The nameless boy and girl who just want to live

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Summer popcorn

The main motive of a ghost to stay on the earth round is Justice or too exposed one killer. As I remember the kids in real life and summertime they would come with bags of popcorn I hated the popcorn at the time because I couldn't do it or tasted it didn't have butter it annoyed me when I saw them with the popcorn it got to the point where I got in trouble for saying no to this I just accepted their popcorn and I told them they had to put butter on it their mother attacked them in the house when they left I could hear the screaming and the crushing of the mother as if the kids were dogs but the kids won't dogs they were human. I have heard many yelling and screaming from that house and I have I never slept a wink because I have heard such loud screaming it got to the point 100 the boy couldn't even go back and lose himself at night cuz he was so afraid of his mother she was watching a song movie and he attacked my father is psychotic rage it was when he was still alive and he was the first to die as since I slept I only heard about this one I woke up the next morning I freaked out I couldn't believe what horror would go on in this house.

I also remember you doing swearing from the mother and when I was playing video games with the boy as if he was a normal boy he was attacked by his mother in my room I couldn't believe what I was seeing my mother was about ready to call the police this was before the police was the enemy out of of ourour family.

As I remember every summer and every fall during school I want to see the police across Ottawa street find out monitor 15 Hertel Street as if there was something going on I didn't know I was only six either my summer memories this all started with popcorn this was before they were murdered. This woman who claimed to be more song was not arrested for her atrocities in against her adopted children.

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