Bird's Death

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Against Myself

Hiro was standing like a wolf. His eyes trailed around while the cops all stood still. Hiro stepped to the side and a police officer pointed his gun. Hiro growled while the officer glared.

The officer gulped while sweat was falling from his face. Hiro opened his mouth slightly as the officer shot his gun.

The bullet his Hiro, but his armor deflected it. Hiro then stabbed the officer with his spiked tentacles, killing him instantly. Hiro jumped up while the other officers shot at him, but missed.

Hiro growled and then heavy fire was hitting his back. He turned and looked at the helicopter. Hiro jumped and lashed on the helicopter. Hiro growled and his spiked tentacles went through the helicopter while stabbing the two people on. Hiro jumped off and landed on a building as the helicopter landed behind him and exploded.

Hiro growled and then saw the officers and army men shooting at him. "Don't hesitate!" Tomoya screamed and Hiro screeched before climbing down the building.

The landed and rose the concrete ground up. He tossed it to the crowd of enforcers. They all moved as the big chunk of concrete hit a police car.

Hiro let out a growl and then looked at an officer in the side in which aimed his rifle at him. He fired as Hiro used his tentacle spikes to block bullets. Hiro then jumped and aimed one of his tentacles to the police officer.

An army man moved him out the way. They both looked at each other and smiled. The officer was about to give thumbs up before the army man's head was ripped off. Hiro stood in between and turned to the officer. The officer's eyes widened as Hiro smashed his face in with arm.

Hiro turned to the other surrounding officers who started to run. Hiro growled and moved a cop car out of the way. He aimed some of his tentacles to stab random cops. He lifted them up and the thorns grew to surround the police officers with penetrating spikes. All four died as Hiro put their corpses down.

Hiro's eyes turned to Tomoya. He suddenly growled while remembering he was the man who took the life from his parents. Hiro growled while Tomoya turned and ran. Hiro was about to go after him before he was shot with heavy gun. Hiro whimpered while falling forward.

He turned back and glared at what was the second helicopter. "Come on you son of a bitch!" The shooter of the helicopter shot and Hiro started to be shot again. He roared and moved to the side. The bullets followed as Hiro was moving up the building.

Hiro jumped and aimed his spiked tentacles towards the helicopter. The helicopter moved back and Hiro missed. He landed on the ground and was shot at by the helicopter. Hiro growled and screamed before roaring.

He moved and still looked at the flying helicopter where bullets flew out of the gunner.

Hiro turned and jumped up while swinging his spiked tentacles. The helicopter moved back and the gunner shot once again. Hiro used the same tentacles to block the bullets.

He then moved to the side and grabbed a car. He threw the car at the helicopter, but the helicopter moved back and the car exploded while it crashed into a building.

Hiro growled at the helicopter that was still shooting. Hiro then grabbed the car and used it as a temporary shield. He jumped and ran up a building. He stopped and looked at the helicopter gunner trying to shoot him.

Hiro jumped back and used his tentacles to lash onto the helicopter, but the gunner shot Hiro. Hiro growled and landed on the ground. He groaned while the helicopter flew above him.

Hiro saw the helicopter flying to the side. Hiro growled and started to get up while the helicopter circled.

"Let's tear this motherfucker apart!" The gun smiled while he began to shoot. Hiro moved back and grabbed a car. Hiro used it as a shield before running and throwing the car. The helicopter moved back and the pilot was shocked.

"Where is he?" The helicopter pilot looked. The car spun while falling. Hiro was in the other side. He climbed and jumped up. He grabbed onto the helicopter while to tilted to the side.

"Oh shit!" The gunner looked back and Hiro grabbed his head. He bit him and started to chomp on his face. The pilot was panicking as he was ready to eject. He was about to jump until Hiro's hand went through his stomach.

The helicopter spun. It crashed into a building while the officers and military men looked. Hiro roared out of the fire around him. Hiro sneered and growled at the police officers were shocked at the take down Hiro committed.

"He is intelligent…" Tomoya said and Hiro started to run forward. The assault rifles fired, but were only deflected by Hiro's armor. He pounced on an army men and started to rip his guts out. The spiked tentacles stabbed others while Hiro rose their corpses up.

Hiro roared with the blood surrounding his whole body. Hiro threw the bodies to the side while his main focus became once again Tomoya. Hiro moved forward and then a cop shot him in the side.

Hiro growled and turned while the police officer aimed his gun. "Shoot!" A cop screamed and Hiro grabbed the body of the cop. He used it as a shield as he was getting continuously shot until dead. Hiro threw his corpse to the side and the police officer's gasped.

Hiro's eyes looked around and he saw Tomoya getting in an armored car. Hiro jumped and went after the armored van. The van drove while Hiro moved cars to try to get to it. Hiro aimed his tentacles at the car, but suddenly Hiro was shot in the side.

Hiro gasped and yelled while his body spun to a building. He looked and saw an armored car with a gunner on the top.

The gunner glared and aimed at Hiro who got up. Hiro jumped and ran forward as the car began to drive. Hiro aimed his tentacles, but only hit the ground. The gunner shot and the bullet penetrated through Hiro's armor.

Hiro growled as blood began to drip, but he healed. Hiro looked to the side and a man jumped off a semi-truck. The truck crashed Hiro into s building and exploded on impact.

The police cheered as the brave officer smiled while getting up. He rose up his hands, "we did it!" He turned and smiled. He gasped as Hiro's arm went through his chest. He died immediately as Hiro threw his body to the side.

Hiro growled and then the car with gunner hit him back. Hiro stopped himself and roared as the bullet shot. Hiro used his spiked tentacles to block the attack. Hiro growled and started to run forward as the armored car drove off.

"Everyone stay calm! We all need to stop and go to the safety room!" The clerk of the café screamed.

Mika was looking saddened as she heard gun fire. "Please all of you. We will be all okay!" He screamed and all of a sudden gun shots were heard and the windows broke.

The people screamed and Mika got down. She then heard a roar and looked as a weird creature was chasing after a car shooting heavy fire. "Hiro…" Mika thought as the car turned and Hiro followed.

"Is he still hot on our trail!?" The driver asked the gunner who kept on shooting.

"He's still fucking hot. Motherfucker has cardio!" The gunner shot and Hiro jumped to the side of the building. "Fuck you!" The gunner screamed and started to shoot at him. The windows shattered and Hiro jumped.

"He jumped!" The gunner screamed and the driver turned the car as Hiro missed the hit. The car drove off and Hiro then grabbed a car. He threw it at the car where the gunner was shocked.

The driver turned again and an explosion happened in the back. "That was really close," the gunner laughed and chuckled.

"Whatever man, focus," the driver turned and stopped. "Wait for him to come…" The gunner nodded. A radio call was heard.

"Ground Control do you still have visual on target?" The speaker asked and the driver picked up the phone.

"No sir, we have lost him when he was on pursuit on us." The driver answered, "Are bullets seem to work, but he is still resilient."

"Okay thank you, we need to you to go to meeting point. Operation Annihilation will take effect."

"Alright sir!" The driver screamed and he looked forward. "Where the hell is he?"

"Reverse… Reverse now!" The gunner screamed and the driver listened. He drove back and spiked tentacles landed on the ground. Hiro came down with different corpses of different officers.

"God damn him!" The turned and started to drive away from Hiro. Hiro growled and started to run up the building. He jumped to the roof and started to climb up. He saw the car and jumped down.

The gunner shot at him and he was hit in the legs. Hiro winced and landed on the ground before bursting back up immediately.

"He's fucking using the buildings as a shortcut. Fucker is fast, if he keeps taking turns we will get caught!" The gunner screamed while shooting at Hiro.

"Well if we keep going forward, we will still get caught!" The driver turned to another road and Hiro still followed.

"Damn monster… does this thing ever get tired…?" The gunner shot and Hiro moved to the side to dodge it.

"I don't think so, but it doesn't matter. We will take him out." The driver turned and Hiro still followed.

"Where are those guys at!?" Tomoya asked while hitting the desk with the sergeant who set up a tent.

"They are trying to outrun that thing you created. Don't worry the will be here!" The sergeant said and Tomoya growled angrily.

"If they keep trying to trick him he will only get more intelligent!"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"He has the infinite maximum potential to become smarter through experience. That was the fucking problem with the helicopters. Instead of waiting for this operation to commence. They faced him and he became aware of his abilities." Tomoya screamed and the Sergeant looked confused.

"What does that have to do with anything…?"

"The fucking result!" Tomoya threw down the clipboard. "He's gaining more combat experience in a faster rate than any soldiers. If he gets more intelligent. It will be the end of mankind."

The driver was driving quickly, "is he gone?" He asked and the gunner looked around.

"I think we did. He might be up in the buildings…" the gunner looked around.

"Don't worry, we are almost at meeting point. We will take him out within seconds." The driver laughed as the gunner nodded.

"There it is…" the driver looked at the soldiers and police officers surrounding an open area which was a park.

The police officers cheered and the gunner smiled, but kept aware. "We did it, now we just need to park-" a wall of a building shattered and out came a car. It hit the armored car which flipped it around. The car smashed and killed the gunner in half. A two cars flipped before stopping by hitting a building wall.

The driver coughed while his blood dripped down. He got out the car and wobbled forward. He got up and coughed once more before turning around.

He saw the police officers and army men shocked. The driver limped before an armored black hand grabbed his head and smashed his skull down.

Hiro growled and glared at the group of officers where aimed their guns. Hiro roared and was ready to go before a loud crash was heard. Hiro's right arm was gone as Hiro screamed and wailed.

A tank came forward with an angry driver. "See if you can beat this…" he gritted his teeth.

Ryoku was panting and he heard a loud slam up ahead. He gulped and started to run forward as he knew Hiro would be somewhere over there.

He ran to an alley to keep himself safe.

Hiro coughed and he regrew his armored arm. He roared and the tank shot once more. The cannon hit the ground in front of Hiro and pushed him back.

The officers shot Hiro while Hiro was trying to get up. Hiro saw the tank fire and the blast hit in front of Hiro once again. Hiro was rolled back to an abandoned car.

Hiro groaned lightly and whimpered while getting up. He saw the tank fire and Hiro was hit in the chest. Hiro was pushed back and landed on the back. His exposed bloody chest was shown.

Hiro looked to the side and growled before closing his eyes.

"W-We did it?" The army guy asked and the tank driver stayed clear.

"We did it!" A police officer cheered and they all started to cheer. The tank driver sighed and smiled lightly.

"You see, we did it," The sergeant smiled and then turned to Tomoya who looked on. "You are sad?"

"No… it's just… nothing," Tomoya shook his head and then turned to the sergeant. "Let's just get his body and end this."

"You still have a lot of explaining to do you know. Project Virus, this fucking beast." The sergeant glared and Tomoya nodded.

"I'll take the consequences…" Tomoya looked down sadly and he heard the roaring cheers of the crowd.

"We won!" A police officer screamed. He jumped up and down as everyone was congratulating each other. He turned and his eyes widened. A deafening silence was heard as Hiro got up and healed his chest.

"S-Sir…" a police officer screamed and the sergeant turned around. "You have go to be kidding me. The fucker took a tank shot to the face."

Tomoya's eyes widened, "We need to get everyone out of here. We can't beat him with the amount of artillery we have!" Tomoya shook the sergeant.

"Damn it!" The sergeant got on the phone. "Tank! We need to get out of here. We can't beat this thing…"

"No, this tank can! We just need to blow his head off!" The tank driver got ready for another shot.

"This is a direct order! Do as I say!" The sergeant screamed and the tank shot which hit Hiro back. Hiro healed his chest once again.

"I need you to retreat!" The sergeant screamed and then Tomoya took the phone. "Hey!"

"Look here! He has the evolutionary capabilities that none has seen. You are just teaching him… if you don't leave. You are only making this thing stronger!" Tomoya screamed and another tank shot was fired. It hit Hiro directly in the chest and he healed once again.

"Need to get the fucking head…" the tank driver aimed and he took a deep breath. Hiro groaned and the tank shot. Hiro's right arm was blown out of his body. He spun and fell.

Hiro then healed instantly and got up. The tank driver aimed and shot once again. This time the right arm came off half way. Hiro fell back, healed and got up again.

"This one is going to end him…" the tank driver aimed. The sergeant and Tomoya looked from on top of vans. "This is for my friends!" The tank driver shot and Hiro moved to the left and dodged the attack.

Everyone looked shocked as the explosion happened behind Hiro. Hiro growled and looked down as the tank driver gasped.

Hiro's mouth started to glow blue. Tomoya looked as the light was building up in his mouth. It was increasing and getting bigger every second. Hiro then closed his mouth and his blue glaring eyes focused on the tank.

Hiro smashed his hands down and opened his mouth. He released a loud roar before blue blast came out and hit the tank instantly.

A huge explosion happened which engulfed some officers and army men. The explosion caused a big pole of fire which could be seen from far away.

Ryoku was running and felt a high strong wind pushed. He blocked himself as the wind was too strong. Ryoku looked up and saw the pole of fire radiating from the center of the city. Ryoku gulped while the pole of fire started to decrease.

"Hiro…" Ryoku ran forward and kept on going. He was worried that something very bad happened to Hiro or involving Hiro. He wanted to get there as soon as possible.

Mika was standing while some people were being sent to the safety room. Mika looked up at the television was had a helicopter looking at the scene. "So we have just heard that Hiro was taken down…" a suddenly burst happened and the power went out.

Everyone screamed while Mika looked shocked. A large wind was felt as Mika looked out. She saw a huge power outage happening in the city as a huge light of fire was somewhere close by.

Mika's eyes widened and she looked down. "I need everyone to calm down, we will get the backup generator ready…"

Mika looked down and remembered Maiko. The power came back on and the television showed a video of the blast from a helicopter close by.

Everyone gasped and Mika was shocked. She saw that the blast wasn't set up, but more instant. Mika gulped and then cringed.

"Ryoku… Hiro…" Mika thought and then tears fell down her face. "Please be alright," Mika looked forward and then gritted her teeth. "What should I do?" She asked as she wanted to be a big help to them both, but how could she?

The still air happened as the pole of fire vanished.

A scene of destruction. A tank which was burned and destroyed in the middle along with the driver. Around the destroyed tank were burned corpses. Then corpses half burned to corpses with torn limbs. The soldiers in the outer circle were either passed out or bleeding out.

The sergeant and Tomoya were in the back. They felt the impact of the blast. It pushed them back and slammed them into a building.

The sergeant took out his radio and then called, "bring back up…" he coughed. He panted while putting down the radio.

An armored black foot stepped on the radio and destroyed it.

The sergeant opened his eyes and starred at Hiro who was growling. "You damn animal…" the sergeant coughed and Hiro growled. "Don't you fucking look at me like that…"

Hiro put his hand over his head and the sergeant. "I can't wait to spit on you in hell…" the sergeant smirked and then Hiro growled while glaring at him. "Do it fucking coward…"

"I'm not… going to… kill you instantly…" Hiro said and the sergeant's eyes widened. Hiro's spiked tentacles went down and stabbed the sergeant in the stomach. He pulled out his stomach and threw it in the side.

Hiro heard the sergeant cough and scream while twitching uncontrollably. Hiro looked to the side and saw Tomoya walking away. Hiro's eyes widened as he stabbed his leg.

Tomoya screamed and fell to the ground. Hiro then pulled him and lifted him upside down. "Please have mercy…" Hiro groaned and Tomoya coughed blood.

"You didn't… give mercy… to my… parents…" Hiro stabbed Tomoya with another spiked tentacle. Tomoya screamed and yelled in agony.

"Please… I beg of you…" Tomoya cried and Hiro tilted his head. Tomoya then panted, "you're a masterpiece… becoming a monster, but slowly becoming intelligent… you are my greatest accomplishment…"

Hiro then stabbed Tomoya with his third tentacle and Tomoya screamed. "We can fix you… we can turn you back to normal." Tomoya coughed and Hiro stabbed Tomoya with his fourth tentacles before dropping his body.

Tomoya coughed blood while trying to crawl away. "Please… I can so much for you. You can become normal…"

Hiro then opened his mouth, "I can make you back to a human!" Tomoya winced and Hiro then stopped. "Yes… a human… isn't that what you want…?" Tomoya coughed, "it'll make you happy right?"

"You know… what will… m-make me happy." Hiro spoke and closed his eyes. He opened them with a deadly blue glare. "If you can bring back everyone killed because or of me!" Hiro snapped as his voice was perfect now.

Hiro dug his right hand into Tomoya's stomach. Tomoya coughed and then Hiro dug his other hand which made Tomoya scream in agony.

Hiro started to scratch and claw out the inside of Tomoya's stomach. He shook his head and coughed out. Painfully as Hiro was tearing his organ off and apart. Hiro then finally split the torso in half.

Tomoya's body was there dead as he had a pained face. Hiro smashed his head down and then roared up. The echo could be heard anywhere close by.

Hiro panted as he tossed the body of the sergeant and Tomoya aside. He got up and noticed most soldiers alive. They all surrounded Hiro as he looked around. Each soldier had the look of loss and anger.

Hiro then looked down and growled. He moved his spiked tentacles around and groaned. "I'll ask again, how many of you have families?" Hiro asked and each soldier and officer aimed their guns.

"Wrong answer…" Hiro then roared and started to stab each person in sight. He turned into the monster again as he was committing a mass genocide of each soldier who tried firing at Hiro.

Mika was waiting in the café while looking up at the news. "We have reports that the attack has quiet down. The destruction might be over, but we are not sure."

"We have breaking news!" Another reporter screamed out. "It seems that Hiro Sazuki has killed all the officials involved in the operation to stop him. Military is about to come in, but thought Hiro has not been seen or heard. We have report of a scene of destruction. As countless bodies are in the central point. Each a soldier or officer. We will hope Hiro gets put to justice and this horrific night ends…"

Mika looked surprised and then she turned to the outside. A drop was heard as rain came falling down from the sky. Mika looked down and then ran, "h-hey!" the clerk screamed and Mika jumped out to the outside.

She was going to run to Hiro's house as she suspected he was there. Mika ran as fast as she could as the rain drops began to soak her.

The rain was dropping down in the dark night of Tokyo. In an alley, the alley where Hiro committed the murder to the murderer was a monster. It was Hiro himself. He was crawling while the armor around his was crumbling.

"I didn't want to kill them all…" Hiro panted and kept on moving forward. He moved forward and the leaned against the wall. A trashcan covered him from sight. Hiro took a look from a mirror. He saw his monstrous face.

He panted and then growled as he smashed down the mirror. He winced and the armor was beginning to build. "I have nothing left…" Hiro growled and then footsteps were heard.

The soaking wet Hiro growled and turned while he was ready to attack.

"Oh man you look so cool," Hiro's eyes widened from seeing Ryoku standing in front of him. "Wow dude, like I dig the mask," Ryoku smiled and Hiro blinked.

"Ryoku…" Hiro then looked down. "Please don't… get away… I'm a monster."

Hiro sobbed and Ryoku then touch his shoulder. He hugged him right after. Hiro gasped and Ryoku smirked.

"Come on man, you still have something to tell me right? So let's start now…" Ryoku separated and Hiro was still. "Come on, let's just chat… brother…" the armor surrounding Hiro broke completely and his eyes became green while his hair turned white.

Hiro looked down while he was shirtless and the rain became to soak him. "O-Okay…"

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