The Dark Street

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Chapter II

Sweet Dreams

And now for the rest of the day, I was lost in the thought of that dreadful accident that happened today. I turned on T.V and the first channel that came on the screen was a news channel which was telling about some kids getting kidnapped, which just made me turn it off just then. I played some games but still, that place and all that had happened today were coming in front of me, again and again.

I sometimes thought that they came to my house too and I saw them but, it was just happening because I was scared a lot from that accident.

In the evening my mom and dad came back home from the temple and office. I ate dinner and slept at nearly 12 O’clock. Everything was going pretty normal, apart from me constantly thinking about that accident.

My mom had brought some prasad from the temple and I thought that eating prasad from the temple might give me the strength to just forget about all that and it actually did too, but for only some time, because after that those thoughts started coming back again into my head.

I didn’t tell my parents about anything that had happened to me today. I’ve seen in movies that when someone tries to tell other people that he saw a ghost, or anything related to that then no one really believes him and takes him to be crazy or something.

I don’t know why, but whenever I see something happening in a movie I just think that that’s what happens in real life because it makes perfect sense. I mean, if it never happens in the real world then why will you ever even add it in a movie.


The next morning, I got up from my bed. It was at 9 am. My room was pretty normal, as I remember it. I went to the kitchen and saw that my mom was cooking something.

I went inside the kitchen and saw that my mom was making suji toasts. She was looking down the whole time, she didn’t even look at me when I entered the kitchen, she just kept looking at the toasts she was making.

I said, “Good morning!”

But she still wasn’t looking at me and kept doing, what she was doing, like ignoring me on purpose. It had never happened before.

I thought that perhaps she got angry for something I don’t remember right now, but I might remember it eventually, so I went upstairs. I wanted to walk on our roof. It was something I used to do (still do). Just walk on the roof.

We don’t really have any parks nearby and I don’t like to walk on roads with cars and pollution and honking everywhere with dust entering in my eyes all the time, I don’t like it, so the roof is the only option left for me.

I went upstairs and our roof isn’t actually just a simple roof. It’s a room on half of the roof and then there is another roof on top of that room. The main roof is just used for drying clothes now. However, the roof on top of that room is actually the one that I prefer because it’s always completely empty without any obstacle to cut my way and that’s one of the main reason why I prefer it over our main roof because it’s completely empty so I have more space to walk on that roof in comparison to our main roof, even though the main one is bigger. So whenever I say roof, I don’t mean our main roof but the one above that room, on that roof.

Anyway, I went to the roof and because I had just woken up I wasn’t really able to see anything clearly, plus I was looking down the whole time, at the stairs and was thinking about what happened yesterday.

I reached the rooftop. I heard some cars honking and some people going to work (they were talking very loudly).

I was walking in a circle on that roof and by the time I completed one circle of it I suddenly felt that something was not right, I felt it in my gut.

I looked up and...the sky was dark (not like night but like evening). I rubbed my eyes and tried to focus on the sky to see clearly what it was and they weren’t black clouds, it was really evening in the sky.

Now if it would’ve happened on a normal day then I would have just went downstairs to double-check what time it was. But. It happened just the day after I encountered that street and not just that but I was still thinking about all that had happened just yesterday.

When I saw it my heart stopped. I went into a sudden state of panic.

I ran to the room beneath this roof, locked the door and then started walking back and forth across the room trying to understand what is really happening right now. I did not know why I was walking at a time like this! My mom ignoring me. Encountering that supernatural place yesterday and my mind was going all crazy.

Then suddenly somebody started knocking on the door. But it wasn’t a normal knock, instead, it was a loud and angry knock. Like someone’s about to just break the door and enter this room.

That room is on the roof so the window and the door both are towards the roof and a balcony on the other side of that room.

I tried to peek from the closed window, who it was and when I saw it, my eyes widened and I was both shocked and terrified at the same time.

It was that lady from that supernatural place!!!

(The one who was crying in front of her house.)

I leaned back and sat on the bed placed on the left side of that room (when you look at the door) and just as I sat down, another knock started coming from that same door.

I got up again to see who it is this time and this time IT WAS MY MOM!!!

Now I was really losing it. All these things happening to me one by one and not even without a break. They just kept happening, one after another, and each time worse than before.

My mom on the door was completely black, like those people on that line of division of that supernatural world and the normal world. She still didn’t have any expressions on her face and was constantly beating the door ruthlessly. The other lady, however, had a smiling face which was even scarier. She wasn’t beating the door ruthlessly she was only knocking the door gently, but with rhythm.



At this moment I did not know what to do. Everything was only becoming worse than before. I couldn’t even think of anything to escape all this and what could I think anyway. There seemed no way out.

All ways seemed to go nowhere. I was trapped inside this room. There was nothing I could do now than to die from a supernatural lady I met yesterday and my own beloved mom.

I wasn’t even ready to die actually, I was in an absolute state of panic and was hoping for a fortune for someone to get me out of all this, I was trying to think about any escaping route to get out of here. But, there wasn’t any. No one came to save me from them.

And what happened next was a completely unexpected surprise. Something I could never even imagine would happen. It was the end.

The door broke!

Both of them came in. But hopefully, when that door broke I was at the other side of that room.

The door fell down and somehow both of them were just standing, where they were standing before. They looked down at the door, then they looked at me and I was looking at them for a few seconds.

I was frozen and didn’t move, not even breath for those few seconds.

But then they started to come running for me across that room.

In that state of panic in which I was, there was no way that I would let them have me even if I die otherwise and remember when I said that there was no way out of this. Actually there was one and I chose it. I never thought I will do this but, there wasn’t any other choice so...

I jumped off the balcony.

They didn’t even try to catch me they just stopped at the edge of that balcony.

I was falling down and for some reason, time seemed to stop. I was able to observe everything around me, think about things, even do things while I knew it myself that all of this was happening in just a matter of a few seconds.

When I was falling my face was towards the ground and I was constantly looking at the ground I didn’t even tried to protect my face and just excepted that I’m going to die today, but just when I was about to hit the ground I got up from this dream and was sitting on my bed. I took a long breath and was just trying to forget everything when I turned right to take the glass of water placed beside me on the table.

But when I turned I found that that dark street lady was standing beside me and was looking at me and just looking at her made me SCREAM and just as I screamed I got up again on my bed and this time, I looked everywhere around me even beneath my bed but there was no one. Everything was back to normal. I don’t think if I should even say that.

I took a long breath. Drank the water, for real this time (I didn’t really want to drink the water after experiencing what had just happened right now, but I was so thirsty and my throat was all dried up so I had to).

Suddenly my mom entered the room and said, “Morning”

She had a plate in her hand which had some suji toasts on it.

I got scared on seeing the suji toasts.

But this time she was smiling and talking, asking me why I wasn’t saying good morning back and why is it 12’O clock on my face.

Now what was I supposed to answer her, I was just waiting for something worse to happen. She sat in front of me and asked me to eat the toasts.

I was in a confused state because just a minute ago she was ready to kill me, but then, I thought about it and knew that it was in my dream and not in reality, so I thought that perhaps my mom still is my own mom and is unaffected by the influence of that supernatural place I encountered yesterday.

I decided to take it only as a bad dream and that my mom still is my mom and not some monster of that supernatural place.

Although it was so late still I said good morning to my mom.

My mom got surprised and asked is everything okay.

Because not only just I said good morning too late but also my face was all scared and I was in a continuous deep thought whether to believe her or not. Actually anyone would’ve asked that after seeing the kid who is always so cheering, sitting in his bed with a sad face thinking about something.

I replied, “yes, everything’s fine.”

“OK, then eat these toasts I made for you.”

and she started eating them while handing me one.

I said, “I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.”

“OK, then brush your teeth I’ll keep yours in the kitchen. OK?”


Then she left my room and I was left alone in my room once again. The glass of water was still in my hand so I drank all of it and just as I placed the glass back on that table, the bulb of my room started flickering.

It was going on and off constantly. It was a LED bulb. I thought that an LED bulb will never flicker but here I was, with this LED bulb flickering and scaring me at the most horrifying time it could.

Now I was scared. But, for some reason instead of thinking about anything or something, I just ran to the switch and pressed the switch for few seconds and the bulb got fixed.

It had never happened before but still, I acted subconsciously. I too don’t know how I did that in a time when everything was happening so strange.

Or perhaps seeing that my mom is alright gave me some power or hope that none of that is real. Whatever it was, it was good. Because since all of this has started this was the first time when I took an action without being afraid of what’s happening. Even though it was just a bulb flickering...

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