The Field

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group of teenagers go to a field rumoured to be haunted by demons.

Horror / Other
Austin Watson
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The Field

the story begins with a group of teenagers who wanted to have some fun together so they go and buy an Ouija board and go to a field that has had sightings of paranormal activity so they figure this is the best place to play the Ouija board and what they thought would be an innocent little night with little success would turn into a long-lasting nightmare

Jason called up a few of his friends to go hang out because he was bored and his friends Jacob, Brandon, Susan, Alisson, and Dawn all were bored as well and decided to go out for lunch then maybe go to the movies but during lunch, they decided to do something else they decided to check out a field they heard about that was supposedly haunted the group was sceptical of the idea at first but soon Jason convince them to go check it out tonight so after lunch they went to an old thrift shop and bought an Ouija board than they went to a camera store and bought a small thermal camera lens for them to record with as well and a regular lens at about 10:30 pm the group went down to the field they heard about and set up a table they brought along with a few tents at about 11:30 pm they started playing the Ouija board Jason start by asking “if there were any spirits that want to communicate with them? if so make yourself known” after they waited and nothing happened they figured it was fake but then just as dawn said “this is stupid why are wasting our time?” the planchette moved immediately, and the group thought one of them had moved it when no one admitted to moving the planchette, Jacob asked, “Did you move the planchette?” Planchette moved to yes on the board and Jacob asked, “What is your name?” the planchette moved around the board and spelled out Lucifer, the group freaked out, but kept going Jacob than asked “are you the real Lucifer or are you just trying to scare us away? If you are the real Lucifer, prove it.” right after he said that the board moved to yes in response to the first question, all of the sudden a bush next to the group suddenly lit on fire and went out by itself, Susan looked at a Jacob and said “well there is your proof. “What do we do now that we are talking to the real Lucifer” Jason replied “we should be safe, he can only talk through the board, or at least I hope so,” the group responded, “What do you mean you hope is there a chance he could get out of the board?” Jason replied, “unfortunately there was a chance he could get out of the board but I wasn’t worried because I wasn’t aware we would be talking to the real Lucifer, I was hoping for a no big deal spirit of a child or something” Brandon responded with”so what you brought us here knowing the risks but you didn’t tell us any of them what kind of friend are you?” Jason responded “the kind that was trying to have some fun. let’s just get back to the board okay.” they continued the board for about on hour and then decided to explore by now it was around 12:50 AM.

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