The Dark Street

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Chapter IV

Movie Time

After the bath, I went to my room and tried to solve the puzzles I got from that strange experience I just had today.

Because all those things were happening so sudden and shocking, I forgot the fact that I thought that I was dead at first.

I took a deep breath, inhale...exhale.

I was now happy a bit, that I was actually alive and I can finally spend the summer vacations that I so longed waited for.

I went to my study table and took out my diary, that I never really used...

I thought that I will write everything in it, that happened today and before. All the strange things that have been happening with me. But, after one full page, I got tired and bored and I left it on the part when I first entered that street.

Then I went downstairs to see what my parents were up to in my holidays. Also, I was very hungry too, and now I knew that I will get suji toasts for breakfast, and that made me even more hungry.

I could not wait to eat them, especially when my mom had just made pudina chutney yesterday.

I went downstairs to the kitchen, grabbed that plate, which had suji toasts in it and went to my parent’s room.

They in their room my mom was sitting on the bed while my dad was sitting on the chair near the huge window we had. It wasn’t a balcony or something. But, was a very big glass window.

Both were sipping tea with those toasts. Talking about something and then stopped when I came. They were probably just talking about the normal stuff, that people talk about usually.

I did thought how come they are still eating them (those toasts) while I spent this much time in the bathroom. But, I didn’t said anything related to that.

Instead, I asked them, “so what’s the plan for today?”

My dad said, “what plan?”

“You know, it’s my summer vacation now so...”

“oh, so you wanna go somewhere”


“where? To your village? Or your relative's home? Which one?”

“not the village, or the relatives. I don’t like going like that. I just want to go out for one single day only.”

“Actually I too wanted to go out today. let’s go for a movie.”

“yes! OK”

my dad now asked my mom, who was reading a magazine and that’s why I didn’t said anything in between.

He asked, “so what movie do you want to watch?”

“I can watch any movie.” my mom said

Then my dad said, “OK, then get ready. We will go to watch a movie today.”

“Yay!” I said

I was so happy to hear this. I quickly at my toasts and got ready.

After about one hour we were all ready to go. We sat in the car, the car started and we were now going to the mall to watch a movie.

The only thing I was thinking about now was the movie, and I was very happy too to hear that we finally were going to watch a movie. It had passed a whole month since I had watched any movie.

But then, something happened. While we were still near our house I looked from the side mirror, and I saw our house. But, on the window of my room was standing that lady. I quickly looked somewhere else.

But I had seen her now. All the happiness from my face fainted away. All those things that I saw before were coming to my head now.

She was trying to tell me that I was her son in my previous life. I just couldn’t digest it.

But still, I kept thinking about it the whole way.

When we reached there my mom asked me why am I sad even though we came to watch a movie, but I just didn’t told her anything. I thought that it will be weird to tell her this and she will take me to be making things up, that there’s a spirit of a lady who’s trying to tell me that I was her son in my previous life.

So I just kept it to myself, for now. I thought that I will tell her at the right time.

We then went inside the mall. It was a really nice mall. Even though I was still very sad and was thinking about that woman and everything that happened with me just some minutes before. I felt a bit better in the mall.

I could smell corn, throughout the whole mall.

We first went to buy tickets. We had 15 minutes before the movie would start.

In those 15 minutes, my parents bought some clothes for me. Then we went to the movie place.

Inside that cinema, we went to our screen. While we were going to our screen, I saw a person with a complete black uniform entering the staff room. I didn’t really notice it that much, even though I could see other people there with a different colour of uniform and I knew that the real uniform was orange. But I thought that perhaps they are in higher post or some senior.

We went to our screen and sat in our seats. My mom was sitting on my left, while my dad was sitting on my right.

They were playing advertisements right now so I started looking around and I saw that that person I saw before in black uniform was standing on the left edge of that screen and another person who too was in the same uniform was standing on the right edge of the screen.

They were helping people to reach their seats.

I was watching them, then suddenly one of them looked at me, I looked away.

The strange thing was that even though it was pretty dark in this theatre, they were still wearing black glasses.

I heard people sitting behind me talking about that, that those people are wearing black glasses even though it’s already dark in here. They were actually making fun of them and were laughing at them.

But for me it was scary because I was already scared by that lady. Things were happening with me since morning and I don’t even now why are they happening with me. I haven’t done anything. It’s not my fault if I was her son in my previous life. She’s dead. I have a new life now, new parents, and new everything. I don’t need to be haunted by my previous life mother, even if she loves me a lot. Her son has died. I’m not her son. I’m my mom’s son. Why is she scaring me with all these things? If she really loves me then she should make sure that I don’t get hurt. But instead, she is haunting me by herself. How can she be my mom? I don’t believe it.

I was looking at the ground while thinking all this and then suddenly a hand came to rest on my shoulder. It was my dad’s.

He said, “The movie has already started. What are you thinking?”

I looked at the screen and the movie was already playing. The intro was playing currently. I said, “nothing, It’s just intro.”

“you look sad instead. What is it?”


“you sure?”

“Yeah. I’m fine.”

Because I was both in the middle and a child, so I was given the popcorn bucket.

I started eating them now one by one. Taking one out and then tossing it in my mouth. I didn’t really knew how to toss them in my mouth so I did it so close to my mouth that my hand almost in my mouth. So in a way, it wasn’t tossing at all, but I liked it that way.

I was drinking a lot of cold drink.

Some minutes have passed now and I was so lost in the movie that I didn’t realize that it was time for the interval.

Suddenly, the screen went black. The lights weren’t on. I thought that it was the interval time and now lights will turn on, but they didn’t. I tried to see around me but it was so dark that all I could see was just darkness.

Everywhere was pitch black now. During the movie I could see things around me because of the light coming from the screen but, now, because even that screen was turned off, I couldn’t see anything. Literally anything.

I turned and tried to see why the projector wasn’t working. But, it was so dark and I couldn’t see anything. That room where they operate the projector was completely empty. I couldn’t see anyone there so I just turned around again towards the screen.

And there she was. On the screen. She was just, staring at me.

That look was the most terrifying. Not just that she was already so scary but also that she was this big now. She was on the entire screen. Just staring at me.

She wasn’t looking as if she was being projected that big there. Instead, it looked as if she was literally present there.

She was up to her chest on that screen, Kind of like a passport size photo.

She was looking at me and then she smiled showing her yellow teeth. They weren’t completely yellow like a shade of yellow but were like rust. The yellow stain looked as if it was leaking through the gaps between and above her teeth.

She was still completely black on the screen but everything around her was white.

She looked just as she did on the front gate of that school. That black, aura type cloud thing around her. That black dress and that white face, which was the only reason it was still visible even though she had that black aura around her. Now when she was this big I noticed that her face wasn’t actually, naturally that white but instead, it had some sort of white make up on it. I would rather call it white dust instead of make up, because it was completely white where it was and she had some sort of linings on her forehead because of that dust.

Now because everything around her was white I could really see things around me, because of the light falling from the screen to everywhere else.

Even though she was looking at me and I was so scared, I just, had to look at my parents, and I did. I looked at them and they were sleeping. I was just so confused like, how can someone even sleep in a situation like this. There is a supernatural lady on the big screen while all the lights are turned off and they are sleeping.

I just forgot about that lady for a second, just by looking at my parents sleeping at a time like this. How can they be sleeping right now while I’m literally dying right here.

Then my eye went on the person sitting on the last seat in our row. He was the only other person after my dad in the whole row. Most of the seats were empty.

I looked at him and he too was sleeping on his seat. Then I looked at the back and front seats and I saw that literally everyone in that theatre was sleeping right now.

Then she spoke…

She said, “Rohit, my child. Come to mommy.”

My body just froze. I did not knew what to do. Then I don’t know how but I screamed back at her, “I’M NOT YOUR CHILD. YOUR SON IS DEAD. I’M NOT HIM, I HAVE MY OWN PARENTS WITH ME.”

Her smile disappeared. Her face turned very angry.

Just looking at her face then, made me so scared that I thought that she might come out of the screen and eat me at that very instance.

She screamed back at me, “YOU’RE MY SON, AND I’M TAKING YOU WITH ME.”


I had closed my eyes when I said that and suddenly, I felt my dad trying to wake me up. He was calling my name very loudly and was asking me what’s wrong.

I opened my eyes and saw that the lights were now turned on while the screen was turned off completely. Not even the ads were playing on it like the usual and… the worst of all, everyone in the whole theatre was looking at me. Trying to understand what is happening here and why is this random kid screaming in the middle of this movie.

Then I looked at my dad and he asked me as calmly as he can, about what’s wrong, why was I screaming?

I said nothing. I just looked at my dad’s and my mom’s faces then kept looking down, the rest of the time. I just didn’t knew what to say. I was still so scared and I don’t why but these things always happen so suddenly without even a warning or something and then ends with a shock.

Plus, the other thing going around my head was, let’s just say that I told them that I saw, that suddenly in the middle of the movie the lights turned off and the screen turned off and then it was pitch black everywhere and I couldn’t see anything and that you and everyone else in this theatre were sleeping and then suddenly a supernatural lady appears, who thinks that I’m her child, who in fact is now dead for ages and she now wants me to come with her in the heaven? and came here to take me with her and that’s why I was screaming ‘no’ in order to refuse her (gasps a long breadth).

And then everybody else in the theatre would just think that “oh! so this kid is just crazy, that’s why he did that. They shouldn’t take them here to watch the movie in this condition, just like they say this for babies...”

Then my mom said, “Alright, alright everything will be fine. let’s come outside, we’ve already caused everyone a lot of trouble. let’s go, come.”

I looked up to see my mom who too was looking at me with a frowned face.

I then moved to go outside, when I saw that the staff people too were standing on the stairs beside us. Trying to guess what’s wrong with me. They were asking my dad about what’s wrong and my dad said,

“nothing’s wrong, everything’s fine. We’ll see outside what happened. Leave us a way to go out”

“yes sir, come from this way”

I was looking down the whole time while we were going out and when we reached the stairs to go out I saw that those staff people were telling everyone that everything’s fine, nothing happened and I could hear that they resumed the movie after we went out of that place.

At that time, another thought that struck me was, where are those people in the black uniforms now?

Were they the ones behind everything that happened back there? Did they filled that theatre with some sort of sleeping gas, and then played the video of that lady to scare me.

But then, I started fighting myself over this topic, like if it was sleeping gas they released then why did it work on everyone else but me? And how did all these people just came from nowhere suddenly and didn’t even knew what had happened just a minute ago. But what if this wasn’t sleeping gas but some sort of medicine instead, mixed in their drinks perhaps. Yes! that’s it they did this on-

My dad pulled me by my shoulder and made me sit on the sofa near the place where they sold food for the theatre. My dad sat beside me while my mom was still standing in front of me.

He said, “are you okay? What happened back there? Why did you scream?”

Mom, “what happened to you? If something’s wrong then tell us. What is it?”

I was still looking down the whole time.

But then, I looked at them and I said in a very deep and serious voice to make them sure that I wasn’t kidding, “I saw a ghost.”

My mom covered her mouth with her hands in shock. My dad was confused and was eager to know more about it.

“Is that someone you know?” my dad asked

“no, I don’t know her.”

I said, “I first saw her yesterday when I was coming back home on my bicycle. There was this traffic jam so I took that street for a short cut but there wasn’t any other way to get out to the other side, so I kept going forward and that’s where I found it.”

My mom said, “OK, don’t worry. You’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, nothing bad will happen. Don’t worry. It’s good that you told us the truth.”

Now, I personally think that I’m very grateful to get parents like these who believe on these types of supernatural stuff, because I’ve seen in movies that literally every time when any person tries to tell other people that he saw a ghost, then no one actually believes them until they see it for themselves. And that was one of the main reasons why I did not wanted to tell anyone else about it. Because it hurts more when you try to tell other people about what’s happening to you and they just think that you are lying to get attention and stuff than to just not tell anyone about anything.

But they actually believed!

I first expected to get a harsh reply for them like you must be dreaming or just simply mistaken. But, their reply was completely unexpected to me.

My mom said, “Oh my god. Why didn’t you told us about it? What if anything would’ve happened to you, before we even got to knew about it? What would have happened to us then!”

“I thought that you won’t believe me”

My dad said, “don’t worry. We will always believe you. So don’t hide anything from us next time okay?”


My mom said, “yeah, why will you even hide anything from us, we are your parents! We will always be by your side even if the whole world comes against you. Okay?”

“okay” and then I started crying and hugged my dad.

My dad hugged me too.

Then about after a minute we stood up and went out of that place towards our car in the parking area.

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