In the Mind

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Chapter 2: It's Real

Elijah walked out of the school even more exhausted than he felt in the beginning of the day. It was a Thursday, and Elijah dreaded the next day coming. He heard that Liam got suspended for the rest of the week, and since Dylan and David were only there because of Liam, they got off with a warning. Elijah started to sweat, knowing in the back of his mind Liam's already planning his revenge on him and Noah.

"So. You have a plan on how we're gonna go against Liam and his gang?" Noah happily walked towards Elijah, looking at him with curiosity.

"No. I thought that we'd just think of it on our way home." Elijah said then tripping on the sidewalk and almost falling forward.

"Well would you look at that? The fuck that got me suspended tripped on air." Liam said from behind Elijah and Noah.

"Are you just hiding in the bushes or something? Because you legit popped out of nowhere." Noah asked with sass, turning to face Liam. He stood up straight to look more intimidating.

"No. I only live in your nightmares. Isn't that right Elishit?" Liam tilted his head at Elijah who was standing behind Noah.

"Why would you be in my nightmares? Nightmares are scary, unlike you." Elijah pointed out, causing Liam to get mad. He squinted his eyes and stared intensely at Elijah. He then let out a psychotic smile that sent chills down Elijah's spine.

"After what I do to you, I will be." Liam said charging at Elijah. He toppled him over and Liam raised a fist, prepared to hit him when Noah kicked him in the side of his head.

"Fuck!" Liam yelled as he toppled off of Elijah and held his head. He quickly jumped up and went to fight Noah, when the vice principle screamed at him.

"Liam Miller!" she ran at Liam then pulled him by the ear.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" she snapped through gritted teeth.

"They're assholes mom!" he yelled, his ear being cut through by the vice principle's long fingernails.

"Mom?" Noah asked whispering into Elijah's ear.

"I guess so." Elijah shrugged then he stopped. Both Noah and Elijah turned to look at each other. Noah let out a mischievous smile.

"We have dirt on him." Elijah said to Noah who's eyes widened in excitement.

"He can't mess with us now!" Noah exclaimed, almost jumping in the air.

"Even if he does, we have the fact he's the vice principle's son. No one's gonna think of him as highly." Elijah said then smiling along with Noah.

"Best. Day. Ever." Noah said in spaces. The evil smile that spread across Noah's face represented his excitement.

"Okay! Okay!" Liam yelled at his mom who let his ear go. Liam held his ear while looking away from Elijah and Noah.

"Sorry..." Liam whispered looking down. His eyes focused on his feet from embarrassment.

"Louder Liam." the older women said tapping her foot on the ground resembling her impatience.

"Sorry! There. Happy?" Liam yelled, spreading his arms out then dropping them to his sides.

"Car now." his mom pointed to a silver Toyota Corolla. Liam rolled his eyes and stomped to the car, aggressively slamming the passenger door.

"Well Liam may not be sorry, but I am. He never listens to me or respects me so hopefully he'll respect his father enough to understand beating people up isn't a good thing. Especially kids younger than him." the vice principle said to Elijah and Noah.

"It's fine. He does this all the time it's not like it's anything new." Elijah said nervously putting his hands in his pockets.

"Now you boys stay out of trouble okay?" she pointed at Elijah and Noah, causing Elijah to think of an old Grandmother.

"Okay." the two of them said in sync.

"Well at least we don't have to deal with Liam anymore." Noah said skipping down the sidewalk from the joy of what they saw at the school.

"Yeah." Elijah said with his hands in his hoodie's pockets, walking along side of Noah.

"Wait........what the hell?" Noah asked. He was no longer skipping and was turned around facing an alleyway.

"What?" Elijah stopped and turned his head in Noah's direction to see what he could've seen.

" thought I saw something." Noah said slowly turning back around like he didn't really believe what he was saying. His face was paler than usual and his eyes not as bright with happiness, but dark with fear.

"Well if it makes you feel any better I thought I saw something earlier too." Elijah said to Noah, who turned his feared gaze towards Elijah.

"Oh yeah. In the school?" Noah asked.

"Yeah." Elijah nodded.

"What did you see?" Noah asked adjusting his glasses. His skin a little less pale.

"Well........kinda what I saw in my dream." Elijah said quietly then second guessing himself once he said it aloud. It made him want to claw his eyes out, but he knew he saw something in the corner of his eye.

"What did it look like?" Noah asked interested.

"It was black and tall...and it's skin was so thin it was almost see through...and it had no eye lids just....eyes that stare at you without closing." Elijah said looking down. The world was slightly spinning the more he thought about the creature. He looked up and met Noah's large eyes, which went from saucers to planets. His skin was covered with goosebumps and he was even more pale than before.

"What?" Elijah asked with a little fear in his voice. Goosebumps began to appear all over his body.

"......well....that's kinda what I just saw. It ran into that alleyway was staring at me while it ran. It's head completely to the side. Is that what you're having nightmares about?" Noah trembled in fear. His skin so white, Elijah felt the need to wear sunglasses.

"Uh...yeah." Elijah said looking down again. The world was spinning even more and he felt the urge to throw up. He put his hands on his knees and started to breath from his mouth.

"Are you okay?" Noah asked walking closer to him.

"Yeah....I'm fine." Elijah said shaking his head a bit and raising it. "Let's just go."

"Okay." Noah shakily said walking with Elijah down the sidewalk.

Noah got to the street of his house, and slowly part ways with Elijah. He was still dizzy and felt sick, but he continued to walk home. He spaced out and thought of what happened to Noah earlier. "You see. I'm not insane. These dreams are more than just nightmares. They're real. Noah's seeing that thing too." Elijah thought to himself. He reached his house and opened the door with his key.

"Mom? You home yet?" Elijah yelled across the house and his voice echoed.

"I guess not." he said to himself.

He went into his room and set all his stuff on the floor and laid on his bed. He didn't have the energy to think or to move. He closed his eyes and everything was black.

"Henry!" a women's voice echoed across a small field. She started to run through the field and towards a man in his late 40's who's name was Henry.

"I'm right here Miranda." Henry said to the women who kissed him on the lips.

"You're always running off into the fields without telling me." the women named Miranda said tilting her head and pouted.

"I only come here for the beauty of the land. It's quite perfect during the sunset like this moment." he said sitting down bringing Miranda with him. She laid her head on his shoulder and Henry moved his hand through her hair over and over again.

"You're right. It is beautiful." Miranda said to Henry who closed her eyes and let the setting sun hit her eyelids.

"It quite is." Henry said who sighed and closed his eyes.

"Aaaaaaaah!" Miranda screamed as Henry felt her head slide off his shoulder in a matter of seconds.

"Miranda!" Henry yelled seeing her being dragged by some animal thing into the forest.

"Miranda!" he yelled again chasing after her. The animal thing began to run with his lover and Henry used every ounce of strength he had to chase after her.

"Henry!" Miranda screamed over and over. The creature dragged her further into the woods causing her voice to become more faint.

"I will find you!" Henry yelled running though the forest trying to find Miranda. He could no longer hear her voice calling his name. Only the crunching of leaves and sticks beneath his feet.

"Miranda!" he called out to her. He stopped and stood on the cold ground. Sticks began to snap and leaves began to crunch behind him.

"Miranda?" he asked and turned around. He saw the animal thing staring at him with big open eyes. It's head turned completely to the side and it's black body blended in with the darkening sky.

"What are you?" Henry asked slowly stepping back and the creature started to run after him. Henry turned around and ran as fast as his fatigued legs could carry him.

"Shit!" Elijah jolted up on his bed. His head was pounding and his heart was beating a mile a minute.

"God, for the second time in a row now." he said to himself as he slowly got up.

He was still uneasy from the dream he had just then. Sweat pored off his face and he was a little shaky. He sighed and went downstairs to find his mom on the phone.

".....what do you mean by that?.........okay...........what?.........." his mom said on the phone. She was walking around in the kitchen making dinner.

"Oh to you later........bye." she said and hung up. It took her a couple minutes to realize Elijah was in the kitchen.

"Oh hi honey! I saw you were taking a nap and didn't want to bother you. Sleep good?" she asked with melody.

"No." Elijah said flatly. He rubbed his right eye with the palm of his hand and moved his gaze towards his busy mom.

"More nightmares?" she asked with a slight sigh.

"Yeah." Elijah said grabbing a glass of water.

"Like I said this morning. They'll be gone soon." his mom walked over to him and patted him on the shoulder.

"What time is it?" Elijah asked looking around for his phone.

"Um..." she started grabbing her phone from her pocket. "7:43" She said putting her phone back in her pocket.

"Okay." he said sitting down at the kitchen table. He saw his phone was on the table and grabbed it. He turned it on and saw that Noah called him three times and texted him eight times. Confused, Elijah went to his messaging app and saw all the texts.

4:09 p.m

Missed call from NoahDaMan

NoahDaMan: Hey man! I just saw liam get into another fight outside my house!

NoahDaMan: He looks really mad. Like hes gonna explode lmao XD.

4:36 p.m

NoahDaMan: Theres a whole crowd outside now!

NoahDaMan: Dude u should so be here rn I mean srsly!

5:14 p.m

NoahDaMan: Omg dude liam just got jumped and is knocked out. His face is so bloody man.

NoahDaMan: He looks dead........its quite scary....

6:44 p.m

Missed call from NoahDaMan

Missed call from NoahDaMan

NoahDaMan: Look, liam was just taken to the hospital and my mom said that we had to go to be there for him, but hes in a coma

NoahDaMan: His face is so messed up he looks like mashed potatoes like...its creepy

"Holy shit." Elijah said to himself reading the texts.

"Language Elijah." his mom said cutting up some peppers.

"You know that kid Liam who's always a prick to me?" Elijah said with impatience in his voice.

"Yeah?" his mom said without paying much attention.

"Well he got beat up and is in a coma now." Elijah said looking at his phone. He didn't like Liam, but he also felt bad that he was in a coma.

"Oh my god! Are you serious?" She asked turning around to Elijah.

"Yeah according to Noah. He said it happened like right outside his house." Elijah said looking up.

"I feel bad for him." his mom said finishing up dinner and putting the food on plates.

"He was jerk to me, but I feel bad for him too." Elijah said truthfully. His mom set the plates on the table and they began eating.

They finished eating and Elijah went upstairs to talk to Noah who called him twice during dinner. He went into his room and sat on his bed while calling Noah.

"Finally!" Noah almost screamed in the phone.

"I was eating dinner." Elijah said staring at his Star Wars poster.

"Look, I have to talk to you about something. It's serious." Noah said with a tone of fear in his voice. Elijah seemed confused.

"What's up?"

"When I told you that Liam got jumped in the street, I kinda lied." Noah said with even more fear in his voice.

"What!" Elijah almost yelled into the phone.

"Okay. I was doing my homework when I heard Liam bitching about whatever and I at first ignored it. Then I heard him yell 'What was that!' and I walked over to the window and I saw him twirling around trying to find whatever he saw....and came and it......" Noah stuttered through the last part.

"What Noah! What did it do?" Elijah asked with impatience in his voice. He knew he sounded harsh, but he needed to know. His anticipation caused his heart to pound extremely fast.

" came to him from nowhere and.....bit his face off. He was screaming and that thing kept clawing at his face and body...and I......I was terrified so I grabbed my mom and told her the story I originally told you and when we got was gone." Noah said. His voice trembled as he said it.

"First, it comes to us and doesn't do anything, and now it just ripped apart Liam? What the hell does it want." Elijah asked keeping his voice from quivering in fear.

"I don't know and also don't want to know." Noah said with his voice sounding even more scared.

"Okay. I'll see you tomorrow and we'll figure out what we're gonna do." Elijah said trying to calm Noah down even though he was terrified himself.

"Yeah...okay." Noah said with a little ease in his voice.

"Bye man."

"See ya." Noah replied and hung up.

"What does it want. What!" Elijah thought to himself. He was scared and mad at the same time. He didn't like Liam, but he wasn't one to wish harm onto anyone. He may joke around here and there, but when it comes to someone getting hurt, he's usually the one helping people not get hurt. He wanted to find out what it wanted and how to stop it no matter what. He was desperate, so he lied down on his bed and to greet the monster himself, he forced himself to sleep.
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