The Dark Street

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Chapter V

Some Old Relative

While we were sitting in the car, my dad sat on the driving seat but my mom, sat with me, on the passenger’s seat.

We were now going on a highway.

Even though I didn’t wanted to talk about anything because of the guilt I felt for not telling my parents anything about that incident. While they care this much for me and are always by my side. But still, I asked my dad, “Are we going home again?

“Yes, but only to drop your mom back home. You will come with me after that.”

I suddenly became scared about what was he going to do.

I asked, “where? Why? didn’t you believe me about that? I’m not lying really.”

“I know, you’re not lying. But we have to get rid of this ghost-thing.”

“really? How?”

“you’ll see”

I looked at my mom for an answer and she got the hint and said, “don’t worry he’s not taking you anywhere bad. You’ll be okay there.”

“I hope”


When we got home, my dad stopped the car, we got out of it.

I was the first to get out. I opened the door, got out and just the moment I got out, I saw her, I saw her on the window, staring at me.

Then my mom was getting out. I looked at her and gave her a way to get out. Then I again turned to look at that window. But, only for this time, she wasn’t there.

I looked at my mom and she asked me, “What happened? Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine”

I have seen her only for a second so I thought that this might only be a mistake by me. Also, I didn’t want them to panic about something which was only a mistake. But now I think that, I should’ve told my mom because they might do something about it then and perhaps that too might’ve not happened which happened later…

We left my mom in our house and then me and my dad went to that place in the car.


During the whole journey my dad didn’t say a single word but, when we reached there finally my dad said, “Reached here. Do you remember this place?”


My dad was smiling before but when I said no, his smile disappeared and he said, “You don’t remember this place. It’s your uncle’s house.”

“It is, really?”

“You didn’t even remember. He used to come to our house, and you too came here many times.”

“Don’t know. Perhaps I might’ve come here before.”

“Okay, let’s go inside. We are going without even a call.”

We came out of the car and I first looked around us. It was a place with so many trees around it. The house had so many trees around it, and the path we came from too, had so many trees around it.

It looked as if the place was cleaned just a few hours ago. There were so fewer leaves on the ground than, there should’ve been because of these many trees here.

It was a small wooden house, which actually was pretty strange for me as a child because I used to live in a city and living in a wooden house like this was only in movies or stories for me.

My dad parked the car in front of that house. It was literally in front of it. There was no garden in front of it and my dad parked the car in front of the entrance as if he had come to drop me here. I noticed that there was another door for entrance on the room on our left.

We went to the gate of that house. Then my dad knocked on the door. He had only knocked it two times and was going to knock it the third time when someone answered from inside that house.

It seemed as if the person was already waiting for us, even though my dad said that we were going in without a call.

He said that he was coming to open the gate but then, we heard him washing his dishes. And after around five minutes he came to open the door.

The door opened and in front of me was standing a person who was around my dad’s age perhaps. He was wiping his hands from a red coloured cloth with a check design, which after wiping his hands he hanged on his neck.

He smiled at seeing us and when I looked at my dad I saw that he was smiling too.

He said, “Oh! Come, come. You didn’t even called!”

Then I said, “Namaste uncle”

“Namaste, namaste. How are you?”

“I’m fine”

“Let’s go inside.” my dad said

“Yes, yes sure, come inside. Make yourself at home.”

We went inside. It was a very narrow path with doors for rooms at our sides. The first room came on our left but we went into the other room on our right. This room was connected to the kitchen which was ahead of us on that path. There was only a bed and two wooden chairs in that room.

We sat on the chairs while he sat down on the bed.

He asked, “So, what will you drink? Tea? Coffee? Or perhaps a cold drink?”

But, my dad stopping him said, “No, we aren’t here for the drinks. We actually came to get him a treatment from you.”

“Treatment? What happened to him?”

“He saw a ghost.”


“yes, and not just once but twice.”

I hadn’t told them about the bathroom incident yet. Although in my defense I can say that I didn’t got the chance to do so but still, I regret it. I should’ve told them everything about it.


“We’ll tell you later about everything but first, just cure him.”

“OK I’ll see what can be done about it.”

“Bring him to that room then.” And just when he said it, my dad’s phone started to ring, he picked it up.

We could hear him talking to his boss and that he was not happy about whatever his boss was talking about.

After the call he just said, “I have an important work in the office. I’ll be back in some time. Cure him, please. And call me when it’s done if I’m not here till then. OK?”

“Yeah, no problem, don’t worry I’ll call you.” my uncle said.

Then my dad asked me to take care of myself and that he’ll be back in a minute.

Then we went to the door with him, I said bye and then my uncle said that he will start in a minute, after doing his dishes. He brought me to that same room with one bed and two chairs.

He asked me if I would watch T.V or not. Now, at first it was very weird for me because I didn’t saw any T.V in that room. But then he pointed up on a wall and it was placed very high on the wall. It was nearly touching the ceiling. For some reason, he had one of those old T. TV’s, which are very bulky and heavy.

I took the remote, changed through some channels and I quickly understood that this is an old T.V for relatively old or just adult people, because it mostly had only news channels and not a single cartoon channel.

Now, I’m not that dumb to just watch any channel there was so I turned off the T.V and just waited for him to wash his dishes.

After the dishes he said that he had just washed a lot of pates and other utensils and now he needs to rest for some time. He made some tea and he gave me some too.

Around half or one hour was already wasted till now.

Just waiting for him all that time and seeing him just wasting time made me too, a bit lazy. I started feeling lazy, I didn’t want to go to that room with him now, and just wanted to sit on that bed all the time.

But then he said, “let’s do that. Come.”

I said OK and then we went to that room.

We got out of that room and then opened the gate for that other room. He went in first and then I did and I was really shocked to see the interior of that room. Even though that whole house looked like a small wooden cottage in the middle of nowhere. But, but this, was not just modern but was very fascinating too.

The first thing I saw on entering in that room was the very modern-looking and sleek designed bed in the middle. The bed was of blue colour, a dull sky blue colour. Beside that was a very nice-looking recliner which was of grey colour. And with the recliner there was a very small metal table, which had a pen and a note pad on it.

The whole room had a sap green colour on its walls. It was looking really good. A bit like hospital yes, but was totally unexpected in a small cottage like this. It’s like having a secret spy basement in your wooden cottage to undercover.

He smiled at me getting amazed at seeing this room.

He asked me to sit on that bed, and I did too. But, I was still looking at things in that room.

There was a very big glass window on my right. My legs were toward that gate which I saw an another entrance before. Perhaps that’s why I couldn’t see this window before, because this was on the other side.

There was even a window AC and the lights on the ceiling were LED, perhaps, I mean they were looking pretty fancy but they were covered by a sheet of translucent glass so I couldn’t really see it.

I noticed that this whole house was air-conditioned, and that’s why I didn’t felt any different when I first came into this room.

He said that I need to be as comfortable as I could.

Then he asked me about how did all this started.

I told him the same thing that yesterday I was going home but then I saw a traffic jam, etc etc.

he was listening with great interest. And that actually made me excited too and I told him the whole thing.

He was writing this all in his note pad. It was a medium-sized but very thick notepad.

Then after I told him everything, he said, “OK, now lie on this bed and close your eyes.”

I did the same. But then he started hypnotizing me.

He asked me to be relaxed and comfortable, then he counted till five, and then he snapped and I don’t know what happened after that.

I don’t know for how long was I sleeping after that or whatever he asked me or made me do. I don’t know, I just don’t remember. I was hypnotized.

But I do remember some parts of it. I remember him asking about what I encountered yesterday, then the next thing I remember is him asking me about that school incident and then I woke up.

But. When I woke up. I saw him FLOATING in the air!

He was floating as if someone was holding him from his neck. Both of his hands and legs were spread out in the air.

And the next thing I saw was that perhaps that someone wasn’t holding him from his neck, because he wasn’t gasping for any air but he do was floating up to the ceiling.

He was in the right corner in front of me just beside that door.

On seeing him like that I got up and sat on my bed immediately. I shouted uncle to him and asked what’s happening to you.

And just when I said that the person or whatever it was, slammed him to the wall behind him. I screamed. Now both of his hands were on the wall behind him but he was still in the corner.

Although he was struggling through with the thing that was doing that with him but he still managed to talk with me and he said,


And while he was saying that, I noticed that the pen which was placed on his small table, started floating in the air too and it started coming towards him slowly. And just when he was about to say that last and the most important thing, holy shit, that pen went through his neck with so much speed, that I saw it here this second and then through his neck the other, and blood everywhere. The blood was coming out of his neck constantly.

That scene was one of the most horrifying things I had seen yet. The pen just literally went through his neck. And the thing was that it didn’t stopped there but kept going through his neck several times, like a hundred times it was so fast and so sudden and was constantly happening.

Now I was at this point of being scared that, you know when you’re so scared that you can’t even scream on what’s happening. You just make a scared face, and you know that you’re scared and you do want to scream so hard but nothing comes out of your gut. It just feels so empty, and it also happens too quickly too.

That’s what was happening to me. I wanted to scream so hard because of what was happening but, nothing came out of my mouth. It was an empty scream. I made a face to scream and even opened my mouth but the only thing that made a sound was my breath, because it was so sudden and horrifying at the same time.

But that thing didn’t stopped there. The pen stopped I thought it was now over because my uncle was now dead but instead, the pen being dropped on the floor after stopping it started going through his chest and his gut several times again. And this time there was even more blood everywhere than before.

And for some reason, instead of the pen going through his chest from forward and backward, it was piercing him through sideways. I got the fact that the pen has to be very fast in order to pierce through his whole chest, especially from sideways. But it was making it even worse to watch.

And now I just couldn’t watch it anymore. This was too much for me. I got up from that bed and headed towards that gate to get out of this room where a floating pen is being pierced through my uncle’s chest. I just couldn’t bear it.

I ran for the gate and I noticed that when I started running for the gate, the pen seemed to stop going through my uncle.

I got scared of this, but instead of stopping and wondering what was happening, I thought it to be best to just keep running and getting out of this place as soon as possible. This sure was enough therapy session for today.

But. But. It is never this easy. And just as I should have expected. A not so normal experience.

When I opened the door I saw...nothing, literally nothing. It was just darkness everywhere, complete darkness. I can’t even say if something was even in front of me. It was just so dark that literally nothing was visible.

Seeing complete darkness in front of me, I thought that I might fall down from here and I was just gonna jump out of that door but I stopped myself mid-air after seeing nothing in front of me.

Then I turned back to get inside of the house again. But. When I turned back the house was gone, and now this side too was completely dark. I was shocked right now. Because I don’t know how but I suddenly just came to this nowhere, where I could see nothing and didn’t even knew if there was even something to see. I was standing on the door right now.

This time I tried to see if there was something. But I was just too afraid of falling down that I didn’t stepped forward from that door to check if there was any land in that darkness or not because my hand was coming empty every time I swung it in the air. So I just assumed that there wasn’t anything below me too.

Then I looked back again to see any change. Because it was happening every time I turned now. But, when I turned there was nothing new, it was still just that darkness. Then I looked down to see any place to set foot on. But, when I looked down I noticed that the gate that I was standing till now was missing. But the thing was that I was holding it with my hand this whole time so I would not fall down into that nothing.

After noticing that there was no gate beneath me I looked at my hand, because I could still feel that door in my hand. But when I looked at my hand I saw that there was a torch in my hand instead of any part of that door and I was standing on this dark nothing right now.

I couldn’t see anything below me even though I was standing on it.

I turned on that torch and now tried to look around me but the darkness seemed to only eat the light coming out of that torch. It was still dark and the torch wasn’t having any effect on it. I still couldn’t see anything. Not even the ground beneath me.

And at this time I noticed another thing. That I was actually able to see myself and that torch I was holding. I could even see the door before. But how? Everything else here is completely dark.

But then suddenly I heard something from my back and I turned to look back what it was and in front of me was standing that dark street, supernatural lady. I could see her too. But that wasn’t important right now. What was important, was that this was the worst it could’ve been.

Because now I was alone with her in the middle of nowhere. Where I could see nothing. And perhaps till now, she was just playing with me, but now she had come to kill me, because she had a knife in her hand and blood was dripping from its edge.

It was so strange that I could only see what she wanted me to see. While everything around me and her was pitch black, and I couldn’t even feel anything. Even the ground felt like it wasn’t there, but instead, I was floating above this black cloud of nothing.

But then she smiled and started approaching me in full speed. It was all happening in great speed, that I was completely frozen and couldn’t move a muscle.

I was constantly thinking in my mind that I should move right, get away from her, run away from her. But I was frozen completely and only my mind was working at that moment.

And have you ever experienced a very sudden accident happening with you? And all of your body would’ve frozen, you wouldn’t be able to move a muscle, but your mind, your mind will be working fine, pretty fast actually, and the time stops and even a fraction of a second feels like minutes. But still, you couldn’t do anything.

That was what I was feeling. My body froze, my mind was working, and the time, was lazily passing forward. And I thought that this was it. This is where it all ends. She really got me this time.

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