The Dark Street

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Chapter VI

A Hospital isn’t really a nice place

My eyes were wide, I was staring at her. The torch in my hand was turned on but it wasn’t working, it was on but the light didn’t seem to go anywhere.

Then she looked at me. I was terrified right now. But what she did next was just completely unexpected.

She started running towards me, with that knife in her hand.

I knew that she was coming to me, I knew that she will kill me and I could also see that she was coming at me incredibly fast. But still, my mind just froze.

I was watching her, running towards me, knife in one hand and she was coming so fast that it all happened in a fraction of a second. She was just an inch away from me when suddenly, someone pulled me on one side and I fell senseless.

When I woke up I saw that, I was sitting in my dad’s car with my dad. He was trying to wake me up. And when he woke me up he took a relaxing breath and said,

“Thank god you’re alive. I almost died worrying for you.”

I was feeling dizzy. I looked around and the car was standing in the middle of a road covered with trees on both sides. I asked him where are we. He said that we are away from that place and that, I do not need to worry about anything that had happened there. And just then I remembered all that. I jumped up quickly on my car seat beside my dad.

I was still scared, I asked him, “Where did that lady go? Did she killed me? What happened? Where is that uncle?”

“Calm down, calm down. Nothing happened, alright. You were standing on the road and a bull was going to hit you. I came just at the right moment and pulled you away from it. But then you fell senseless and I brought you to the car and drove away from there to here.” my dad said.

“And what about the uncle?” I asked.

He looked down first in pain and then said, “Yes, yes I saw that. He’s dead now.”

“He was suspended against the wall, then that pen went through his chest hundreds of time. I was so scared, so I ran out of that room and__” I was saying.

“I know, I know. I saw him dead in his house, and I know that it wasn’t you. You can’t do that. He was so brutally killed, I couldn’t even look at him. That seen was awful. But don’t worry, I have come now, we’ll try to do something about this thing. But, let’s go home first. Your mom would be worrying for you.” he said.

I didn’t said anything after that. He started the car, but it made more noise than it used to do before.

But then. Suddenly. My dad hit the car accelerator with his full force and the car went on with its full speed. I was pushed back to my seat.


I was just trying to recover from what had happened just a minute ago and now this.

But what he did next was even horrible. He turned his head toward me and was making very angry faces at me.

I was so scared at this moment because, first, he was driving as fast as this car could go and second, he wasn’t even looking at the road! Plus, was making angry faces at me like as if he was angry on me or perhaps something was controlling him.

Then he said, “You’re going to die soon. Stop resisting son, just come to me.”

“You’re not my mom! I’m not falling in your trap again. Just leave me alone, and get out of my dad.”


But, just as he said that he twisted the wheel completely left and the car went straight in the trees. I thought that she was doing it, she was going to kill me by crashing this car into trees. But, instead something unexpected happened I survived, but not in the most pleasing way.

Just when she (It was my dad but, now she was controlling my dad) turned the staring wheel completely towards left, I thought that we might crash into one of the trees and die. But instead, what happened was that this wasn’t a flat forest type place with trees that I expected it to be, it was a downhill and our car started going down with its full speed from between those trees. I was constantly screaming the whole time. I still thought that we might crash into one of the trees.

Till now I was so scared and surely knew that I’m going to die here. But even till now, it was being a normal car crash, but perhaps she didn’t like normal things even if they are just as scary as supper natural because just after three to five seconds of going down, the whole place lit on fire.

All the trees, grass and literally anything I could see, as far as I could see, everything was on fire around us. Then it started turning from a wildfire to a mountain of lava, all those burning trees tuned more and more fire every second, and in just a matter of few seconds, the whole mountain was now glowing red hot.

And now our way wasn’t covered with anything like trees or broken trunks of trees, but instead this hill turned into a never-ending hill of burning lava and we were sliding deep into it.

We were sliding from the sky of lava into the mouth of fire.

But strange enough that even though everything around me was lava and fire, the temperature around me was still normal and the fast wind that was coming on my face too was just a bit warm.

Now seeing that this place has turned into a clear and never-ending mountain of lava, I stopped screaming for once and tried to look outside the car. I took out my head from the window of that car and just when I tried to look at what was in front of us, we crashed into something.

Now I know, I saw that there was nothing ahead of us. It was just a clear never-ending mountain of fire. But we did crash into something. Perhaps she only changed what I was seeing and we were still falling in that hill with all those trees and then crashed into one after some time.


I opened my eyes and saw a white shining ceiling above my head. At first, I tried to guess where I was, but then I remembered what had happened just a minute ago. I tried to get up but found that I couldn’t.

My whole body was wrapped in bandages and there was an oxygen mask on my face I noticed just now. Then I looked around me and found that I was lying in a hospital bed.

Then I tried to look at the person on the bed beside mine and it was my father. On seeing him I wanted to get up from my bed once again but couldn’t.

Someone must have found our crashed car there and would’ve brought us here.

I was just trying to figure out what might have happened to us when suddenly the door of our hospital room opened and a nurse entered our room. She was wearing a nurse uniform so I thought that she was the nurse. She also had a metal tray in her hand, and she was constantly looking at that tray and nothing else.

When I saw her, I took a relaxing breath. At least there was someone who could tell me about what happened to us and how did we ended up here.

I said hello, but because of the mask on my face only a sound came from my mouth, but she heard it.

She was halfway across the room now and when I said hello to her she looked up from her tray to look at me. But. She had no pupils in her eyes! They were empty. They were completely white. My eyes just widened on seeing that and I got that it’s not a nurse, it’s that lady!

I tried to shout but I had a mask on my face and it wasn’t working. Plus I don’t think if she would even let anyone to come here and help us.

She kept coming toward the table between me and my dad’s bed. I couldn’t even turn my head. My whole body was in tight bandages and I couldn’t move a muscle.

She placed the tray on that metal table. I couldn’t really see what was on that tray but I could clearly see red blood on some metal things, perhaps they were scissors I thought.

After putting down that tray she removed her mask and OMG!

The part of her face which was covered by that mask was burned and not only that but it also looked pretty fresh, as if it was burned just a minute ago. It was so juicy and gross, a scene that might make you throw up the moment you see it.

But that wasn’t the scary part or the first thing I saw. Instead, the moment she took off that mask I saw that she had so big and pointed teeth coming out of her mouth. They were so big that they weren’t even fitting in her mouth properly. They were around a inch long. They looked like metal teeth, they were so sharp.

Her face was the most dreadful face I’ve ever seen. Then I noticed blood on her hands. My eyes were widened the whole time.

She looked at me and said, “I gave you long enough.”

Then she turned back toward that tray, picked something. I couldn’t see it when she was picking it but when she took out her hand up to her face I could see it clearly, it was a very big and sharp and scary looking knife with a lot of blood on it.

I was out of mind right now. I just couldn’t believe what was happening right now. Every other thing that was happening, was just not only shocking but was also a lot, lot scary.

She smiled looking at that knife.

Now, I wasn’t really that scared about dying, because a part of me too was thinking that perhaps dying was better than facing some horrible experience every few seconds. But. Then she-

She turned towards my dad. My heart stopped, I understood what she was about to do. I started screaming at her again, but it as having no effect on her. I could only whisper-shout, it had no effect on her.

And she did just as I expected, actually even worse than I expected.

Holding the knife by both of her hands, she held it above her head and, she inserted it in my dad’s chest with lightning speed.

My dad too was wrapped in bandages tightly but still because of the knife she inserted with that speed, he jumped up from his bed and there was blood everywhere.

But. She didn’t stopped there she kept inserting it in his chest several times, again and again. She was so ruthless. I couldn’t even bear that scene and had to close my eyes, I started crying. That was too much for a sixteen-year-old kid.

But then everything went silent.

No sound of her killing my dad was coming. I opened my eyes and saw that, she started cutting his body into small pieces. That just made me go crazy. I wanted to get up and hit her so badly and I even tried to, but these bandages, they weren’t even letting me move my head.

She took so much time to cut my dad and now she had made nearly thousands of small pieces of my dad’s dead body after killing him.

I was crying the whole time. There were so many tears on my eyes now that I couldn’t even see clearly. Everything was appearing blurry to me. It was the most horrible experience I encountered yet.

But then after making the whole room red and full of my dad’s dead body’s pieces she got up, turned towards me and came near my bed.

When she was standing just 1 inch away from my bed she said, “I told you to come to me, but you didn’t listen, and now look what have you made of your dad.”

I burst out into tears, she held the knife above her head once again and inserted it in me. I was blacked out and I don’t know what happened after that for a long period of time, but for me it just felt like a second.

I opened my eyes.

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