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Best Friends

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The color of a person's blood tells the depth of their sins... The darker your sin is the darker your blood is... But what happens when Ciara finds out her best friend Colton's blood is the darkest of them all? *Sorry if the cover sucks, I tried my best to make it fit* *I know this was fast paced like my other short ones but I was challenged to write only around 500 words*

Horror / Thriller
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He was my best friend, how come I've never noticed?

After three years of knowing him I've never knew that he held such a dark secret.

I always told him everything.

How come he was hiding this?

I look at the boy in front of me on the ground bleeding with dark eyes.

He's been around me for three years and never told me his blood was black.

Not just any kind of black...

It's a darker black than I've ever seen.

What have you done Colton?

What bad things have you done to make your blood so dark?

I take one last look at him and run home.

It doesn't take long for him to be at my bedroom door though, begging me to let him in.

Should I?

What if he tries something all because I know his secret now?

"Ciara please just let me in, I promise I'll explain everything and I won't hurt you, you mean the world to me."

Should I?

He hasn't hurt me in three years even though he could... Is he telling the truth? Do I really mean a lot to him?

I sigh and get up off my bed to unlock and open the door.

He practically runs into my arms causing me to let out a sharp squeal sending him back to stand near my door way.

"I'm sorry, I was just happy you decided to hear me out... I know you are kinda frightened right now."

"Kinda? That's putting it lightly! Your blood is black for crying out loud!"

"I know, I can explain, I promise I can explain."

I take a step towards him, "Well explain Colton! Why would your blood be straight black and why would you not tell me even through the three years of me knowing you?"

His head droops to the floor and he says, "I'm sorry Ciara, I really am, I-"

"Pick up your head when your talking to me! And don't try lying either!"

He picks up his head and I see tears running down his face, "I'm sorry Ciara, I did it all for you."

"Oh whatever! I told you not to lie! Gosh! And to think I liked you!"

"You... What? You like me? Well... This is your fault then... Haha... You never told me.. I killed all of those people and tortured them because they wanted to ask you out... They wanted to ask my best friend out... The girl I've liked since before I met her... You could have changed everything if you would have told me... "

"What nonsense are you talking? You know what? Leave! Leave and don't ever come back!"

And with that he left my room and no one has ever saw him again.

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