The Field

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Ch. 4

Finally, they decided to just leave and go to the lake near their house and swam for a little but they didn’t want to go home so they decided to go to the cinema and see a movie and try to do anything to keep them from going back home. At Dawn’s house, she was just relaxing watching funny cat videos on her phone when she heard what she thought was a bang inside the wall in her room. The bang reverberated in her room and sounded like a percussion band was outside her room playing at the loudest volume than it was silent again after five mins of silence she felt something sit on her bed and looked over where she felt the presence and saw an indent where someone or something was currently sitting and watching her she felt a breath on her face and a chill ran down her spine she looks at her window in hope that was what she felt but the window was closed when she looked at the window she thought she saw something in front of her it looked like a mist almost but the mist had a shape that almost looked human as she look at the mist it seemed to move and then disappeared but before the mist completely disappeared she had thought she had heard a whisper that said ¨im here¨ the voice sounded almost like her mothers voice who had passed due to cancer. the voice was soothing to her and she felt a cold touch on her shoulder, then it went silent and she felt the presence leave. Dawn picked up her phone and called Allison, she dialled in the number and waited as soon as Alisson picked up Dawn started saying what happened and that she heard what she thought was her mother’s voice after she told what happened Alisson told her that the same thing happened to her except it was her dad’s voice who had died from a sniper during a fight in Isis. they both agreed that they needed to put an end to what they started. the next day the group met up again and decided to try and burn the board, this using holy oil to ignite the board. they all agreed and decided to meet up at a place in the woods where they could light the board and planchette. they built a campfire and doused the board in holy oil, then lit it and watched as the board burned; they waited until both the board and planchette were reduced to nothing but ash. a week went by and everything seemed normal they hadn’t had any experiences so they thought that is was over and they decided not to go to the field every again and then they spread word of the dangers of messing around with things they have no understanding of and they live till they died of unknown causes and upon further inspection of the bodies they noticed that a symbol was carved on to there skull it represented a pentagram and all the people in the group had the same symbol in the same spot.

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