Red Ryder And The Lycan

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Red Ryder was born on a cold stormy night but after her birth she was left on the steps of a church. But behind those doors are what made her grow into the world of hunting monsters

Horror / Action
Holly V.
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Chapter 1: Dead House Call

Ryder Jones is just an average twenty-two-year-old young woman that lives in a church and lives for the minister slaying creatures of the supernatural world. She was basically the cleanup crew for the house of God traveling the world dealing with all types of things that go bump in the night. She had just arrived at her destination as she had just gotten out of her rental car wearing her usual leather pants iron and silver bullet and claw proof corset top and her ministry robes with her armband telling everyone that she is a hunter. The band was red with a shield and medusae's head with a sword through it. She was walking up the old cobblestone pathway that leads through a fence up to the home that had once been home to a happy little family of four with a dog.

That is until they were all mauled to death by some bloodthirsty creature, and yes it had even gotten to the dog. Man’s best friend until the very end. Or so it says on the report she was given before being sent here. The news was given to the church’s grand high council that dealt with the supernatural. What they were told was that some type of creature was roaming the area, though there were some sightings of monsters in the area that just turned out to be just harmless creatures they weren't bothering anyone just kept to themselves, or killing anyone for that matter, until this one.

Ryder was an orphan so she didn’t really know the meaning of warming, loving family was so she kind of lucked out there. She was raised to be a fighter and a hunter of God slaying all evil that was put on her path or just for a coin, sounds like something from, the witcher. Ryder was just left outside on the church’s steps during a cold winter's night with a thin hospital blanket a diaper and a name tag with R.R.J on it. The name the priests gave her was Red Ryder Jones, why they ever gave her the name she has no idea but she did like the color, but she mostly went buy Ryder or Jones or Goldie for that matter with her golden eyes yeah something totally like witcher but it was all in the name of God. As she walked into the little ranch-style home that had seen life and happiness was now filled with death. As the smell of iron filled her nostrils once she stepped foot into the home's thresh hold she sensed that there was no life left in it but all there was is death. She could see the grim reapers that float around the home. The smell was worse than she had thought it would be. Rotten flesh had already filled the whole house. Walking through the living room the tv was left on to a horror movie.

It made her feel very uneasy as she walked to the kitchen only to find a torso laying on the kitchen's island. The woman's head was laying its side on a cutting board with her eyes and mouth wide open in a horrifying expression. This wasn't the work of just any supernatural creature, whatever it was it had some intelligence. Turning around she found the little girl, or what was left of her that is. Her head was hanging off the ceiling fan and the spinal cord was still connected but the rest of her body was missing. Ryder had never seen anything like this before, her nerves were now finally getting to her.

Covering her mouth she could just feel the bile traveling up her throat to her mouth spicy instant chicken ramen did not taste good coming back up. Nearly falling to her knees Ryder heard thuds of heavy footsteps walking right to the kitchen!

Fuck! Ryder cursed in her mind as she slides over to the island hiding behind it in a crouch. This isn't good at. Her mind was going a hundred miles an hour as she pulled out her twin pistols load with holy bullets. The church came up with a way for the hunters to reload their weapons without the pain of stopping, so they came up with these tattoos that are magic. They would go into the weapons that needed to be reloaded and if you have throwing knives they're never ending, Ryder has them on her lower back and thighs. The magi is able to go through the thickest of fabrics like leather and wool.

The swaying kitchen door opened with a chilling creaking as Ryder heard bare feet on the tile floor.

"Hmmm hungry," a voice with a low growl said as it approached the kitchen island. Since Ryder slid over behind it there was blood on the floor that hadn't yet fully dried so it masked her scent. But she didn't know how long for the time being, since it was mixed with hers the creature could soon pick up her scent. She still had a mouthful of vomit in her mouth, she could either spit it out or swallow it.

Both were bad ideas but she didn't have a lot of choices on the table, so she just swallowed. Just the taste alone made her want to vomit it again.

"Oh hello I didn't know I had a guest," a voice from Ryder's right said. Her eyes widened and a bead of sweat dripped from her brow down the side of her face.

"Son of a bitch!" Ryder yelled before firing off her guns unloading all twelve rounds. But the person wasn't there. Not even a bullet hole-riddled corpse was anywhere in sight. What the fuck kind of enemy was she dealing with?

The growling was right above her, as she looked up it was a man wearing tattered pants, probably well in his mid-twenties his claws sunk well into the ceiling halfway to his second set of knuckles looking down at her like she was his next meal.

"That was very rude, I just got here looking for cover and you shoot at me!" He yelled before jumping off the ceiling at her. Rolling out of the way Ryder dodged the guy's pounce his claws were deep in the tile of the kitchen floor.

"What the fuck...?" Ryder said softly as she tried not to let a trembling voice but failed to do so.

With a grin that could even make an ice run through her veins he picked up a chunk of the floor and threw it with lighting speed not even at her fastest could she have dodged it. When part of the floor crashed against her head she felt like her skull was cracked open like an egg. Dropping her guns she felt everything around her blur as she saw the guy stand above her naked before it just all went black

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