Bird's Death

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"Ryoku…" Hiro was on his knees shocked while Ryoku sat down. The rain dripped down slowly and the smiling friend looked up.

"So… what did you want to tell me…?" Ryoku asked and Hiro looked down.

"Y-You already know…" Hiro glanced to the side.

"Really? Well let's pretend I don't. Come on… we have all day…" Ryoku chuckled while Hiro cringed.

"Hiro… I killed… I killed my neighbor that night." Ryoku tilted his head. "I… I…"

"Hey man…" Ryoku pat Hiro, who was sobbing, in the shoulder. "Tell me… Tell me everything you know from the beginning." Ryoku smiled.

Hiro leaned back against the wall. Ryoku nodded and Hiro then glanced down. "A super computer was made and it tried to go into this world. Well… well they tried to create a life in this unknown world. They made some monster and the monster went into me… the afternoon of the incident. The monster… became me." Hiro covered his face and sobbed.

Ryoku only looked down, "it was because… it was because I was in the wrong place in the wrong time… and then… it came out. I killed my neighbor." Hiro sobbed.

"I couldn't… I couldn't control my emotions. I killed someone I never wanted to kill… I ran and found this murderer who killed his victim… I took him out."

"So that's what happened huh? Why didn't you tell?" Ryoku raised an eyebrow.

"Because no one would believe me. It was so unbelievable, so I told them I didn't know… I wanted to tell, but what if I did… I would just be put into a mental institute… I was so afraid of the monster coming out again…" Hiro sobbed and Ryoku sighed.

"Hey… I would have believed you…" Ryoku smiled and Hiro looked shocked. "Yeah man, I mean you killed an innocent person, but it's not like you meant to. I know you better than anyone else man. I know you're too kind to kill."

"Ryoku…" Hiro sobbed, "I'm a monster… I'm a monster…" Hiro sobbed and Ryoku shook his head.

"You're just unfortunate…" Ryoku told and Hiro looked shocked. "It's not your fault any of this happened. You're not the monster… the monster doesn't exist."

"T-Thank you," Hiro smiled lightly before beginning to keep on crying. "I got back and it was so painful, but Mika was there…" Ryoku glanced down. "She and I hung out and you know… our friendship went off. Then Maiko happened… and… and… I killed him too."

"Well did you mean it?" Ryoku asked and Hiro shivered.

"I don't know… when I remember… it was something else. I wanted him dead, but I didn't. I killed him and tortured him… I tortured him… I couldn't help it! He attacked me! I didn't want him dead!" Hiro screamed and Ryoku looked down.

"You killed him out of instinct…" Ryoku said and Hiro looked to the side. "You killed him because you were afraid and didn't want to die. Stop beating yourself up for it. Maiko is at fault here… he shouldn't have attacked you."

"He wouldn't have if he knew what was inside me…" Hiro grabbed his chest and Ryoku smirked.

"If he knew what was inside you… he would have probably wanted to be friends with you." Ryoku poked Hiro's chest. Hiro looked forward in shock. "You keep saying some beast is inside you. This monster that kills… but really that monster never existed. You were in pain… so you killed your neighbor and the murderer. You were scared… so you killed Maiko. You just weren't in control of your feeling."


"If you weren't in pain and agony… would any of these things happened?" Ryoku asked and Hiro shook his head.

"So stop beating yourself up…" Ryoku hit Hiro's head lightly. "Oh man… so you killed Maiko. Then what happened?"

"Mika… Mika was devastated and I… I tried to comfort her… but she… I did." Hiro put his head down and Ryoku smiled. "Then… I couldn't handle it anymore and I admitted to my parents… what I wanted to admit to you first."

"It's an honor you put so much trust in me," Ryoku chuckled and Hiro got a light smile.

"Tomoya… the man who knew what was in me… told me everything. He told me how I was in the wrong place and wrong time. How I'm a danger and I needed to be tested. Then… my parents were…"

"They were killed… yeah Mika told me." Hiro looked shock, "the news was on you, but unfortunately I was with my old man. I actually came to help you and find you. Get this little mess over with."

"I killed so many people… but they killed my parents… they allowed my parents to die. They wanted me dead… they…"

"And then tell me how it's your fault?" Ryoku interrupted. Hiro's eyes widened and looked at Ryoku. "If someone killed my mom I would be mad. If someone tried to kill me… I would be mad. You did nothing bad… as humans we do anything to survive. Anything… so what you did today… you did it because of instinct. Because you are human… not a monster."

Hiro's eyes widened as tears streamed down with the rain. He covered his face and started to sob. Ryoku smiled at the fact that he made Hiro feel better.

"Damn idiot," Ryoku chuckled. "This was your secret… assuming you're a monster… then saying how what you did wasn't justified. What you did was bad… kidding me. You're smarter than that Hiro, but I can't talk… I didn't go through what you went through." Ryoku pat Hiro's shoulder.

"Hiro… you might have gone insane and wanted to kill, but it was never your fault, you as a person, that those things happened. It was the condition. You aren't a murderer… you aren't a monster… you aren't a killer… you're Hiro Sazuki!" Ryoku put his fist in the air.

Hiro smiled and chuckled, "thank you Ryoku…"

"I don't have much time…" Ryoku tapped and then turned to Hiro. "Mika never told you, did she?"

"Told me what?" Hiro said while wiping his tears.

"That idiot, she promised me she would tell you when I was gone," Ryoku pouted and Hiro blinked. "Maiko did die… so it wasn't her happiest moments."

"Mika…? What didn't she tell me?" Hiro blinked.

Ryoku started to laugh, "she was so nervous to tell me, but I got it out of her. That first study session was supposed to be different."

"What are you talking about?" Hiro asked and Ryoku sighed.

"Well remember when she talked to you that morning… well you did end up talking to her, but she asked you to study. Well it was supposed to be a prank." Hiro blinked confused, "she found out by someone you liked her and she wanted to prank you. She wanted to record and everything. So she tried to prepare everything that day to prank you and embarrass you the next day. She never had any feelings for you, but then something happened."

"I killed my neighbor…" Hiro said and frowned. "So she never liked me… I was supposed to be a tool for a popularity gain…"

"That's not all true," Ryoku said and Hiro glanced. "Well when she found out what happened to you or what supposedly happened. She felt bad… she then wanted to make it up by being friendly. She just wanted you to feel good and boom she can leave. So I think you can guess what happened, you two went to café and she actually got help by you."

"I think she mentioned you two got to talk and something about Maiko stalking…" Ryoku thought. "But yeah, so then the impossible happened." Ryoku paused, "she fell in love with you…"

Hiro's eyes widened. "You know this, but this what she told me. She said how you were different from people she talked to. You were real from day one. You were smart and genuine. You had flaws, but you had the greatest personality. So she took interest in you. She said how she wanted to be around you constantly. She even told me I was going to be the god father of the kids you two were going to have. She loved you… she really did. She said she loved you because you had something she wanted… Hiro… you in general were her soul mate."

"She then talked about how she felt bad she never got to know you. How she was glad she got to know you. How she was sorry and I hit in the head to stop talking so fast." Ryoku chuckled and Hiro looked down. "But really… she loved you… I hate to admit it, but she cried for you too. Telling me how she would give anything to stay with you."

"Ugh… to think, the girl who wanted to prank you… fell in love with you for an accident…" Ryoku smiled. "Mika is so pathetic…"

"Don't say that…" Hiro looked down and Ryoku glanced. "She's just stubborn…"

"She sure is," Hiro and Ryoku laughed. "So Mika ended up dating you. She text me on how much she couldn't wait to go on the dates with you. And she even told me… about that night…"

"She told you!?" Hiro gasped and Ryoku nodded.

"She wasn't giving details, but she was worried she might have rushed it. I just told her to move on." Ryoku laughed and Hiro looked to the side embarrassed.

"Mika fell in love with me by accident… back then… I would have just been shocked about Mika fell in love with me…" Hiro rolled his eyes.

"Accidents happen that changes things… so yeah. Mika is your girl when she originally was going to ruin your life. But I mean… you two were meant for each other."

"We were?" Hiro asked and Ryoku nodded.

"An outgoing orphan girl who has everything in school, but nothing at home. Lonely and lost in her world. Then there's the quiet boy who had nothing in school, but the world at home. Knowing and smart of the world he's in. You two were meant to fall in love with each other."

"I guess we were…" Hiro chuckled.

"Well I know you two are meant for each other. Like how much love you showed her that night huh?" Ryoku winked.

"Don't you mention it like that!" Hiro screamed and Ryoku laughed. "That's why you kissed that crossdresser huh!?"

"Oh come on man that's a low blow!" Ryoku screamed laughing.

"Low blow? You're mentioning private information. At least be glad Mika told you and trust you with some information. If it was me… tch… I'll just keep it to myself."

"I think Hiro is embarrassed because he has a girlfriend who loves him…" Ryoku chuckled and Hiro finally tapped his head lightly.

"She probably hates me for what I done?" Hiro looked down sadly. "She might think I am a monster like everyone else."

"Are you kidding me?" Ryoku laughed and Hiro glanced over. "With the way she was talking about you when you weren't around. I'm surprised you two didn't have babies by now."

"Don't say something like that," Hiro looked down with a light blush. "If she asked me… I really don't know what I would say."

"Oh Mika, please allow me to go deep-" Hiro hit Ryoku, "I was kidding." Ryoku rubbed his head with fake tears while Hiro smiled.

"You're still an idiot you know?" Hiro said and Ryoku got a big wide smile.

"Well I'm the idiot you have to deal with!" Ryoku laughed and Hiro looked up the sky. Ryoku blinked, "hey man is something wrong?"

"I'm just wondering how you could kiss a guy and live with yourself." Ryoku was going to smack Hiro, but Hiro moved his head slightly back to dodge. "I'm kidding, but… what exactly am I going to do now?"

"What do you mean?" Ryoku asked and Hiro's eyes softened.

"I mean I can't just go back to living like normal…" Hiro looked at Ryoku. "I'm wanted… I'm the most dangerous thing alive… I have no home…"

Ryoku chuckled, "oh come on man…" Ryoku then realized Hiro wasn't lying. "You and I can run away together."

Hiro's eyes widened, "what? But… but your family!"

Ryoku chuckled and laughed. "Oh please, like I care about my family now. Ryoku smirked, "my dad hasn't cared about me since my mom died. I can just leave and he'll be glad."

"Ryoku…" Hiro looked down, "I don't want to drag you in a world like this. You don't deserve it… you don't…" Hiro was silenced by Ryoku laughing.

"A world like this? Come on man…" Ryoku started to laugh. "Look at you. Powerful and cool looking… you changed from being that quiet kid reading all the books." Hiro was shocked as Ryoku's enthusiasm. "This is something I'm not afraid of. You took on the world you weren't forced to be in and handled it. You're much better and stronger than me Hiro!"

"Ryoku…" Hiro looked down and smiled. "Alright," Hiro got up and Ryoku nodded. "Let's go then," Hiro pointed to the sky.

"Yeah!" Ryoku got up and once he did. He collapsed down and coughed. Hiro looked shocked and Ryoku coughed while holding the side of his stomach.

"I tried… damn it…" Hiro looked and saw a bloody mark on his stomach. Hiro gasped and he kneel down while looking at the wound.

"Ryoku…" Hiro whispered and then Ryoku coughed.

"I really wish I could last longer with you," Ryoku softly spoke and Hiro winced.

Hiro growled while he remembered what happened. In the rage we went into after he killed Tomoya. The soldiers who were fighting back. Ryoku came and tried to stop Hiro, but Hiro stabbed him. Hiro noticed and ran away, but he didn't remember due to his uncontrollable rage.

"I did this…" Hiro gasped and looked down sadly. Ryoku grabbed Hiro's collar and Hiro sobbed. "I'm so sorry…"

"Don't apologize…" Ryoku coughed and Hiro was crying. "Don't blame yourself… it's my fault…" Hiro gasped and looked shocked. "The words I said… I will always mean them. You were unfortunate, but you aren't a monster… you're Hiro. What happened was… because of me."

"Ryoku… we can get help…" Hiro then saw Ryoku dropping a large amount of blood.

"It's okay…" Hiro looked and saw Ryoku give a smile. "I don't mind ending it this way… at least I got to tell you… what I wanted…"

"Ryoku…" Hiro's eyes teared up, but he wasn't sobbing.

"Hey… don't cry over me. Just smile… I only want to make people smile." Ryoku chuckled and coughed before getting up. "I love you brother… I wish… I wish I was there for you from the beginning…" Ryoku gave a warm smile and Hiro smiled back.

"I love you too… brother…" Hiro smiled. The two friends gave one last smile to smile each other. Ryoku's eyes closed and he fell forward.

Hiro stood still and looked to the side. He gave a smile before his face changed to an emotionless one. Ryoku's blood was spreading around his stomach. Hiro was going to grab Ryoku, but he stopped himself.

He closed his eyes and started to think about Ryoku's life. From when they first met to when now. Hiro gave a light smile before turning back emotionless once again. Hiro got up and looked down at the corpse of his best friend.


"Hey you!" Hiro was young while reading a book. He was in the bench of the playground. "I said Hey you!" Hiro turned around and there stood a young Ryoku.

"H-Hello…" Hiro turned back to his book.

Ryoku walked and took the book from. Hiro gasped while trying to reach for the book. "We are in the playground… why are you reading?"

"B-Because I like reading…" Hiro answered nervously and Ryoku groaned.

"That's not what I meant… I mean why aren't you playing?" Ryoku asked and Hiro looked down.

"Well... It's because… I don't have many friends…" Hiro turned and Ryoku looked.

He started to laugh, "really, so you are a loser!" Ryoku pointed and Hiro looked down. "Oh don't be sad!" Ryoku pat Hiro in the back.

"You don't have a friend huh? Well guess who is going to be your friend?" Ryoku stood tall and posed.

"Well who is?" Hiro asked and Ryoku threw the book at Hiro. Hiro got in the head, "Ow…" Hiro sobbed lightly.

"I am you little dummy!" Ryoku screamed and Hiro gasped.

"But why? I'm a loser…" Hiro said and Ryoku started to laugh.

"Well you are, then guess what!? I am too. So come on Hiro. I want you play basketball with me!"

-Few Years Later-

"And this why we don't chase people's cats!" Hiro snapped while running. He was in Junior High. Ryoku was running right next to him.

"It's nothing bad, nothing bad even happened!" Ryoku chuckled while having a scratch on his face.

"You just get dumber and dumber! We are going to be late!" Hiro turned and Ryoku followed. "Why couldn't you just… I don't know… be mature!"

"Let's just have fun!" Ryoku smiled and the bell rung.

"Damn it!" Hiro ran faster as did Ryoku. They turned and opened a door. "We are here!" Hiro screamed angrily while Ryoku screamed happily.

"So you two are late…" the teacher said and Hiro fell on the ground. "You know the consequences…"

"We know… stay and clean the classroom…" Hiro got up and Ryoku nodded. Hiro and Ryoku both looked at the classroom who was laughing. Mika was in the back with Maiko and others giggling at the two boys who came in late.

"Sit now, you also have detention," the teacher turned. Hiro and Ryoku put their head down. They both walked slowly to their seats. Hiro gave Ryoku a glare and Ryoku only chuckled about it. Hiro sat down with a frown. He turned his head and got a little smile.

-Few Year Later-

"So once I heard you were in the hospital… I needed to come…" Ryoku said while sitting in a chair. Hiro was depressed while sitting in the hospital bed.

"You didn't have to come… I'm not injured or anything." Hiro closed his eyes, "I'm just gonna be questioned and then I'm gone…" Hiro then turned to Ryoku. "I'm just here and you're wasting your time coming here…"

"Are you kidding me! As your best friend I will always come." Ryoku started to eat some chocolate. "And also there are cute nurses here…" Hiro turned to Ryoku who sighed.

"You know why I am here… no matter what Hiro. I have your back!" Ryoku chuckled and Hiro looked down.

-Flashback Ends-

Hiro opened his eyes which revealed blue and looked forward.

Mika was running in the wet street. The light of the buildings was the only thing making everything visible.

Mika gasped upon arriving at Hiro's apartment complex. She saw some bodies lying on the ground.

Mika ran up the stairs and then saw a cop with multiple holes in his body. Mika gasped before entering Hiro's house.

Mika saw the body of Hiro's parents on the ground. Mika was about to sob, but instead she looked around. "Hiro… Hiro are you here?" Mika yelled out.

She ran to what she thought was his room. She looked around and saw it was empty. Mika walked and saw the bed was a bit messy. She then saw what was the book laying on the ground.

Four different notes were lying beside them too. Mika picked up the notes and opened one. It was for his mother. The second one was for his father. The third was for Ryoku.

Mika was sobbing upon reading each letter. She then opened the fourth letter. "Mika, I'm sorry about Maiko… I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I'm sorry, please take care of yourself." Mika read before starting to sob.

She collapsed on her knees and sobbed. She then looked to the side then her eyes widened. She got up and ran out the room. She ran out the house and avoided the corpses. She went outside and ran to the alley while the rain fell. She turned and looked at the alley where she suspected Hiro was at. She didn't know why she had this feeling.

She gasped when seeing Hiro standing cold and emotionless. Ryoku was on the ground with blood all over him.

Hiro looked up and his eyes shined blue. The lightning struck and Mika closes her eyes for on second. She then looked and saw Hiro was gone.

Mika walked forward and saw the corpse of Ryoku. She saw him with a smile and she dropped on her knees. Sirens was heard from afar as the young girl cried. The night was over, the tragic night was finally over…

The ambulance were putting the corpses of many into body bags as the sun rose.

"It was like… it was like the world became still."

People were lining up to go back home.

"The facts came out about Project Virus, This Virus and what Hiro was… What Hiro had become… This was all too new that the world could not respond. It was clear. There was a new apex being that could only bring humanity to the brink of extinction."

"Hiro, what Hiro became showed humanity that they caused their own destruction. It wasn't the same. Each country was worried, some more, some less, but what happened in one night in Tokyo changed the world."

"He was still out there. Hiro Sazuki, the most dangerous man… no! The most dangerous being alive. Was out there and the world was frightened. He has the ability to end this world… and for the first time the world responded together."

"This Project Virus is being funded in hopes to find a way to stop Hiro from creating the destruction he made. Hiro is the most wanted of this world. Hiro is the most powerful thing in the world."

People were gathered up in the graves.

"The search is on. They are looking for Hiro and will not stop. Hiro cannot be allowed to live among the innocent is what the government wants us to believe… but I know what he is."

"A monster maybe… a threat most likely, but he's still Hiro. I finally understood why he killed those people. He had no power over his monster that reacted to his emotion. Not many can react to their emotions. I don't hate Hiro… to be honest I still love him…"

Government officials from around the world where arguing on what to do about Hiro.

"The potential to evolve higher than god… that was what they said about Hiro."

The officials start screaming at each other.

"I don't care what they think Hiro is… I know what Hiro is. Hiro is Hiro Sazuki. A boy born in a well family. Quiet and lonely around school. He was a boy who had some little crush on a girl, who was foolish with her feelings. That boy was in an unfortunate time when he became what he is, the monster. He accidently killed many and showed the world he had the ability to beat the army."

The officials sign a treaty to commence Operation 2: Kill Hiro

"What happened to me, nothing… they didn't care if I was involved or not… so what happened now? Well Hiro is still on the run. He hasn't been found. Reports from all over world say they saw him, but I think he's personally in Japan."

"I finally understood what Hiro was going through… and how much pain he was in…"

"I will find him one day. I will find him and then from there on out. I will keep him safe. I will not let the people who turned him into this hurt him… but the thing is… when I'm going to find him? Is Hiro ever going to show back up?"

The wind blew softly as the little tides of the beaches waved through. A boy with white hair say on the sand.

He was reading a book named Bird's Death.


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