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Cat And Mouse

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You moved states to get away from your ex.... But what happens when he finds you again?

Horror / Thriller
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You are waiting on your friend to show up when your phone starts ringing.

You pick it up and see it's from an unknown caller so you put the phone back down and look back at the t.v.

It won't stop ringing though, you finally pick it back up and answer it.

"What is it?" You say into the phone.

You are met with the story of Jack and Jill playing into the phone, you go to hang up but you are met with an uncomfortable voice...

One you're all too familiar with...

Your ex's voice saying into the phone, "I'm baaack... Hahaha, you thought you could move states and me not find you? Silly mouse, the cat will always win. Speaking of winning, ready to play a game? I am currently 10 minutes away from where you are right now, which means you have 10 minutes to hide, and if you successfully hide within those 10 minutes, I will leave you alone for good... But if not, you'll be mine forever. Ready? The game starts now."

You start violently shaking while crying and you put your phone in your pocket.

No. He can't be back. Everything was going so well...

Your mind goes back to what he said...

Ten minutes. That's all I have, ten minutes.

You start fumbling around looking for a place to hide and finally you choose to hide in the dryer.

At least it's not under the bed or in a closet.

Your phone suddenly lights up with a text.

"I'm coming little mouse."

You start crying some more when you hear your back door being opened.

"Come here little mouse, no need to be afraid, this dear cat won't hurt you."

You put your hand over your mouth to stifle a sob.

"Sweet little mouse, so very frightened, won't you come out and play today?"

You hear footsteps stop right outside the dryer.

"Oh dear, little mouse has lost her tail... I shall return it to her."

You reach up and grab for your hair tie and realise it's gone.

Oh no.

He opens the dryer door and chuckles at your frightened form.

"Oh dear little mouse, you can't hide away."

He snatches you harshly out of the dryer and leads you towards the back door.

"Little mouse will come to my house so we can play all day."

You look up at him with tear filled eyes and manage to say, "Please, no."

"Oh dear, my little mouse still does not want to play, the little mouse wants to stay."

You're being shoved into his car when you see someone coming towards you from behind him so you back away the most you can, by then he gets hit with a crowbar.

Your friend rushes to you and asks if you are okay and in return you nod.

It's all over now. I can live in peace.

You hug her while she's calling 911.

"Thank you."

You walk over to him and say "Little mouse won."

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