The Field

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Ch. 3

when they all got back to camp they saw the board but it had somehow been flipped and the planchette was off the board and on the other side of the table when they came closer they notice something carved into the back of the board that read “there is nothing you can do to stop me now. thank you for releasing me.” after reading that they started a fire and toss the board into the flame hoping to burn it and with it close the door they opened after tossing the board into the fire along with planchette they went to sleep in the tents when they woke up their worse nightmare was a reality the board and planchette were in the fire pit unburned and undamaged scared out of their mind they packed up and left without the board and planchette hoping to leave it behind but upon returning home the board was in the trunk with the planchette the group decided to never return to that field and to keep what happened to them last night to themselves no one is to know that they may have released Lucifer into the world as a demon no longer just an entity. the next day the group met up again and keep saying how they were having nightmares about being possessed or killed and they all swore they saw shadow figures in there rooms lurking over there beds and seemed to be watching them and they claimed that their homes felt dark after they met up they decided to go to the library to see if they could look at the records in the archive to see if they could find anything about the field and Jason went on the computer to search up information about the field after searching for 5 minutes Brandon found a file under the name field of shadows and in it there was a picture of the field and Brandon read that the field is believed to be a native burial grounds and that there is hundreds of bodies bury deep in the field the file also said that at one point they may have been a demon worshiping ritual held in the woods north of the field at a cliff face which was the exact area that Jason and Alisson had said they were when they heard the voice when Brandon told the rest of the group Jason came over and told them what he had found on the internet about the field and that it is a very popular spot for people to go when they want to hang themselves and that one recent teen carved the word Lucifer into the tree with a pentagram carved in the dirt under where the boy hung himself and ever since then they had been claims of things that are weirder than usual started happening at the field after Jason explained what he had found Brandon told Jason what he had found after they were done exchanging information the group decided that they needed to find a way to stop what they released and then they were going to burn the board or try to if it didn’t work than they would lock the board in a box and bury it somewhere where no one would find it. All that was left to do now was find a way to stop what they released and they knew it would be hard but they had to try. the group went about their daily lives after they were done at the library. Jason went to the gym and worked out with Brandon and Jacob while the girls went and got some coffee and they tried to enjoy their summer break after working out as Jason was heading home he kept seeing something dark in the corner of his eye he knew it wasn’t his shadow because his shadow was in front of him he ignored it and kept walking when he arrived at his house he still saw the dark mass in the corner of his eye but whenever he looked over it moved away keeping out of sight Jason opened the door and walked in and the atmosphere felt heavy as if the house was a dark entity he continued to walk in and went to a wall that usually has a cross on it and he saw the cross but it was upside down he went over and took the cross off the wall and held it upright instantly feeling the atmosphere lighten around him confirming the worse his house was now inhabited by an extremely dark entity. Jacob went with Brandon to his house to just hang out and relax Brandon and Jacob played a few games but that is not how it turned out after 10 minutes of Jacob being at the house with Brandon they started hearing weird noises from inside the house and Brandon and Jacob were the only one home at the time so the noises were unknown as to where they were coming from but they kept hearing what sounded like knocking on the walls but when they went to rooms that they heard the noise in it would stop and start in another room and that kept happening no matter where they were.

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