The Field

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Ch. 2

so the group got up and began exploring the field as they were walking dawn swore she kept seeing a shadow following them but she figured it was just her imagination after walking for 5 minutes dawn finally told the rest of the group “I think we are being followed I keep seeing a shadow following us” the rest of the group admitted to seeing the same thing and decided to split up Dawn and Jacob went west Jason and Alisson went north and Brandon and Susan went east. dawn and Jacob walked for 10 minutes before noticing a change in atmosphere and began recording with their phones because the camera was with Jason and Allison. right, when Jacob started recording a small rock was thrown at him and barely miss his phone hitting his arm instead Jacob nearly dropped his phone because of the force the small rock was thrown with. meanwhile, Jason and Allison were recording with the camera using the night vision on the camera to see where they were going as they were watching the LCD screen they noticed a shadowy figure glide across the ground 5 feet in front of them they both stopped and watched the screen as they move the camera to see if they could spot the figure again they found nothing and continued walking before more figures glided across the ground in front of them but they kept walking forward as this was happening Brandon and Susan were walking for 20 minutes before anything happen both of them heard something say “turn back now! if you don’t you will not live to see tomorrow.” the sudden voice scared both them but Brandon out of fear or stupidity ask into the dark “who are you? and why would we be killed if we continue” after waiting a few moments nothing happened finally Brandon try to continue forward but stopped because he heard Susan crying when he turned to look at her he couldn’t help but to turn back and head back to the camp with Susan. as Jacob was walking with Dawn they saw an orb of light they walked closer but before they got within 10 feet from the orb it vanished and appeared farther away and in the direction they had come from so Jacob and Dawn follow the orb and every time they got with 10 feet from it, it vanished and reappeared farther from them and seemed to be leading them somewhere while this was happening Jason and Allison where seeing more and more shadows in front of them finally they switched on the flir on the camera so the could see the thermal imaging of what they were seeing and all the figures appeared to be cold which appeared as a bluish color on the screen all of sudden a tree fell in front of them blocking their path but they didn’t think it to be a warning so they continued on after walking for 20 minutes more they where stopped by a cliff face and they heard a voice telling them that “they should’ve turned back when they could now they would perish and be stuck here with the rest of us.” when Jason looked around him he saw shadows surrounding them and moving closer Jason saw an opening and grabbed Alisson’s hand and ran they heard branches moving and saw objects fly by them as they ran and heard what sounded like screaming behind them. Brandon and Susan were back at the spot where they split up and they waited for the rest of the group when they looked they saw an orb disappearing and reappearing closer them with what looked like two figures following it when they shined their flashlights toward the figures they saw Jacob and dawn and shouted toward them and saw Jacob and dawn slow down then run over to where Brandon and Susan were and once they met back up they weren’t sure where Jason and Alisson were after about 10 minutes the group was going to try and find Jason and Alisson but before they started walking they saw two figures running out of the woods one looked to be holding something. they then heard Jason’s voice yelling “RUN BACK TO CAMP!!” not thinking twice the group ran back to camp with Jason and Alisson trailing behind them.

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