The nameless boy and girl who just want to live

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this a fictionalized accoubt about my children friends' murder because they wanted to be kida and not pawns in the jihadist mother's twistid plane to kill people in a small town. part truth part fiction to protect the identity of children and party realife horror. as i promised in my heart that i eould tell their story to the world. i am not mocking any religion or belief these were true events at one point.

Horror / Drama
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This I have seen some some jihadist flags and some Islamic hard it was not really peaceful related it was horrifying to see as a child to see this as your neighbour and and the conditions that the children were in what is horrible but what was worse was how they were treated in the house within the house they seem like normal children they wanted to play they wanted to have fun they wanted to enjoy life but their mother wanted them to be jihadist. I didn't think of it at the time but they were to their mothers evil Deeds she beat starved them she attacked and feel so tortured down I will not mention the form of torture that was used but it was the same as the terrorists would use on their victims she did not want her children be sure won't run but soldiers mini soldiers of Allah which was wrong I didn't realize this until I started having nightmares about these children and their ghosts two ghost haunted me in my dreams wanted me to tell me that our story and so this is what I am going to do right now it tell the story of the grusem life there might be some

There may be some trigger words that may be used because this is a violent Story but I'm trying not to make I will try not to make this as willing as possible as I do not want to trigger any people who have PTSD or have been torture victims so this is their story these children who have been victimized by their own mother and have been visiting me in my in nightmares. The nightmares were haunting me too much that I have to have medication to tranquillize me to sleep at night and it will cause me to have low blood pressure and will cause me to pass out if I stand up too fast this is their story that I am going to tell you this is the prologue of a story of the children's whose name movie Anna and nails do be aware that this is a ghost story that is a real life and have visited me in my dreams and wanted the world to know about what happened to them so this never happens again children are not soldiers they are children and they are definitely not terrorists.

This may seem very unbelievable it is believable as this is my story of there life and death I do not see them past the age of old seven.

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