The nameless boy and girl who just want to live

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My favorite ghost game

One of my favourite camping games with ghost in graveyard run run run it was fun to be the ghost. Okay I remember playing it sleepover birthday party it was mad fun but I didn't think of anything else and I just know I like lurking the dark. As I remember this game I'm sorry I think that these kids playing this game for real life all year round as they are ghosts and we all should run but we can't run from ghosts they're just reenacting there dabs on the rise this is why I am writing this story to tell you this morning that I know of they were morning Romania the same with me what the woman who adopted them didn't accept them for who they were when they grew up cuz she wanted them to be jihadist loser horrible thing raise your kids to be that hateful but they couldn't behavioral they were just humans and they sell for it why do I live Oracle luxury I must have to end this story but I am just telling you my take on this story as this if you have dreams who strangers do random people you do not know this is where they are ghosts who won hell's story want to be understood. Do not be afraid of them do not consider this a nightmare if you have these ghostly dreams will you see ghosts please do please do not fear sisters a gift that that Allah has given you in your DNA some of us can see can see ghosts so was can not everyone is the same. I will end this sad narration and opinion with this but if you know a kid who is being abused or brainwashed what do you think is being mistreated to contact the authorities without hesitation and if you're a cutie yourself tell your parents with someone you can trust to call that is all I have to say tell their storyif you can.

-the end-

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