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House Across The Street

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All my life I have been told the same thing about that house across the street. ••• Nobody is around me right now. Everyone left for a vacation. Everyone except me, that is. ••• Everyone for them to have a vacation trip.... You aren't supposed to go in that house... It's dangerous... What happens when you finally go in?

Horror / Thriller
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All my life I have been told the same thing about that house across the street.

"Don't go in that house."

"That house is dangerous don't go in it!"

"Something strange is happening in that house... Don't go anywhere near it!"

But looking at it now, I want nothing more than to walk inside and wonder around.

The house is gorgeous and practically looks new (except for the uncut grass).

It's the kind of house that anybody will love to own, especially me.

I've often dreamed about going inside the house, but everyone around me has held me back saying it had a curse and everyone that went inside it disappeared.

Nobody is around me right now.

Everyone left for a vacation.

Everyone except me, that is.

I am home alone and getting ready to go across the street to that house.

I'm sure there is no curse on it, it was probably just a story to tell to keep me away.

Can't you see I'm not staying away?

I'm finally done getting ready and now I'm headed out the door, and I'm locking it behind me.

I stand near the road behind a bush so the neighbors don't see me and make sure no cars are coming before I swiftly run across the street and to the house.

I try to run up the stairs of the house to get inside faster but end up falling and scraping my knee pretty bad.

"Ugh!" I pick myself back up and walk inside the house with my flashlight.

I walk around the house a bit before I look back at my knee and realise my knee is bleeding pretty bad so I head back up to the bathroom I saw in here.

I sit my flashlight on the corner of the sink and turn the water.

I undress so I can clean it better and step into the tub and sit down.

As I'm cleaning my knee I constantly feel something tickle me all over my back but I ignore it thinking it is a bug.

Once I'm done cleaning my knee I try stamding up to get dressed again so I can leave to go back home but something grabs my hips and shoves me back down.

I start to panic realising I wasn't the only one here so I try over repeatedly to stand up out of the tub but the hands on my hips get rougher everytime it shoves me down.

I go to try once more but another hand goes across my mouth.

My eyes go wide when I see the hand is grey and I try screaming but I get shoved under my own tub water....

The last I remember is my flashlight falling off the sink and turning the room dark.

I've been in this house for 3 years since then...

I am nobody, I am just a mere soul stuck in this cursed house.

My advice to you?


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