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To most people, dreams are created inside one's head. Merely one's imagination while they sleep. A nightmare being the more satanic imagination one's mind creates. But almost all can agree that dreams and nightmares are just one's imagination. Nothing more than a mere image. However, 13 year old Elijah disagrees after being haunted over and over again from the creature within his nightmares. Little by little, it takes a piece of his life, leaving him more and more alone. Desperate to find out why he's being tortured, he searches to find answers. As he begins to uncover the mysteries, things start to go downhill. Will Elijah end the beast's attempts to break apart his life, or will he be left with nothing at all?

Horror / Thriller
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The night sky hovered above the trees in the forest, and the owls hooted among the silent void. The fog reached its cold fingers through the abyss of dim light brought by the moon. It was the dead of winter and all the leaves were on the ground left to rot. Hurrying through the forest, was a man of his late 40's carrying a lantern. His warm breath hit the cold air making it glow as he continued to run. He stopped to catch his breath and he put his head in the palm of his hand. He shook his head and moaned.

"This cannot be happening. Why her lord." he trembled to himself.

Foot steps began to creak through the forest and the man yanked his head up, his face turning pale. He began to run through the forest and the cold air hit his face as he ran. The creature behind him growled as it edged closer and closer to the man. Never did he look back to see what the horrid creature looks like, but kept running in hopes the creature might give up on him. The man stumbled as the ground beneath him collapsed and sent him falling in what seemed like a bottomless pit. He hit the cold ground on his back and he felt too weak to get up. He refused to let the creature follow him down the pit and kill him, so he forced himself up. As he lifted his back off the ground, sharp pains shot through his back and he sucked in air through gritted teeth. As he slowly stood up, he looked up to see if the creature was still there, but to his luck it wasn't.

"Oh thank the mighty lord for my life." the man said to himself.

He looked around where he fell to see if he could find his lantern, but it was shattered and unlit. He grabbed the broken lantern to see if maybe he could still use the inside of the lantern without the glass, but it didn't work. Next to where the man hit the ground was a branch, and he went over to it and grabbed it. He ripped a piece of his shirt off and wrapped it around the branch. He then grabbed a flask from inside his jacket pocket and poured it all over the shirt piece, then taking a drink himself. He put his flask away and grabbed a lighter in his other pocket and lit the newly made torch. It burst into flames and it lit a small area around him just enough for him to make his way through the cave. He saw a tunnel to the right of him and he started to walk towards it. The tunnel lit as he walked through the cave, but there was a creepy feel that absorbed him the more the man walked through the cave.

He reached a small intersection where one tunnel led to the left, and the other to the right. Without much thinking, he took a left and walked down the cave where there was an even creepier vibe coming down the tunnel. The man kept his focus on his determination to get out of the cave than on the creepy vibe, but the feel was making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. He heard something roll towards him as he walked down the cave and it stopped at his feet. The man wanted to scream and run away, for it was the head of his wife that the creature had taken. Her pale face frozen on a scream and her eyes glued open. He covered his mouth and tears ran down his face like a river. He took a deep breath and passed his dead wife's head and continued to walk down the cave, still crying from the disturbing thing he had saw. Now more than ever, he wanted to not only get out of the cave, but kill the creature that took the love of his life away. Anger and despair raged inside him and he wiped the tears off his face with his free hand and clenched his fist. He walked faster through the cave and he found another left and right intersection. He took a right this time and walked down the tunnel with his heart beating extremely fast.

He continued to walk and walk until he saw out of the corner of his eye the small light of dawn. He jolted his head to where he saw the light, and it was a tunnel leading to the outside. The man got outside and breathed in the fresh cold air. He looked around to see he was still in the forest, but the creature wasn't in sight. He wanted to hunt it down and rip its head off so it could feel the pain of what it did to his wife. His blood began to boil and he started to walk through the woods.

"Hey! Wanna kill someone? Why don't you kill me!" he yelled in the forest to grab its attention.

He heard twigs snap around him and leaves crunching. His heart rate grew faster from both fear and excitement. He grabbed a knife from the inside of his boot and prepared himself to fight the creature. The noises stopped.

"Scared huh? Well you should be!" he screamed at the end to make sure it hears him.

The noises from before began once more and the man prepared himself to fight. The noises however only grew louder, and it seemed like there was more than one creature. The man's excitement grew less and less as the noises grew louder and closer. Soon, he looked around and he saw that he was surrounded by at least ten creatures staring down at him. One by one, they started to edge towards him, and he backed himself into a tree. All the creatures snarling at the man and he looked at them with intense fear. The creatures reached their long black hands at the man. He shook as he held his knife. He got enough courage to throw the knife at one of the creatures where it hit it in the eye. The creature let out an ear piercing screech and stumbled backwards. The other creatures looked at him with intense fury, and ran at him. The man closed his eyes and all fear welled up to his throat as the creatures grabbed him.

"Aaaaaaah!" the child screamed in his bed.
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