In the Mind

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Author's Note

To All Who Has Read

I would like to give a major thank you to all who has read this novel. It is my first ever completed novel, and it makes me very happy that there are people who have read this.

As you know from the ending, there will be a part 2.

That book is out now, although it is in progress, and is named ‘In the Mind Part 2’. If you enjoyed this book, be sure to check out the second part.

Again, I would love to give you all a thank you, you all are the best!



If you are curious, I got my inspiration to write this book after my brother started a horror novella of his own, and I thoroughly enjoy the psychological elements of a horror book/movie/etc.

Character Inspirations/Bases:

Elijah Schmidt:

Elijah was mainly based off of myself, to give it a more easier personality to write, and because I wanted at least one character to kind of relate to me in a way. I didn’t originally intend on making him and I so alike, but it turned out that way, so I thought I would stick with it.

Noah Hoffmiere:

I got the inspiration to make Noah based off of a game character. I made him goofy and happy (at first) based off of a character from Doki Doki Literature Club named Sayori, who always had a bubbly personality, and I thought it would give a better contrast to Elijah who wasn’t bubbly… all

Natsuki Hirata:

Natsuki I based off of my imagination. I did however get the inspiration for the name based off of Doki Doki Literature Club, however I didn’t want to copy everything. Much like I did with Noah. Still giving contrast. Her personality I made from both my imagination, and I wanted to give some personality traits from people I know. I put all those components together and I created Natsuki.

Damion Schmidt:

Damion was a character where I knew exactly how I wanted to make him. I wanted him to be the superior, popular, average jerk kid, while also having a bit of a sad backstory which gave him his personality. I also based him off of someone I know, and I put those components together to like Natsuki and I created Damion.

Liam Brown:

Liam was more of a side character, kind of there only in the beginning, but I wanted him to be hot headed, and think he’s the best…..he’s not. More or less your average bully, but having more of a controlling, hot headed personality.

Dylan McBride:

Dylan was also a side character, but I wanted him to have a personality that made him scared of Liam, but also want to go against him. A defiant follower I guess I would call it. He was made a character more to give the book more detail, and add more to the story instead of just creating Liam, since that would be boring and unrealistic. There’s always a group. Hence I made Dylan and David.

David Smith:

David (like Dylan) was a side character that was a true follower. He wasn’t very defiant, except when the majority is switching sides, he’ll jump to the majority side too. Example: Dylan was against Liam, same with Elijah and Noah, hence he went for against Liam. However when Dylan went back with Liam, he jumped to Liam’s side. I made him like this to give more detail and difference in the characters.

Natalie Schmidt:

Natalie I made to be kind of your average cliché mom, while also giving her a comforting, sad personality. I didn’t go into much detail with her, being Elijah was only dreaming and didn’t pay attention to Natalie’s personality in his dreams, however she was based off of a single mother trying to help her broken kid.

About the Author:

Alina (Ali) Afton: Is a 13 year old girl who started writing at the age of 7 years old, while writing short stories for school. A passion began, and she started writing other stories, eventually scrapping them and never finishing a book. ‘In the Mind’ was the very first novel that Ali had ever finished, and the accomplishment brought a lot of happiness to her life. She plans on continuing to write through her adult hood, and plans to publish every book she finishes.

Other Books:

In the Mind Part 2 (In Progress)

Dark and Evil Poetry (In Progress)

Again, I thank you all for taking the time to read this novel, and I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this book!

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