The nameless boy and girl who just want to live

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Ghosts at midnight

From 8 till the time I am now 31 I still see the kids playing out in the middle of the street in the in the middle of the night. As if they had never been killed by your woman I tried to avoid going to the bathroom at night and I have to wear a pad so I don't have to go to the bathroom unless it was number two that is how scared I was for 21-year and I could not I still cannot Delta bathroom window at night cuz I'm afraid to see the children. But I do know this if they are goes they cannot they are only you and I have gotten through lines as they knew it at the time before they were slaughtered that was one of the problems I had I am able to go to the bathroom with fear or devil of the ghost oh that they are harmless and that they cannot hurt me but in the dream say scared they scared the s*** out of me as if it was yesterday. I having nightmares for 2 years reservation to wherever you want to work in call them but lately I decided I was going to tell the story and anyway as I go hell in the middle of dead night I see the children could B as if nothing wrong to happen . Every time I remember the house Mercy the house remember the mother I think and I want to have a nightmare elevation or whatever you want to call her but the children still play outside as it is dark outside no one else can see them but me because I am a sensitive to the spirit Realm no one has seen the ghost no one has have the nightmares except for me I can still remember seeing you in Arabic calligraphy and the jihadist flags as if it were yesterday in my dreams well night I awake with sweats he feels and if your dread. I thought that's a woman would come back if I spoke or anything I had reported her to Facebook or that I can only do and I had to do there she still on Facebook and I can I call you think she got away with it what I was little kid I dreamt of them as if we were still playing outside these kids really real or they actually ghosts or Spirits From Another Dimension or for from the blast of hell I'll never know but this something then I'll have to live with when I say. When I saw them being harmed by their Twisted mother because they were trying to be normal they were just trying to be normal kids how it's all how f***** up could that be that they cannot be kids had to be soldiers of God but God cook them in to protect him from this Madwoman when she tortures them I want to heaven but we also still earth bound.

I remember seeing the kids playing my backyard when they were alive quote alive but was I really seeing things I think they were looking for justice and then some other so this is the purpose of this book I know this sounds like a bunch of rambling s*** but this is what I was dealt with. As I sleep at night I hear them plead for my house paid for the help of the police but no one helped them I couldn't help them I was dressed as young as they were at the time she was harming them in horrific ways I can't even imagine.

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