The Dark Street

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Chapter VII

The Escape to a New World

I opened my eyes. I was in the same hospital. I quickly got up. I was feeling dizzy at first. I was still sitting on the same bed and the same room.

Even my hands weren’t tied this time. I looked at my hands, they had no scars or wounds that I might worry about, they do were a bit dirty though.

Then I remembered something, and I looked at my dad’s bed. It was still completely red and soaked in blood. And that was the time when my eyes went to the floor between his and my bed and I saw that his blood was on the whole floor of that room. But I wasn’t really surprised by that blood on the whole floor, which was still liquid. I was actually searching for my dad’s body’s pieces. I looked for a minute but didn’t found any.

I looked at the stool between our beds, it still had that metal tray on it. But only this time, there was also a teddy behind that tray. It was half soaked in blood. It looked pretty old and it was missing an eye and a half of its smile. I got suspicious a bit.

But I didn’t mind that for too long and tried to get off from this bed.

I moved to the right side of the bed and found two slippers there. They weren’t mine. In fact, I was wearing shoes before. But for some reason, they were placed there as if I was wearing them before getting on this bed, they were also my size!

But anyway I wore them and got out of this small and horrible red room of death. They felt like they’ve been worn before by someone. I liked the red colour though.

There was another stool just ahead of this room, stacked by the wall. But it didn’t look like a patient’s stool but rather a small wooden table, perhaps it was there for decoration. Though that’s another thing that it looked more creepy now than any decoration.

I reached there and it had a small plant and a torch placed on it. I was pretty confused at first when I saw both of them because it looked as if they were there for me. As if somebody wanted me to take the torch. Because again, of course, everything around me was pitch black.

But I just dismissed all those thoughts for now and grabbed the torch. I looked around. I was in a corridor right now and there were many rooms here too. They had some doctor's names on them.

On my left, everything was completely dark, there were no lights there. I couldn’t see an inch in the dark, even with my torch!

I did tried a bit to look in the dark but then just stopped, and couldn’t anymore because a thought just struck my mind that maybe, she doesn’t want me to go there.

Then I looked at my right it was pretty dark too but at some distance, there was a fluorescent tube still working in the ceiling.

Moreover, the light from the room in which I was lying before was coming out here too, unlike the left way, this made me sure that I was right, and she did, did wanted me to take the right way.

And here I was walking on the path which that lady wanted me to. Oh boy, here we go.

It was a T-way there. I couldn’t really see much because the light was still too dim, but I could see that there was another stool there and two ways to go either left or right.

I was so scared. I am actually scared of the dark a lot and kept checking for any ghosts around me all the time.

There were around twenty steps remaining between me and that light, and I didn’t even think about anything and just ran for it.

I stopped on the stool. I pushed it pretty hard against the wall in order to stop myself. There was a photo on it and it fell from my push.

I looked at that photo and it was of a doctor perhaps. He was wearing a white coat, and this is a hospital. Also, there was some staff behind him. They were all smiling. That actually got me for a minute and I kept looking at it for a while.

The light from the tube was low but it was sufficient enough for me to look at that photo.

Both of my hands were still on either side of that stool. I stood up.

I looked at my right, it was a wash-room. I was disgusted, I don’t even know why, but then turned away and tried to see with my torch.

When I looked at my left, I saw that ahead of me was someplace that looked like the center of this hospital. I tried to look with my torch slowly walking towards it.

It was completely empty and dark. There was no one. All the receptions and medicine stores were open, but no one was here. There were also some waiting sofas.

In the middle, there was a big place for plants. Not like plants but rather like a micro park, which even had grass in it. And it had a marble boundary, 3-4 feet high and I was just looking at that, when my eyes went to the two front gates, ahead of these plants. And just when I saw it, I cared about nothing but getting out of this place and just ran for it.

But, just as I started running towards the gate suddenly, I heard a loud noise. It was a woman’s voice, and she was saying something.

My feet stopped at that noise. It all happened in a second, I just started running, I moved one footstep ahead and suddenly that voice shocked me and I jumped back. But then after understanding what had just happened, I stood there and tried to listen to it.

The voice was pretty distorted though. I didn’t really understood what she was saying at first but then the voice stopped, and suddenly it started coming from it again. But this time the words were clear enough for me to understand in the distortion.

“ grrrr grr...for your life boy grrrrrrrrrrrr run”

And just as she said ‘run’, suddenly a very loud “Thud” noise came from the front door. I looked there, and there was a black human figure standing on the front door!

The first thought that came to my mind was of those people from that dark street. But something was not right about these people. They were not standing they were always leaning from something.

There were two on the front door but as soon as they came to the door many others appeared all throughout that hospital.

Then suddenly I heard something on my left, It was another person, completely pitch black. I was pointing my torch on him and still, he was all black. And I was just looking at him when another one came forward just beside him and then those noises started coming from everywhere and I looked around that whole hospital and saw that they were all coming out from every corner and door.

Then I looked at the front door again. And now there were two of them! Although the front door was pretty wide, they were standing on either side of that door.

I needed to get out of here quickly but the chances looked pretty slim now. I couldn’t just run to the front gate because if I did then they will surely get me. And that’s one thing I pretty much needed to avoid.

I started looking around with my torch to find another way out like another door or something.

The moment I looked to my right I noticed two things.

First, that there indeed was another gate there, as this was the emergency gate and the other one was much smaller and for normal people.

And second, that I might have better chances of taking the emergency gate. As not only was that gate wider but also that the other smaller gate had nearly five people in front of it.

They weren’t looking at me though. They might not even know if I was standing here, and at that moment I realized that none of them were actually, none of them were looking at me. Not that I could see their eyes, even if they had any, they were completely pitch black. Most of their heads were turned away from me as if they were looking somewhere else. Even though I was looking at them with my torch. Even blind people can see up-to some percentage to at-least detect a bright light source in this much darkness. So it seems that they were blind.

But that was good news for me as I needed to get out of this place, without interacting with them.

I don’t know why but I was actually smiling now, looking at them. Even though I was in a possibly abandoned hospital at midnight with an army of some monsters of darkness.

I quietly took a step forward. Then looked around, nothing terrible happened, prefect. Then quietly and slowly I went towards that door.

I was now standing in front of those two creatures of darkness who were standing by the door. Even though they were blind, and nothing was happening even when I was examining them with my torch from this close.

I was still scared of them and definitely didn’t wanted to give them any chance to get me. And in fact, when you think about it, it actually looks like a perfect trap. Because they know that I will try to escape from here and that I will come near them and will go from between them and that’s! That’s when they will catch me.

So right now even though I was completely sure that they are blind and I can easily get out from here. I seriously didn’t want to be between those two people.

So I used a very dangerous trick. I bent down a bit, and then took a step as further as I could so that when I’ll get up I would’ve passed them.

And I did exactly that. But when I was in between those two and was moving forward suddenly the person on my right moved a bit. My heart sank in a second. I froze there. I was constantly looking at what he was doing and he, he suddenly out of nowhere started going forward.

He let go of the door and his back was bent so much. He looked like a zombie to me. I was using both of my hands to support me. I could see him from the soft light that was falling on him from my torch. I was so worried and started to get prepared for a rush if he does something.

But he just went a few steps forward and then stopped there. And he looked as if he was looking for something. I don’t really know because I couldn’t see anything on his body, it was all black. I could only see his arms, legs, and movement of the head.

Phew! Hopefully, I didn’t die yet. Alright, I quickly moved now before anything else might happen.

I was now out of the hospital just a foot away from those creatures, but now I was in confusion.

Everything in front of me was completely dark. The first thought that came to my mind was of that place from that relative’s house. I was already scared a lot by this place and now my happiness of escape was also taken by her, perfect. Oh! But wait, I was actually turning back to take a look at those creatures when the light from my torch went on the ground in front of me, and it was then when I understood that it wasn’t that supernatural dark place. It's just that there were no lights here, and everywhere was empty.

It took my eyes aa moment to adjust to this darkness. And then I could barely see that there was actually a road in some distance. And that was my way out of here.

I just needed to get to that road now. But then another thought that came to my mind was that walking on that road by foot might not be the best option especially when I can be killed by these creatures of darkness at any moment.

I stepped forward, there were some steps down. I was now standing on the path that connected this hospital to that road. I was just outside that hospital. I wanted to have some distance between me and those creatures first.

I looked around with my torch first before going to that road by foot and hopefully, there was an ambulance standing on my left. It wasn’t that far but wasn’t just standing there either.

I gave those creatures a look, and they were still there, where they were standing before.

Then suddenly a water droplet fell in my hair. I rubbed my hair with my hand and looked up. And just as I looked up it suddenly started raining heavily.

Just when the rain started those creatures suddenly started to make some noises I couldn’t really understand. But they didn’t moved from where they were so I didn’t mind them.

I quickly went towards that ambulance truck. But when I looked at it with my torch, I saw that it wasn’t actually an ambulance, it was just a normal truck that they use to deliver vegetables and other stuff with. It's just that it was painted white to look like an ambulance and had ambulance written on it. The hospital didn’t really had a real ambulance.

It might’ve looked weird in a normal hospital but in a place like this where there was literally nothing as far as you can see. I think that this was actually a smart move by the hospital if any of it still remained.

I stepped forward in the grass to get to the truck because that’s where it was. It wasn’t standing in the path to the road, of course, that would’ve blocked the hospital’s main entrance.

But as soon as I stepped there my feet suddenly started sinking in it. My heart sank. I thought that I was being pulled inside it by someone. I was just going to shout when suddenly it stopped.

And then I understood that it’s just deep mud.

I took a brief breath. And now my feet were in this mud.

I took my feet out rolled up my jeans and then took my slippers in my hand. Getting my hands dirty by mud was not a problem for me right now and so I stepped forward toward the truck.

Walking in the mud wasn’t easy, I had to walk really slowly and steadily. Rain kind of made it a bit hard to walk in this mud, but still the dirt from my hands and slippers were nearly cleaned by this rain.

When I reached the truck and opened its door, to my surprise the door made nearly no noise. I thought that it will considering the condition of the truck.

But anyway instead of thinking much about it I quickly sat in the truck, found that keys were already in their place. Somebody must’ve forgotten to take out the keys from it.

I turned the keys and a very loud noise came from the truck. It came for a minute but the truck didn't start it just made that noise. I turned those keys again they didn’t worked this time either. I stopped, took a relaxing breath and started thinking about what to do.

But just when I was thinking about that suddenly something fell on the top of this truck. I was shocked and looked back in surprise. I couldn’t see what it was, of course, it fell on the truck.

But I was scared and I quickly turned those keys again. The truck did made noise for a minute but then nothing happened. I was really scared and confused about what to do.

My breaths became short I was freaking out, there were constant sounds coming from that hospital. They were of those people, but this time that noise was louder than before. I could hear it clear and loud even on top of this heavy raining.

And then they came here. Those people one of them came near me and started hitting the door constantly. He was hitting it with both of his hands and behind him, I could see others coming near.

I had already locked the door. But when he started hitting it, it made me scared and I sat below the seat so that he couldn’t touch me by inserting his hand from the window. The window was opened.

I had closed my eyes when I sat down, but when I opened them I saw two wires ahead of me. They were open wires.

When I saw them I remembered that I once saw in a movie that the guy stole a truck by joining two wires below the steering wheel near the clutch and the brake.

I quickly moved forward and joined those wires and to my surprise, the truck actually started.

But the smile on my face disappeared as soon as it came. Those creatures of the dark tore open the door and now there was nothing between them and me and they started coming forward inside the truck.

If the truck wouldn’t have started then I might have bolted back and jumped out of this truck and run for my life. But oh no the truck has started and I knew that there was more hope in using the truck now instead of abandoning it.

I’m not gonna lie for a second it felt so wrong to me. But then I just had the most powerful adrenaline rush I ever had in my whole life and I kicked him in his face and he fell back in the mud pushing some other creatures back with him.

I thought about nothing else, changed the gear, and just hit accelerator completely all the way down.

The wheels rotated for a few seconds in the mud but then they suddenly gave a push to the truck and the truck jumped and was now running on the mud.

In a second it came out of the mud and was now on the path. But the path was very lean and this truck couldn't even stand there horizontally and I was afraid that it doesn’t end up in the mud of the other side because that would be a dead end.

So I twisted the steering wheel as much as I could and the truck came on two wheels and barely made it without falling onto the other side.

There was no stopping now. I looked at the hospital as a last glance and what I saw was that only some of those creatures ever came into the mud most of them were still inside the hospital probably.

And just when I was thinking that they might be in the hospital I looked at the top of that hospital and saw that dozens of those people were being thrown by something on my and then I heard many loud thuds and constant screaming type noises from those creatures.

My eyes were wide and my mouth was open. These people were anything but human because I saw one of them get up and come towards me after being thrown from the top.

I got out of there as quickly as possible swinging my head in disbelief all the time.

I was driving on that road at that time when my foot ached really hard. I looked at it and saw that that creature whom I kicked, not only stole my slipper but he also bit me!

It was black where he bit me and blood was coming out of it.

I noticed that I wasn’t wearing that slipper on my left foot either and that’s why I probably didn’t notice that. But it was hurting so much now.

I couldn’t even touch that wound because then it just hurt even more. I looked around the truck for something, I mean it was an ambulance it has to have something. But there was nothing.

It was still hurting but I decided to go with the pain for now.

And just when I looked forward to the road, I saw in a distance, that dark street lady. She was pretty far away but I could still tell that it was her.

My eyes jammed on her now and I forgot all the pain.

She wasn’t moving or doing anything. She was just standing there, staring at me constantly.

But only for this time I wasn’t really scared of her. I still had that adrenaline rush in my body. And if she was thinking that I would lose control of this truck because she was standing in front of me then she wrong.

There was no way that I was going to risk my life to save hers. She wasn’t even alive anymore.

And so I decided to run over her.

I was reaching her. I changed into higher gears and pressed the accelerator completely.

But then, she just smiled and walked over to the side. I was looking at her back while passing her. I looked back, she was just standing there. She wasn’t doing anything. She was just standing there.

My eyes were wide right now. There wasn’t much I could do right now.

When I looked forward I saw three old men sitting by the roadside. They were talking and smoking from a hooka. Two were sitting on a cot and the other third one was sitting on a bamboo stool.

I looked at them in disbelief for a brief period of time because they were the first normal people I saw in all this time. Oh, it felt like ages since I saw any human face.

They were also looking at me. They had a blank expression on their face but after seeing them I was smiling now.

Then I looked forward and just as I looked forward, I saw that my truck crashed into a tree and I was thrown out of the truck breaking the glass and before falling to the ground and blacking out the only thing that I saw, was an orange sun.

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