The nameless boy and girl who just want to live

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Memories of the children were playing outside on the street sliding down snow bangs to go into the street and getting into s*** but the human red flag for me as it was for my mom cuz she knew that are real mother wouldn't leave her kids out in the middle of the street to be run over I was about around 6 at the time when I was grounded. I didn't know why but now I know because of the cars this one could have cared less about our children being run over and stuff like that the children had to fend for themselves at a young age at 6 and 5 the boy being 6 to girl being 5 we play we had fun we drew lines on on the street like normal children. I didn't think anything of them until when I went in the house for the first time I went into the house it smells like cat cat piss and s*** it was horrible then I saw the flags in the picture of the bearded man who turned out to be Bin Laden after 9/11 that was when I last saw the kids when I left the house I didn't know what to say I was like what the hell I didn't know what to think of this Freak Show then I want back the next day and the boy was beating on the girl and the girl was crying the woman the mother took Boys ears and pull him across the room. That was the last that I saw them alive or so I thought I thought I would see them the next day but I was wrong and the next night I saw horrible side that I'll never get out of my mind as an adult. I saw the mother torture the kids to death by cutting as if they were infidels but they were just normal kids they had their throat slit the point of decapitation and they were going against the wall Hunter until they Hunter until they where dead it was a horrible scene I know where showing them I live in those bodies ever again as if they were now ghosts.

This was one of my promise in my life that I would never have imagined seeing ever again but age 28 they sure to haunt me in my dreams my first dream about the children scared the living s*** out of me the point where I thought I couldn't take my own religion Islam but I had to face my demons late be good night mares coming back.

This is how much do it disturb me.

I promise to Children if they were to leave me alone in my dreams that I would help them expose her mother for who she really was and as a Yakuza I had no choice but to keep that promise so this is why I'm writing this story right now.

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