Bird's Death

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It's My Fault

Hiro was sitting down in a random bench next to a park. Mika woke up and discovered Hiro in the kitchen. They both ate and Hiro went on with his day.

He was done, he didn't care anymore and it all didn't matter.

First, he killed his neighbor and some murderer. Then, kills Maiko. Now he is innocent when he isn't.

The guilt finally got to him. Hiro didn't want to do anything, but confess. He wanted to figure out how to confess.

"I have to confess!" Hiro thought while grabbing his head. He got up and started to walk to the side. He was planning on telling Ryoku first, but now he wishes to tell the world.

He ended up looking to the side what was the alley where he murdered the murderer. Hiro walked down in and looked around.

The cracked where he slammed himself and the holes left from his spiked tentacles.

Hiro sat down on the dirty ground and closed his eyes. It started to come clear, what happened the day he killed Maiko.


Hiro was screaming in pure agony and Maiko stepped back. "What the hell are you?" Maiko asked and Hiro growled.

"Damn animal!" Maiko went forward and kicked Hiro in the face. Hiro's head on pushed back slightly.

Maiko looked in shock as Hiro part of his right face covered in armor with the glowing blue eye.

"What the hell…?" Maiko stepped back and Hiro then got a sadistic smile. No, it wasn't Hiro anymore. It was his intent. His intent to kill Maiko for the hurting he has caused. "D-Don't move…" Maiko took a step back.

"Run…" Hiro growled and Maiko looked confused. Hiro then jumped with his mouth open. He grabbed Maiko and dug his teeth into Maiko's neck.

"Gah!" Maiko screamed while Hiro stepped back. Maiko grabbed his bloody neck as Hiro screamed in agony.

"The blood… The blood taste so good!" Hiro twitched and Maiko gasped. "No… Mrs. Renko… I'm sorry… why did you have to be so killable…?" Hiro twitched and Maiko was sliding back.

Hiro's eyes became focused on Maiko who gasped. "I don't want to die…" Maiko said softly and Hiro twitched insanely.

"Blood… I want to taste blood," Hiro jumped and Maiko managed to move to the side. Maiko crawled and one of Hiro's spike tentacles stabbed Maiko.

Maiko screeched and coughed blood as Hiro got a sadistic smile. "Maiko…" Hiro then refracted and grabbed his head. "Stop… no…" Hiro slammed his head down.

Maiko gasped and then reached for the bent bat. He looked at Hiro with glaring eyes. He put the bat up and smashed it down on Hiro's back.

Hiro looked back and was only staring. Maiko didn't respond as the tentacles stabbed Maiko's right leg. Maiko screamed and fell as Hiro was grabbing his head.

"No… stop…" Hiro slammed his head and then he got up. Hiro turned to Maiko and dragged him by his feet.

Maiko cried in agony as Hiro put two more holes on his left leg. "I'm sorry…" Maiko cried and Hiro twitched before grinning. "Forgive me…"

"Forgive you…" Hiro tilted his head. The memories of the incident ran through his head. Hiro screamed and grabbed his head once more.

"Hiro…" Maiko said and then Hiro's armored right arm came down. Maiko gasped as Hiro's eyes glared blue. Maiko stomach was torn open as Hiro took out his arm. Maiko didn't scream. He just gasped for air.

Hiro grinned and opened his mouth. He came down and chomped off some of Maiko's head. He brought down the tentacles to stab Maiko's corpse repeatedly.

Maiko was being bitten and stabbed multiple times, but he was already dead. Hiro grinned with blood on his mouth. He licked it and roared.

A small vibration was heard and Hiro gasped. The armor broke off and Hiro suddenly remembered something. He remembered he was supposed to text Mika.

"Mika…" Hiro then collapsed forward and all that was left of Maiko was his torn body.

Hiro moaned as he was regaining his consciousness.

-Flashback Ends-

Hiro looked down and gasped. He turned into a monster and went out of control. Hiro was panting while grabbing his face. He covered it before finally breaking down and sobbing.

"Maiko I'm so sorry," Hiro put his head down. "Maiko… please… that wasn't me…" Hiro shook his head.

"Huh?" Hiro looked forward and saw Maiko's dead corpse. Hiro gasped as his dead corpse twitched and moved. "No…" Hiro closed his eyes. "No!" Hiro spoke louder and when he was about to scream he heard a slam.

Hiro looked to the side and saw what was himself impaling Mrs. Renko's body. He took a look back and Hiro was shocked. This monster version of himself grinned and stepped forward.

Hiro slid back as the monster Hiro kept moving closer. "I had a baby…" Mrs. Renko grabbed onto his leg. "I just wanted to see if you're okay."

"How could you take Mika from me… I love her and you don't…" Maiko tugged on his arm.

"Well kid who's the murderer… me or the monster you are looking at…" Hiro saw the murderer grab his other arm. "That monster is you…"

"I had a family…"

"Mika was supposed to be cared by me…"





"Why did you kill us…!" Hiro opened his eyes and gasped. He looked up and saw he was in the alley. He that he just fell asleep and had a nightmare.

Although it was still true of the way he killed Maiko. Hiro went to the feeble position, but did not cry.

Hiro took out his phone and he had one message. "Hiro, I want to know if you got home. You are probably tired. I want to ask if I can come over later at night and meet your family? –Mika"

Hiro sighed and replied, "yes you can," Hiro send and then got up.

Hiro realized what he had to do. To not get angry or hold any aggression. He needs to be calm and stay aware of his feelings. Because first minute he snaps the monster he has inside will come out.

Hiro was walking out the alley and he saw a small little boy sitting down. "Hey…" Hiro saw the boy turn to him.

"Hello," Hiro smiled and the boy was holding a ball. Hiro's eyes widened when he realized who this was. It was Mrs. Renko's son.

"I'm sorry Shu for being late, but I wanted to say goodbye to your mother again…" Hiro was looking at the husband, Ishida.

"Hiro…" Hiro felt his heart sank. This was the first time they both ever been in face to face. Hiro didn't know how to respond. "It's good to see you been doing well."

"Y-Yeah," Hiro looked down, "did I smile… when I killed Mrs. Renko the same way I smiled at Maiko…" Hiro was thinking. "I been well since all that…"

"Come Hiro, I'm going to leave Shu at daycare, but we can talk for a while." Ishida smiled and Hiro nodded.

As much as Hiro just wanted to leave and not have any communication with Ishida, this was best. "Oh… it's been tough around the house…" Ishida started, "I mean not financially, but I guess emotionally. The first weeks Shu asked where his mommy was."

"What did you tell him?" Hiro asked while looking over

"I told him that his mom went to a nice place," Ishida looked at his little son. "He's way too young to even think about what happened to his mother. I just wish I was there to help her when it all happened."

"Would he have suffered the same fate if he was…?" Hiro wondered.

"Shu loved his mother," Ishida said and Hiro looked at him. "He asked me where she was for a while. It seemed that telling him she was gone would be the best answer. But he's only three… I don't want to break his heart…"

Hiro's eyes widened as he saw Ishida start to tear up. "It's all my fault," Hiro looked down. "If I… If I was just…"

"It's not your fault…" Ishida wiped the small tears. "I would have done the same if you were in trouble… she died protecting someone… that's the way she would have want to gone out…"

Hiro was in pain. She didn't protect anybody, she died by the monster inside Hiro. Hiro was in no danger whatsoever. Hiro was going to confess, but then he saw little Shu walk up.

"Daddy don't be sad," he said and Hiro stayed quiet. "Mommy is okay right… you said she's a hero." Hiro's eyes widened as he gritted his teeth.

"Yes honey," Ishida kneeled to his son. "Mommy went to the nice place protecting this young man over here."

"Oh you… mommy must have loved you," Hiro's eyes widened and he shook. He tried his best to hold in his tears that his guilt were creating.

"Mommy… Your Mommy loved you," Hiro tried to make the boy happy. "Maybe one day you will see her again."

"I hope so, I bet she would be extra happy," Hiro looked down from Shu's response. Ishida looked shocked while seeing Hiro's face started to sob.

"I'm so sorry…" Hiro said and the boy was confused. "I wish you were… I wish you were with your mother…"

"Hiro…" Ishida saw Hiro get up and wipe his running tears.

"I'm deeply sorry, I need to go…" Hiro sniffed and ran back. Ishida was about to yell, but he stopped. He looked down at his son who seemed very confused.

"Daddy… the boy that mommy saved… he seems sad." Shu gave his dad a confused look. Ishida pat little Shu's head.

"Look here son, your mommy… your mommy gave up a lot. He's not sad, but he's not happy. He wanted you and mommy to be together right now."

"Well I will see mommy one day right?" Shu asked and Ishida nodded. Ishida hugged Shu and started to tear up. Shu smiled while Ishida was sobbing on his son.

Hiro panted while he entered his room and slammed the door. "Damn it… Damn…" Hiro said and fell on his knees. He sobbed before shaking his head. He hit the ground and finally let out, "Renko… Maiko… why… why did I have to kill you? Why didn't I die!?" Hiro gasped.

"Why couldn't it been me!?" Hiro panted and held his chest tightly. "I'm sorry Shu… I'm so sorry… I didn't know I… I didn't know that was going to happen…"

"But you did…" Hiro's eyes widened and he looked forward. He saw himself wearing the clothes of the day he murdered Mrs. Renko. "You were so innocent huh?"

"I… I'm not innocent…" Hiro sobbed and the imagination of himself walked forward. "You're not real…"

"You're right," he walked forward. "How can I be real if you're just imaging me…?"

"Go away… go away…" Hiro screamed and his imagination laughed.

"Why? When you been calling me…" Hiro looked forward and his imagination smiled. "You been wanting to see the monster inside you…"

Hiro gasped as he saw his imagination change into his monster form. "You didn't kill them… I did…"

"No!" Hiro screamed and held his head. "Go away!"

"Why Hiro…. Why are you so afraid of what you already are…?" The monster Hiro grinned and smiled. "Look at you Hiro… you were once a quiet child who loved to read. You read because you wanted to read an imaginative life you envied. You want to be that noble samurai from the Bird's Eye and Sky series?"

"Look at you now… you have a friend who cares, family who cares and a girlfriend. A girlfriend who is willing to give you everything. What more can you want?"

"I want Maiko alive… I want Renko alive… I want them all to come back! Everyone I killed! I don't want to be a murderer!"

"But why?" The monster turned to Hiro again. "You have so much right now. You have everything you ever wanted… what more is there. You have to sacrifice in order to achieve… three dead people doesn't matter…"

"I don't care!" Hiro had tears dripping down. "I don't care if I lose everything! No one else should be losing anything!"

"But Hiro… you can't handle losing everything…" his imagination touched pat Hiro's head. "You will realize the worst outcome of all this… and you will fall…" the imagination started to drift away. "Let me tell you something Hiro…"

Hiro's eyes widened as the three people he killed showed up behind his imagination. "You will lose everything if you keep this up and you will just give up. Hiro… you can make me disappear, but there's a monster inside you much worse…"

Hiro saw his imagination fade away as he looked down. He knew he was going crazy. Hiro wobbled before collapsing on the ground.

Hiro sat in the middle of the floor while looking up at the ceiling. He sighed before taking out Bird's Sky and getting ready to finish it.

Hiro noticed that the book only had five pages left before the end. Hiro started to read. "the young samurai ran through the dark damp cave…"

Hiro kept on reading while his eyes trailed with the words. "A battle undone and a war starting begin. The young samurai battle through the countless number of soldiers." Hiro turned the page and kept on reading.

Hiro was in the final page as he read through. Whispering the words while his mind was drifting through the imagination. "The samurai died, but with his death came a new world. A world where the greatest of the great will collide. The war will begin…" Hiro stopped and closed his eyes.

"I love the ending…" Hiro smiled while turning the page. "Huh?" Hiro saw a little note from the author. "The Book's Sequel will be released soon." Hiro was surprised, but glad. The book was going to be a trilogy.

"Dear Fans, if you are looking forward the sequel, it will come out by next year. It will be the final instalment and the great battle of Bird's Eye trilogy. It will be called Bird's Death. So thank you and I hope my books have inspired some of you. –Author Kina Mashu"

Hiro smiled and laughed, "there's going to be a sequel." Hiro then looked to the side. "Books were always my escape…"

Hiro then felt something in his heart. "I'm sorry, but I'll probably won't be around when the sequel comes out." Hiro got up and closed his eyes. He was going to tell his mom and dad that he was the one that killed Maiko, Mrs. Renko and the murderer.

"Mom, you are reading this note probably by now. I'm sorry if the news broke your heart and if are reading this. You made the right decision to get rid of me. You are always my mother and I love you. I love you for caring, I love you for being the mother who took care of me. I'll never forget your love and even if you hate me. Even if you hate me… I'll always think of you as my mother."

Hiro gulped as he got down writing down the first letter.

"Dad, you bought be books and I loved you for that. You might be ashamed of me. You might be embarrassed of me and never want to see me. I'll love you no matter your decision dad. I'll always care and love you. Even if you don't want this love from a murderer. I will always and always love you more than mom because you taught me everything. I…" Hiro teared up. "I wish I didn't have to say goodbye to you…"

"Damn it Hiro… keep it together…"

"Ryoku, my soul brother in some way. You were a pain. Always showing off and making me the center of attention. I just couldn't help to respect you. You were my idol at one point. Even if we weren't popular, you were on top of the world. You and I been through so much. This might come as shocking, but please Ryoku… never blame yourself. You did nothing, it's all my fault. You will be my one and true friend. Please take care of Mika for me…"

Hiro then got on the final letter. "Mika, I'm sorry about Maiko… I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I'm sorry, please take care of yourself." Hiro ended the final letter. He folded each and put them in the drawer. He looked and then took a deep breath. He was ready, when his parents come home. He's going to reveal what happened.

Hiro walked to the kitchen and turned on the television. It was on the news channel. "It seems to be calmest and most peaceful day. Even after the tragedy of Maiko. Investigations are going on, but nothing has been accomplished. Although police have stepped up their game in hopes to find the killer."

"Don't worry… you will…' Hiro whispered and then he turned the channel. He saw another news network which talked about the traffic. He sighed and leaned back against the couch. Hiro then felt his heartbeat faster.

"No… I'm tired of running..." Hiro said and grabbed his chest. "I made the sacrifice… I'm going to give everything I have for the freedom from my guilt and so this monster I have will never surface again."

Hiro then looked down and started to think of everything he is leaving behind. Ryoku, he can never see him smile or tell jokes. Mika, her love, he can never fully enjoy it like he wanted to nearly a month ago. His parents, their love, he wishes it would have been different, but this is the fate he must face now.

Hiro heard the door knob turned and he turned. "So my clients asked me about my daughter. She thought I had a girl because Hiro looks so cute when he was young." Hiro's mother came in.

"Hiro…?" Tako asked while Hiro was looking at both his parents. "I thought you would be with your friend…?"

"No…" Hiro said and he looked to the side.

"Okay, well we are going to make dinner so don't worry," the mother passed Hiro.

"Mom…" Hiro said and the mother turned around. "Mom I have to tell you and dad something."

"Son?" Tako saw the pained face of Hiro.

"Honey, Hiro… your kind of scaring me," Nina shivered and Hiro then sat down.

"Please sit… don't worry… this will be easy and quick. Nothing bad will happen…" Hiro spoke softly and his parents sat down on the couches.

"Son?" His parents said and Hiro bit his lower lip.

"Mom… dad… I love you both," Hiro teared up. His parents were about to comfort him before Hiro shook his head. "Please don't touch me…" Hiro shivered.

"Hiro…" The mother blinked.

"Mrs. Renko… the night she died…" Hiro gasped and held his chest. "I was the one that killed her…"

"What?" The mother and father both got up. "Honey tell me you're lying…"

"Mom… I'm not… I wish I was, but I'm not…" Hiro looked with pained face and Nina covered her mouth. The father looked to the side.

"I killed Maiko too…" Hiro gasped out and his mother started to sob. His father was in utter shock as Hiro sobbed. "I didn't mean to kill them both… I didn't…"

"Hiro… you killed them… why?" His father stomped.

"I was in agony… I was in pain… Mrs. Renko came in and she tried to help. I stabbed her with my arm…" Hiro gasped out and Nina couldn't look at her son. "I ran out the window… when I did… I found the murder who killed the woman… and I killed him… I don't why, but I killed him…"

"What about Maiko…?" The father looked down and Nina was calming down.

"Maiko attacked me. He beat me up because I was dating his girlfriend. And he tried to murder me, but then… then I just killed him… I have this monster… I turn into a monster and kill people… I don't want to kill anymore!" Hiro wailed out and twitched. "Please believe me… just call the cops-"

Hiro gasped while both his parents hugged him. His parents were crying, but smiling. "Hiro… you're my baby boy… I will always believe you…" Nina spoke softly.

"They didn't deserve to die, but by your pained face… I know you didn't want to kill him…"

"I'm a murderer…" Hiro's eyes widened and looked at both his embracing his parents. "Why don't you hate me… I… I don't deserve this… why? Why are you two showing me so much love…?" Hiro gasped and his tears dripped down. Hiro then saw his mother and dad break the hug.

"You're our son…" Hiro's eyes widened and his left eye turned green once again. Hiro felt a huge relief in his heart. He looked down and then his mother smiled.

"I know what you did… and I believe you. But I know you didn't mean it. You were always kind Hiro. You never hid anything from us… maybe this, but you never could keep a secret... Hiro… even if this monster thing sounds insane, I believe you…" Nina looked at his mother in the eye. "It's okay son… you don't have to feel like lying."

"Send me to the authorities… I don't… I deserve to be in prison…"

"Son… we don't want to send you there, but we can't let you be in pain. We will call the cops, but first you must tell us. Did you want to kill any of them…?"

Hiro then started to remember those nights perfectly now. He remembers smiling when he stabbed Mrs. Renko before coming back to realization. Same with the murderer, but he was laughing and the events with Maiko too.

"I'm asking this wrong…" Tako pat his son's shoulder. "Did the monster want to kill them or did you?" Hiro's eyes widened. It was finally set free. The guilt he had.

"T-The monster…" Hiro spoke and Tako nodded.

"This monster… was it that caused your eye to change color?" His mother asked and Hiro nodded. "This story sounds so unbelievable… but you are my son and I believe you." Nina hugged Hiro who nodded.

"Tako… should we call the police?" Nina asked and Hiro was surprised.

"We should…" Tako got up, "our son did commit a crime technically, but he wants this right? You want this right?" Hiro's father looked at his son. Hiro was still crying, but it was in relief now.

"Do I need to go to jail? I'm free… they know… they know what I did and believe me… maybe I should stay and try to fix everything. Become a citizen that helps, a police officer, become a big brother from Shu, love Mika and…" Hiro smiled, "and become a hero…"

"Hiro, your decision may hurt us. But if you want to go to jail. Me and your father will respect it…" Nina smiled and Hiro looked down. He imagined his life from now on. He then saw the smiling face if Ryoku and Mika.

Hiro opened his eyes and smiled, the first real smile. He was about to nod until a burst in the door happened. Hiro looked in shock and saw police force wearing armor come in.

"Don't move!" They screamed and Hiro saw his parents get in front of Hiro. "Hiro Sazuki, you are under arrest. For the murders of Sumi Renko and Maiko Tomoshi!" Hiro's eyes widened as the police officer all came in.

"You have to come with us sir or we will open fire!" He screamed and Hiro then saw his worried parents. Hiro nodded and his parents looked back shock.

"Finally, Hiro… we come face to face…" Hiro heard a voice.

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