had sex or anything so don't think that way!"

"Think what way?" Hiro blinked and Mika turned around blushing.

"I liked it better when he was a nervous freak!" Mika moaned before turning to Hiro. "He's pretty strong… didn't you feel his hits?"

"They didn't hurt," Hiro admitted and Mika was completely confused. "I mean I was hit back into walls, but the pain wasn't really there." Hiro touched his face.

"Well that does sound strange… he could bend metal so easily. Yet he couldn't hurt your stick like body."

"I have some muscle," Hiro pouted and Mika then got up.

"Hey since we aren't going to class, might as well just walk around huh?"

"I mean I guess, but Maiko might be around." Hiro joked and Mika laughed.

"Oh don't worry Hiro, the punches didn't hurt at all." Mika then walked back, "don't hurt me mister. I did nothing wrong." Mika jokingly shivered.

"It's not that I will hurt you it's that you can't hurt me." Hiro chased after the laughing Mika. Mika climbed the stairs.

"Catch me if you can," Mika winked and Hiro smiled.

"I'm not the fastest you know!?" Hiro huffed while chasing after Mika who was running up to the third floor. Mika got to the third floor and was panting. She looked back and Hiro was struggling.

"You're so weak…" Mika laughed Hiro huffed and finally got the third floor where he leaned forward.

"I'm sorry, but cardio isn't my thing." Hiro panted before getting up. "I got you at least," Hiro poked Mika's forehead. Hiro leaned back on the railing.

"Well took you forever," Mika laughed and her eyes widened. She looked at Hiro who was looking to the side. He was panting lightly, but had a warm smile on his face. Mika leaned forward and Hiro chuckled.

"I think Ryoku is right when I need the-" Hiro was silenced. His eyes widened upon feeling the lips of Mika touch his. Hiro didn't move as Mika's warm lips comforted his cold. Hiro loved the sensation of the softness they had.

"Idiot…" Mika broke the kiss. "How could this happen…?" Mika turned around almost walked away. Something told Hiro to grab her. He did so and Mika then turned around. She wrapped her arms around Hiro's neck and kissed him fully.

"You're my boyfriend now…" Mika spoke and Hiro was silent. "And as my boyfriend you will love me." Mika glared, "no acting… no over protectiveness… none of that… my boyfriend to the end…"

Hiro didn't know what to think. He doesn't like Mika anymore. Hiro only nodded because his instinct told him too.

Mika kissed Hiro and gasped, "since we are dating. We won't talk about exes. We will text each other twenty-hundred hours a day." Mika glared with a blush on her face. "And… you are not allowed to argue with me!"

Mika gave an innocent pout. Hiro was still trying to process what was going on. "You aren't allowed to break my heart either…"

Hiro understood. The café… the other times… the fact she wanted to be so close. She was in love with him. He didn't notice because he was blind to it, but now he got it. Mika fell in love with him throughout their three-week long friendship.

"And I won't break your heart…" Mika smiled and Hiro just kissed her. Mika pushed him, "only I'm allowed to kiss you like that!"

Hiro was seeing a side of her he only saw a couple times. Mika's embarrassed side, "alright," Hiro nodded and they both kissed once again.

"Well kiss until the bell rings… then you're walking me to class." Mika groaned and went back to kissing.

The bell rang and the two looked at each other. For the first time Hiro was blushing and for the first time he was happy. He grabbed Mika's hand they both walked. People didn't really pay attention, no one payed attention in general. Hiro was too shocked. He was holding hands with Mika. He was happy though, he was happy that no one cared.

Mika was smiling lightly too. They both got to Mika's classrrom. Mika turned around and leaned up. She kissed Hiro in the cheek and smiled. "I'll text you after school." Mika smiled.

"You lucky dog," Ryoku smiled widely at Hiro who was embarrassed. "I can't believe you are dating your crush. Why didn't you tell me!?"

"Well it happened like an hour ago…" Hiro smiled nervously and Ryoku hugged him. "Ryoku…?"

"My little Hiro, he grown up so fast. Sooner or later he will be having children." Ryoku sniffed.

"That line is something my mom would say!" Hiro pushed Ryoku back. The two looked and laughed.

"Congratulations though, you got a girlfriend before I did."

"What about Jessica?" Hiro asked and Ryoku chuckled.

"Oh please, she didn't count… I only kissed her once."

"Then there was Tina, Janet, the foreign girl, the other foreign girl, that one foreign girl with the eye-patch, that girl that was actually a…"

"Okay! Your first girlfriend ever!" Ryoku and Hiro laughed. "I guess I can leave today knowing that Mika will take care of you."

"Hey…" Hiro said and Ryoku looked up. "Just because I'm dating Mika, doesn't change the fact we are brothers…"

"Right!" Ryoku smiled and then pointed. "Let's begin to do exercise. Mika would love a muscular man to do the laundry!"

"I get it," Hiro groaned. The two started to jog. This was going to be a new chapter in Hiro's life. The nightmare he was haunted by is over…

Hiro was texting Mika. He smiled before putting his phone away. Hiro sighed while turning the corner. It was an empty street with the forest to the side. A shadow crept up behind him.

He suddenly felt a sharp pain hit his face as his whole vision became fuzzy.

Hiro was seeing the rustling of the trees before stopping. He was in the forest now. "Come on bitch get up!" Hiro recognized the voice, it was Maiko.

"So what do you think of yourself… all cool because you're dating my girl." Hiro felt a hard slam on his arm. Hiro screamed before grabbing it. He noticed a metal bat.

"Maiko…" Hiro looked up at the angry ex of Mika. "Stop, don't do this."

"Kissing her, holding her hands and walking her to class. That's what I'm supposed to do!" Maiko slammed the bat onto Hiro's stomach. Hiro screamed in agony while coming to the grim realization that Maiko was psychotic.

"My fucking friends told me… so you just want to take my girl…" Hiro was hit in the leg by the bat. He growled in agony while Maiko circled him.

"I loved her and gave everything for her. I was strong and protected her." Maiko was tearing up. "She was my life…" Maiko then slammed the bat on Hiro's spine.

"If I can't have her… well you can't either…" Maiko laughed while Hiro groaned while feeling pain around his body.

"Maiko… I don't… I'm her boyfriend…" Hiro said and Maiko's eyes widened. "I… I don't want to hurt her…" Hiro let out, "I didn't know you felt that way…" Hiro spoke too softly.

"Fuck-boy!" Maiko kicked Hiro's face. "She only felt bad for you punk!" Maiko kicked, "you got lucky that day! You think you're some cool survivor! I bet you are the murderer. Well you know what they say… what comes around… goes around." Maiko raised the bat and slammed it down.

Hiro twitched as Maiko kept smashing the bat in his head. "Fucker!" Maiko repeated while slamming the bat down.

He kept on going until there was a dent on the metal bat. "I'll make it look like you committed suicide…" Maiko turned around and dropped the bat.

Hiro groaned and Maiko looked back shocked. "How the hell are you still alive…?" Hiro's bleeding head was moving side to side.

"No…" Hiro got up and grabbed his stomach. It's like all the other pain was gone, but a new one emerged. Hiro knew what was coming. It was the nightmare. The nightmare was coming back once more. Hiro felt a sensation to kill, but he didn't want to.

"Maiko… run…" Hiro groaned while going on his knees.

"How the hell are you standing up?" Maiko asked and Hiro moaned.

"Maiko please… run away!" Hiro was sobbing. He let out a scream as his right eye was turning blue. "No… no… run… run away please…" Hiro sobbed while feeling the pain coming from his body.

"Man fuck you!" Maiko picked up the dent bat. He slammed it on Hiro's back, but the bat only dent more.

Hiro let out a screech. Spikes came out of his body and spiked tentacles surrounding his torso. Hiro screamed while his body was morphing. Maiko looked up in shock and dropped the bat. Hiro couldn't stop screaming. The spikes and spiked tentacles swung everywhere.

Hiro's eyes widened when he noticed he was back to normal. Hiro looked down and saw his blood dripping from his head. Hiro got up and noticed the cuts were gone. The injuries Maiko gave him were healed

"I'm okay…" Hiro smiled before looking forward. It was like the happiness he once had was gone. He dropped to his knees and looked up with a face of broken thoughts.

Maiko was against the tree with multiple puncture holes the size of fists around his body. Maiko had bite marks all over his neck and face too. Hiro then had flashbacks to that night. The incident's vision occured and Hiro grabbed his head. He screamed and cried at the exact same time. The bloody body of Maiko laid at Hiro screamed and wailed.

Hiro then remembered Mika. He got up and ran away. "Why? Why? Why? Why!?" Hiro screamed while getting back on the road. He ran into the city where a street was partially empty. He turned to an alley and collapsed there. He fell and started to cry. He sobbed before tasting something.

"Oh my god…" Hiro realized it. He was the one who bite and ate some of Maiko. Hiro sobbed and then he heard police sirens. Hiro looked shocked before dumping his bloody jacket and running off. He didn't want to go through it. He wanted to run away from the nightmare.

Hiro was laying down on his bed. He was looking to the side while being turned away from the door.

"Hiro… honey… are you alright?" Hiro's mother came in and asked.

"Yeah mom…" Hiro turned, "I'm just tired…" Hiro spoke softly. The mother closed the door and tears ran down Hiro. He covered himself and couldn't stop shaking.

"Reporting news, student athlete Maiko Tomoshi was reported killed and murdered brutally in the nearby forest. People around the area reported screaming and called, but the police were too late as the murderer got away. There were no witnesses of who would have done it. Maiko was also reported to be suspended by attacking Alley Incident survivor Hiro Sazuki out of emotion. Maiko was supposed to be going home… we will give our condolences to any of those who were affected by this tragedy…"

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