The nameless boy and girl who just want to live

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New kids on the black

The first time I saw Anna and and their Twisted mother was during playgroup I was only a toddler at the time or at toddler mentality as I was tortured myself as a baby by terrorists believe it or not that's what my parents have told me what happened on they adopted me. When I so and I Nails I saw them as enemies I didn't see them as friends because of my childhood trauma I saw them as enemies instead of friends I hate play group so much and would try anything to get into a a timeout and I hated other children because of my trauma I had a hell of a time in school and have a time with as well as well as daycare . I thought my parents were trying to torture me as well but I was never beaten cut or belittled nor was I use for ceiling in the basement. I was given the Royal Treatment I was love I was caring for but I was envied by these kids and I didn't know why at the time until I went into their house . I was given toys that I was wanted and I had friends that all I wanted these other kids Anna and nails had few friends because their mother would arrange their friends for them obviously this was not a healthy environment and I I could tell this as a seven-year-old I was a smart cookie at the time. When I was allowed to visit I was subjected to seeing kids being pulled by their earlobes you only know you love starvation saying which was before health and I saw weird flags with weird writing I didn't know at the time that it was Arabic Gordon Ramsay highest I saw a picture of a bearded man I didn't know is Osama Bin Laden and that this woman was a Muslim Fundamentalist I was didn't know anything until grade eigh when I went back there to confront this Evil Woman and that was to begin with the nightmares she had the Islamic writings on her walls the calligraphy and the jihadist flags it was after 9:11 when I realized that that bearded man was actually been well on me I am not joking as at this was the truth with my horror I just left and I never came back and then the nightmare started the night manager about the kids being beaten for being normal kids and for wanting to be themselves what day is supposed to be a fundamental human rights and I knew this had age 14 this is what started my interest in counterterrorism and in Islam. My interest in Islam was because of my mental health issues I didn't think of it at the time but the woman was Muslim Fundamentalist she had remarried so many times getting rid of any traces of her children that she adopted and killed.

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