In the Mind

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Chapter 8: You Know Why

Elijah opened his eyes, expecting the normal screams of his alarm or the sight of his poster littered walls. To his surprise, he couldn't hear or see those. He was surrounded in a black abyss and everywhere he looked seemed endless. He felt his heart begin to pound, fear welling up inside off him. He slowly stood up, looking around at the endless void. He was standing on a black tile floor that reached as far as he could see. He didn't understand anything that was happening. "Is this a dream? Why am I here?" he questioned in his mind. He was afraid to speak, for the possibility that someone was there. Someone that would hurt him.....or his mom....or Natsuki. The thoughts caused his heart to pound even more. He was confused on where he was and why he was there.

"How?" a familiar voice said from behind Elijah. He quickly spun around and his heart stopped.

"Noah?" Elijah asked shakily. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Noah was dead, yet he's staring into his blue saucer eyes.
Elijah scanned his body, noticing things he hadn't seen before. He was wearing a thin denim jacket with a dark blue hood. He had baggy dark blue jeans accompanied with a lime green shirt beneath the jacket. He had a thick dark red and bruised ring around his neck from when he hung himself.

"How are you here?" Noah asked with no life in his voice. It was as if his bubbly spirit had been ripped from him and he was left with a cold empty shell.

"I don't know.....this is a dream right?" Elijah asked. His mind spun with confusion on what was going on. "This has to be a dream......right?" Elijah thought to himself. Noah stared deeply into Elijah's eyes. Noah's once lit eyes were dull and blank. The light in his hair became dark and dead. He looked like he just walked out of a grave.

"To you it may be, but to people like me....this is a prison. A prison for the dead." Noah bluntly said, his voice still ringing in coldness.

"A prison for the dead? What do you mean? Are you really here? Am I actually talking to you?" Elijah shot questions at Noah. He stood there with a blank expression and shook his head.

"If it weren't for you I'd still have a life. I wouldn't be in this hell." Noah said coldly, his pale eyes turning darker from what looked like anger. Elijah stood there confused. He had been blaming himself, but there was still a small part of him that had a little bit of hope it wasn't because of him. But after Noah saying that, that bit of hope had been torn out of him.

"Noah I know you're mad but-" Elijah started before Noah interrupted.

"You had to tell me about your stupid problems about that thing that keeps following you around hurting everyone you have contact with. You telling me that thing was hunting you caused it to go after me." Noah spat at Elijah who remained frozen in his place.

"Noah I'm sorry. I didn't know it'd kill you. I know I can't take that back and I'm suffering for it. Go ahead and punish me along with it. I deserve every last ounce of pain this world has to throw at me." Elijah said looking down. He felt the usual burning sensation start in the pit of his stomach. A lump in his throat grew as he said this. Guilt overpowered every other emotion he had in his mind.

"Of course. 'Oh I feel this. Oh I feel that'. You always bitch about your own issues and how you're feeling, yet you never ask about anyone else around you. Has it ever occurred to you that that 'happy and careless' personality was a lie?" Noah air quoted the 'happy and careless' part while coldly spatting at Elijah. He was shocked by what Noah said.
"He has been lying about his personality? Why? How long had he been doing it?......or was he always like this and I've been too caught up in my own life that I didn't even notice." Elijah thought to himself. Questions built up in his mind along with even more guilt.

"How?......Why?" Elijah stumbled on his words, the shock taking over his body."

"I lied because you were so caught up in your life I knew you wouldn't actually care enough to worry about me so I faked it. My whole life I've been lying for you. And then you forced me into your creature mess and caused me to be so paranoid that I killed myself. And it's all your fault." Noah said walking towards Elijah. He closed his eyes, refusing to look into Noah's empty eyes. "This isn't real. It's just a dream! This isn't real!" Elijah yelled in his mind.

"Get out of my head you son of a bitch!" Elijah yelled opening his eyes at Noah who opened his empty eyes wide and let out a sinister smile.
Elijah closed his eyes. He knew this wasn't Noah. Noah wasn't like this. Besides, it was a dream. A dream his mind was creating to dig deeper into his self pity and guilt. Elijah opened his eyes to find Noah had disappeared. Elijah spun around in search of the dark Noah. He felt a dark presence appear from behind him. Chills ran down his spine and he knew in the back of his mind what it was. Fear over welled him. He didn't want to turn around. He didn't want to see it. His mind screamed to stay in the spot he was and not turn around, but his body said otherwise. He slowly moved his body to look behind him. He faced it. The creature that had hurt and murdered so many people. Elijah stared deep into it's dead stare.

"What do you want with me? Why are you doing this? Why did you kill everyone else but me?" Elijah questioned the creature as it hunched to the side, it's neck craned to the side, staring deeply into Elijah's fear filled eyes. A dark smile spread across it's dark face. It slowly edged towards Elijah.

"Answer me." Elijah spat at the creature. His body shaking with fear and his mind spun. The creature came to a halt when it was only a couple inches away from Elijah. It slowly moved it's head downwards.

"You know why." it scratchily said. At that moment, Elijah jolted up in his bed.

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