Bird's Death

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A Nightmare I Never Dream About

"It's you…" Hiro gasped as he saw the man standing in front of him. The day when he killed Sumi. It was the man in the suit who met Hiro the afternoon before the incident.

"I should have realized what happened… if I did. Maybe lives wouldn't have been lost." The man took out a gun.

Nina and Tako both went in front of Hiro. "Please, my son won't cause any more harm."

"I know that… the boy isn't going wild." The man took out a badge. "I'm Agent Tomoya, I am here to bring Hiro Sazuki into custody. Hiro Sazuki you must come with us."

"Agent… government? So the government wants me for killing two people?"

"No," Tomoya put away the badge. "The Virus Project wants you to under custody."

"The Virus Project?" The family asked while Tomoya nodded.

"Allow me to explain. The Virus Project is a known project, but it has its secrets. I think you are aware of the Super Computer of 1994?"

"Yes," Hiro nodded, "the Super Computer was made for medical reasons. But the task was changed in 1999 under different funds… Project Virus…"

"I am a scientist to be exact. I worked under the second generation of Project Virus. The task was to find a organic source that could be limitless. What we found was so amazing that we couldn't even fathomed of its existence."

"Don't tell me you found some secrets in this project?" Nina asked and Tomoya shook his head.

"We found a world different from Earth. A world where what is organs and blood to us is Virus' data. A world where data creates everything. We found what we know as a Data World."

"A Virus World?" Hiro asked, "w-wait… so the super computer discovered another world… how am I involved?"

"I'm getting to that," Tomoya said and he looked down. "We scientist could not get to that world. It couldn't be accessed, but what we found was something else. We found creatures in that world and those creatures were Virus Beasts."

"Well those monsters had a coding that we could identify. We tried to create those monsters in hopes that we could go into this Virus World. Project A was the first monster we tried and it failed. Through time we tried finding sources to make these creatures. We got Project R and finally, it was done… we made the very first Virus Monster."

"S-So what happened?" Tako gritted his teeth and Tomoya then frowned.

"That thing was not a Normal Virus Monster, but a Virus Z-Level. A corrupted Virus Monster. It attacked the lab and destroyed it. I was to hunt it down, but the Virus was unstable was to die. So I was to see it die. The virus escaped and got out of my sight for a couple of seconds.

Hiro gasped, "next thing I know I see a boy knocked out." Tomoya looked at Hiro, "he awoke confused and I thought the Virus just attacked him before getting away. Not knowing the Virus did the impossible and combined with Hiro Sazuki."

"Hiro's the Virus!?" Tako growled and Tomoya nodded.

"I had no real proof. Until scans show that the Virus had an ability to be a parasite. Well you can see where speculations came about. When I heard the news almost immediately an incident happened. Sumi Renko was found dead in Sazuki apartment where Hiro Sazuki was reported missing. Soon he was found with a dead victim and a murderer."

"You can guess what happened next. An investigation went on and we tried our best to see if Hiro was the one. We couldn't tell, but we have one thing to lead us… blood."

"The blood had data…" Tako glared and Tomoya nodded.

"It was fusion, but who knew. Maybe Hiro Sazuki wasn't the Virus, but the Virus was just using his body before escaping. Maybe Hiro Sazuki was innocent that was until the little scuffle with Maiko Tomoshi."

"We went in undercover and found out Hiro Sazuki was almost well from a beating. A beating from an athlete and that's when we knew something was up. The Virus wasn't inside Hiro, but instead Hiro became the Virus."

"But that's no proof! That can't be proven that my son is the Virus!"

"The Virus had different attributes. Regeneration, Healing and Resiliency. Wasn't it weird Hiro when was beat up in school… he was all fine."

Hiro remembered the nurses and Mika's comments. "And we wanted to get you. But then another incident happened… the death of Maiko…"

Hiro cringed and shivered while Tomoya sighed. "We saw what you did and we saw the blood that was yours not his found in the bat. The bat he beat you up with. Yet… you weren't in the hospital... no medical call about your injuries you obviously received. The bat… was dent and it had Maiko's fingerprints all over."

"Hiro…" Nina looked back at her tearful son. "Tomoya… you have to take into consideration that Hiro is young and this is something he didn't know about!"

"We know that, but he's still dangerous. We must take him to custody. We must see the Virus inside him. Do not worry, you two will be secured and if we can. We will bring back your son safe and sound."

"And if you don't?" Tako growled while Nina glared.

"We will terminate him… along with the Virus." He answered and Hiro's parents looked shocked while Hiro was looking down.

"I'm sorry, but what Hiro is not some average monster. What he is… is a monster made to be the best. He's the most dangerous creature alive. Humans are not in the food chain anymore… he is and we cannot allow that."

"He could change…" Tako spoke softly and Tomoya frowned.

"Is that why he killed Maiko?" Tako's eyes widened. Nina looked shocked while Hiro held his chest tightly. "Sumi and the murderer… you probably didn't mean to kill them, but Maiko… he made you mad and you took his life…"

"I didn't know…" Hiro started to sob as the room got quiet. "I didn't want to! But I didn't want to die!"

"And with your instinct you allowed the monster to flourish. For that we cannot let you roam free… this monster you become is too dangerous even let loose. Hiro Sazuki come with us."

"You're going to let my parents free?" Hiro asked and Tomoya nodded.

"We plan on releasing the news of this. We are now closer to opening this Virus World than before. The news about you will be a tragedy." Tomoya explained.

"I'm a tragedy…" Hiro looked down and sobbed lightly. "Wait…" Hiro looked up and Tomoya raised an eye brow. "Please allow me to see someone…!" Hiro screamed and Tomoya stood silent.

"I cannot allow that to happen. We have orders. We will send you to Headquarters and from there you will be examined and tested."

"Tested!? Are you planning on torturing my son…?" Nina got up and glared while Tako glared.

"We must do whatever it takes in order to maintain the safety of this planet…" Tomoya looked to the side and put his arm up. "Take the boy now…"

The officers stepped forward and Tako glared. "Look here… my son is suffering so do not do this! I warn you! You have to consider that he's just a young-"

Hiro heard a gunshot and looked forward. He saw his dad fall back with his eyes widened. He had a bullet hole on his head. Hiro's eyes widened while Nina looked shocked. She screamed while the smoke came out of Tomoya's gun.

"I don't care what he is and how young he is… I'm not going to risk the apocalypse because the kid is a kid." Tomoya glared while Nina gasped crying and sobbing. Hiro was sitting there shocked and taken back.

Hiro remembered the times his dad has bought him books. Hiro looked down and winced it pain. He started to sob as Nina cried over the body of her husband.

"Take them both away now," Tomoya said and then Nina got up. She spread her arms and growled.

"You took my husband… you won't take my boy… Hiro run!" Nina screamed and Tomoya aimed his gun.

"M-Mom…" Hiro looked up and a bullet was heard once again. Nina coughed while her stomach was shot at. She fell back before being shot immediately in the head.

"I lost all my friends because of the Virus… I'm not losing anyone else. If I have to take lives I will…" Tomoya growled while Hiro saw his mother land dead in the ground. Hiro's eyes widened while the tears started to well up.

"Hiro Sazuki, let's go…" Tomoya walked forward and he stopped while Hiro started to sob. Tomoya growled and turned, "handcuff him…"

Tomoya ordered as a cop walked forward and took out his hand cuffs. He put Hiro's hands back and cuffed them. "Hiro Sazuki…" Tomoya sighed and turned around.

"Mom… Dad…" Hiro looked as his body was pushed passed his parents. "This is all my fault. If I hadn't been so careless and told the truth. If I turned myself in before. If I… If I did something you two wouldn't be dead…" Hiro closed his eyes while remembering what his parents had done for him. They had loved him and given him things he wanted.

The support and love from them both. Hiro won't be able to replace. Hiro stopped sobbing and opened his eyes that revealed blue. "Move it…" the cop said and Hiro opened his mouth lightly.

"I don't care anymore…" Hiro whispered and then he looked forward. He saw an angry Ishida holding a young sleeping Shu. Hiro didn't respond and only was pushed passed Ishida.

"Ishida…" Hiro stopped and Ishida turned. "I'm sorry for your wife…" Hiro said while looking down and Ishida growled. "I know how much you want me dead… I know you want me gone…" Hiro was tugged by the police officer.

"No time for this! Keep it moving!" The officer screamed and Hiro turned to Ishida with his tearful eyes.

"I lost my parents… I hope that makes up…" Hiro lightly smiled and Ishida looked shocked. Hiro then turned and looked back at the police officer. "Do you have a family?"

"Keep moving brat!" The police officer pushed and Hiro didn't move. The other officers and Tomoya looked on.

"Do you have a wife, parents or child waiting for you at home?" Hiro asked and the officer growled.

"I live alone and my parents are dead kid. There you happy, so keep on moving." Hiro's eyes turned cold as he smiled and looked forward.

"How many of you have families?" Hiro looked at the officers. The officers still tried to push Hiro. "Please answer me!"

"It's none of your business brat," The officer who held Hiro screamed. "Guess what? We don't care if you families died!" Hiro eyes trailed down, "You're a murderer… your suffering is what you deserve."

"Wrong answer..." Hiro whispered

"Hey!" Tomoya screamed while Hiro pulled a smile. He looked forward and Tomoya with his blue glaring eyes. He raised an eye brow.

"Tomoya…" Hiro smiled with his sharp teeth. "I wish you did murder me…" Hiro looked down and gritted his sharp teeth.

"You killed my parents… so now…" Hiro got a grin on his face. Tomoya turned and grabbed the other officers. "I'm going to make you suffer…" Hiro then grew spikes which stabbed through the officer behind him. The officer lead out a piercing scream before Hiro broke through the cuffs.

He let out a scream and spiked tentacles then surrounded the hall. Gun shots were fired, but only blocked by the armored tentacles.

Ishida jumped into his apartment while his son was shocked from waking up. He panted and looked at what a dust cloud in the hall way.

He looked and saw a shadow walking through the smoke. He knew it was Hiro as blood trailed right behind him.

"What the hell?" An officer screamed while looking at the entrance. Ishida stood and looked in the entrance. Hiro came out and started to climb up the building.

"Fire!" Ishida screamed and the cops started to shoot at Hiro. Hiro climbed up the building and got to the roof in little time.

"Shit…" Tomoya then ran back and got his phone out. He speeds dialed and looked down. "A problem happened… Virus… Hiro Sazuki sir! I killed his parents… look sir! They tried to counteract his capture… So what? So he's pissed off!"

Tomoya heard a roar coming from the roof of the apartment complex.

"We are going to need armed forces and heavy artillery now. If Hiro evolves even more. He could be unstoppable. I will sir!" Tomoya hung up the phone.

"Officers!" Tomoya screamed and officers looked at him. "I'm going to need you all evacuate this area. I want a chopper to see if Hiro moves. I want this area clear… it's turning to warzone!" Tomoya let out and looked up.

"Sir… you plan on turning this place into a battleground. We won't be able to evacuate this whole area in time…"

"I know that!" Tomoya grabbed the officer by the collar. "But do you have any idea what the thing up there could become!?" Tomoya panted, "He has the evolutionary abilities to end the world. I will end him… I'm his creator… so I will take him out!"

"Okay sir," the officer bowed and walked away. Tomoya looked up as he heard a helicopter from a distance. He was seeing people from the apartment being evacuated. Ishida holding little Shu were one of them.

Ishida looked down while remembering the pained face Hiro had. He shook his head and went on as he started to run where the officers commanded them to run.

Hiro smiled and laughed while his body felt pain. "Why did they kill mommy and daddy?" Hiro held his face with was getting half armored. Hiro started to laugh, "why? What did they do?" Hiro sobbed while his shirt ripped revealing a half complete body armor.

"I loved them… I'm going to kill them all…" Hiro gasped out while the spikes on his back turned jagged. He let out a sob before starting to laugh again.

"Maiko deserved to die… he was a bitch for attacking me. Mrs. Renko… it felt good to kill her… that fucking murderer deserved it… that officer had it coming… they all deserve to die!" Hiro grabbed his head and pulled his hair which was half black.

"Mom… dad… I'm sorry… I love you two…" Hiro sobbed and he heard the sound of a helicopter. "Please forgive me… I'm going to kill now…" Hiro glared while his vision was turning dark.

"Ryoku…" Hiro gasped out and then he screamed out in pain before his body twitched. The armor was starting to surround his body.

"Hello everyone!" The Café news came on. "The night seems to be reveals. As Hiro Sazuki, the survivor of the known apartment massacre was revealed to be the killer of Sumi Renko. His own neighbor." People stood shocked and a glass was dropped.

The glass was from Mika who couldn't believe what she was hearing. "He is also the murderer of Maiko Tomoshi…" Mika almost felt her heart dropped. She started to cry while not being able believe what she was hearing. Her boyfriend was the one, "they are arresting him as we speak…"

Mika sat down and started to sob. "Hiro it was you…" Mika sobbed and wiped her tears. She then hit the side of the window while looking out. She had anger fueling, but the anger stopped as she saw cop cars driving.

"W-Wait!" The News lady said while Mika looked back the television. "It seems the parents of Hiro, Nina and Tako Sazuki have been killed for killed to protect their son. Hiro Sazuki is on the loose." The news reporter informed and the crowd in the café gasped.

"We have footage from a person who saw something…" a weird shaky camera showed the police waiting in the drive way. A figure came out and the news lady gasped. "What is that?" Mika saw the figure climb up the building.

"That's Hiro?" The news lady asked while some people were speaking in the background. "Wait! There's been a report for people around the area to evacuate." The café looked shocked and then Mika heard a loud noise. She turned and saw tanks and fire guns moving.

The café started to react and about to burst out the door until a military man came in. "No, all you stay here!" He screamed and the people moved back. "We are going to need you all to stay. It's too late! If you go out there you might get in the crossfire!"

Mika gulped and looked to the side of the window. She saw helicopters and cars going where Hiro lived. Mika thought of Hiro's kindness and she grabbed her head. "Damn it…" Mika sobbed before looking at more gun artillery.

"Are they really planning on fighting a war for a boy…?" The news reporter asked and Mika then took out her phone. She saw her messages empty and looked down.

"Okay Mika… Hiro… Hiro killed Maiko, but… but why is the army after him…" Mika asked and then shook her head. "Hiro…" Mika growled and got up. She was about to run out before the television showed a helicopter's footage. It showed a dark figure in the corner of the roof of some building.

"Hiro…" Mika spoke softly and kept on staring on the television. She then saw the helicopter move away before Mika took a look at her phone again. She started to text Ryoku.

She sent the message and then put her phone away. She gulped while seeing the recording images of what was Hiro on the roof laying on the edge.

"The helicopter is being sent away because attack helicopters are going to join in."

Ryoku was sitting next to his dad as his dad was sleeping in the car. Ryoku was supposed to be heading him, but his dad got tired and feel asleep.

Ryoku sighed as he turned the radio up. "Reports… Reports…" Ryoku fixed it and looked. "We want everyone from Tokyo to retreat the area. It will become a battlefield very soon. We do not want to lose innocent lives." Ryoku looked confused and got out the car.

Ryoku looked and saw helicopters heading to what was the center of Tokyo. "Hiro… Mika…" Ryoku spoke and then he heard his phone vibrate.

He pulled it up and it was from Mika. "Ryoku, Hiro killed Maiko and he's going to be attacked by the military." Ryoku's eyes widened and he growled while looking at his sleeping dad.

"Fuck!" Ryoku screamed and then got on his phone. He started to dial and call Mika. "Mika!"

"Ryoku, Hiro… Hiro killed him… he's… he's a murderer…"

"I don't care about that!" Ryoku snapped and looked at where the helicopters were gathering up. "Why the hell is the military fighting him?"

"I don't know… details haven't been shown. Ryoku… Hiro's parents were killed…" Ryoku looked surprised. "Not by him, but his parents are dead. Hiro is… Hiro is going to be killed."

"Mika… where the hell are you!?" Ryoku asked and Mika was sobbing.

"I'm in the café… I'm trapped here. Military men say it's safe to stay here…"

"Okay, look I'm going after Hiro…"

"What!? He's dangerous and the military!"

"I don't care if you hate him or the world hates him. He's still my friend. I'm sorry I have to go!" Ryoku said and he dropped the phone. He started to run where he suspected Hiro was at. Which was where the military were fighting at.

"Ryoku! Ryoku! No I don't want to lose you too!" Mika screamed and sobbed.

"I already lost Hiro…" Mika sobbed and then she threw the phone. She grabbed her head and looked at the news report. There were only close up shots of the military setting up. Mika thought about Maiko before she glared down.

"Hiro… I want to think you're innocent, but I can't tell… please… please don't die…" Mika sobbed, but not for Hiro. For the fact that she can't believe she's avoiding the fact that Hiro is the murderer, but she's letting that go.

She looked at the screen once again and saw the images of what seemed like Hiro climbing up the building. "I love you Hiro…"

Tomoya ran back into an armored truck with a gun in the roof. He knocked on the door. "Yes sir…"

"I want you to shoot that Hiro Sazuki or the damn monster once he lands… Do not hold back okay?"

"Don't worry," the military mad chuckled, "I'm going to handle him and end him very soon. Well my partner will, right!?"

"Right!?" Tomoya turned in the annoyance of the two military men. He looked down started to regret taking the life of his parents. He didn't the Virus was released by emotion. He thought it was by pain.

"What have I done… did I just end mankind?" Tomoya asked and looked up the building where attack helicopters were surrounding. They are not shooting due to the fact that supposedly Hiro isn't moving.

"H-Hey!" Tomoya screamed at an officer. "Can you please give me contact with the helicopters above… I'm from the Virus Project."

"Got it…" the man passed a walkie talkie. Tomoya started to speak.

"Hey! Hey! I want you to start shooting at the culprit. Shoot Hiro!"

"No can do," the helicopter gunner responded. "We have a strict rule to only shoot at hostiles. We won't attack until he attacks. As far as he knows… he's not even a threat."

"Listen to me, abandoned that rule… I'm from the Virus Project that created him. Look… shoot him and kill him!"

"I can't do that! I don't care if you are commander or general. We have strict rules and we must stick to the rules. So please do not panic and just let us do our job."

"If you don't shoot you're going to let the body count of Hiro Sazuki become more than three!"

"He's a kid!" The soldier screamed back, "as far as I care. He's the innocent one! If he turns himself in, he turns himself in… if he doesn't he's dead… simple! It's a win win!"

"Damn it!" Tomoya screamed and growled, "fine you want this whole operation to go to shit… let it then!"

"Hey! You're the one who prepared us just in case. Now you will follow the rules!" The solider screamed and Tomoya was getting frustrated.

"Fine…" Tomoya hung up and tossed the phone back. He turned and looked up at the building being surrounded by the helicopters.

"I set up this operation for worst case scenario and now I'm starting to regret this too. Please don't let Hiro evolve into something worse… or else it will be end of mankind…" Tomoya saw some cops getting some heavy fire guns.

"Hello this is Air Control 1, we do see Hiro Sazuki," a radio was heard. "He does not seem to be moving, but he seems to be wearing a suit… A weird suit with spikes… wait… oh my god… he jumped…"

Tomoya looked up and then something crashed in front of everyone. They all stood quiet and held up their guns while some got ready their rifles. Tomoya looked and he was shocked at what he was seeing.

Hiro was only wearing his white shorts. He had black armor around his body. He had a black dragon liked face as he opened his mouth revealing spiked teeth. He had some black hair sticking out in the back. He had an armored body now. He had a black armored tail and spiked tentacles which had thorns now. He had black jagged spikes on his back. He growled and then roared a screech of a monster.

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