The Monsters within

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Have you ever felt like you where fighting something inside? Something dark something evil? ever wish you could just punish the people who where so cruel to you. ever have the urge to wish someone dead? Ever see a woman who couldn't be alone or one who enjoys being a tease or moves through men faster then the blink of an eye. Then maybe you can put yourself in the shoes of Sam. She is only 20 years old and is at war with this darkness within herself. Can the cops solve the mysterious deaths that have been happening for years? Who exactly is this Stan who has amazing powers but always seems to up to something. Read Sam's story and see if she can over come the monsters within or will she be consumed by the darkness of her own heart.

Horror / Mystery
M.J. Avis
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Chapter 1: Birthday Wish

Today is my birthday and I only have one wish. I want everything to be like it was 12 years ago. It is an impossible wish however as we can not change the past. 12 years ago everything was peaceful my parents where alive and the demons where quiet. 10 years ago on my birthday I was over come with the urge to kill. It is like a voice in my head was telling me to let go and kill all those people who hurt me.

I closed my eyes until the voice stopped. But what I saw when I opened my eyes scared me. I was sitting in the middle of the living room floor covered in blood. The bodies of my parents and younger brother lay all around me. With blood soaked hands I reach into my pocket and called 911. When the cops showed up they asked me a lot of questions I could not answer.

“What happened here?” The cop asked me.

“I do not know, I closed my eyes and when I opened them that is what I saw.” I replied

“You are telling me that you did not hear them scream or anything at all?” The cop asked looking at me like I had lost my mind.

“That is what happened. I know it sounds crazy but I am telling you the truth. I do not know what happened I had closed my eyes making my wish. When I opened my eyes everyone was dead all around me and I was covered in blood.” I said to the cop as tears streamed down my face. I did not dare speak of the voice I had heard in my head. I did not want to sound more crazy then I already did. I also did not want to tell him my wish had been for everyone who had ever been mean to me to die.

I finished out my school while living with my aunt and cousin. I had changed that day when I was covered in blood. I did not have to serve time in jail as they could not prove it was me. Even though they had no other suspects for the murders. I stayed to myself never really talking to anyone. I grew my hair out long and black. I wore mostly black baggy cloths trying to just hide and be unnoticed.

I would always over hear people talking about me. They would say things like there goes that strange girl, she never talks and always wears black creepy. Guys where the worst they would make bets with each other about what I looked like under my baggy cloths. I bet she has horrendous scars and that is why she is all covered up would be one. I bet she is hiding a smoking hot body under there I dare you to find out, was another. Or my personal favorite was I bet she is a freak in the sack.

Every night when I went to sleep I was afraid. Afraid of what I would wake up to as many times I was covered in blood and I did not know where it came from. I would go to work during the day, I worked as an editor in a publishing firm. The job made it easy to keep to myself and not have to say much. I hated my boss though he was a slime bag always calling me into his office for no reason. Every time I was in there he would eye me up and down like he was trying to guess what I looked like without my cloths on. When we had meetings with new writers he would sit next to me and start rubbing my leg under the table. I always hated meting new writers the most.

Some one found out today was my Birthday and told everyone at the office. So after work everyone got together at the steak house restaurant just down the block from the office. It was one of the few nice places to eat and have drinks close by for an impromptu party. I was dragged there by another editor I was not sure of his name as I tended to try and keep to myself and not get to know anyone. The boss was very drunk before we had even finished the meal. He was getting very drunk and bold, he was all over every female worker with ever drink he had. *SMACK* one of the other females had smacked him hard across the face as he had tried to shove his tongue down her throat. I think everyone in the restaurant heard the smack as it got very quiet for like a second.

All of a sudden I felt as if everyone’s eyes where on me. As I looked around I realized it was me he had tried to kiss and I had smacked him hard. When I looked around the room I saw shock and fear on everyone’s face. I looked back to where the boss should have been standing only he was on the floor in a pool of blood. I covered my mouth with my hands to keep from screaming. Its going to happen all over again.

“Sam what did you do?” I heard someone shout at me.

“I...I didn’t mean to” was all I could get out before the hot sting of tears began to fall.

“Some one call for an ambulance he is still breathing” another coworker had rushed over to check the man on the floor.

All I could do was sink to the floor. I pulled my knees to my chest and just cried.As I sat there the paramedics had shown up and loaded up the boss and rushed him to the hospital. We did not have cake and no one sang Happy Birthday most everyone started to leave shortly after the incident. Any one who stayed just looked at me in shock not knowing what to think. The same male coworker who had dragged me to this nightmare of a party picked me up off the floor.

“Where do you live? I am going to take you home” he had said quietly in my ear.

“I...I live...three blocks over from here” I stammered between sobs.

“Alright you can just nod or point when we get close” He said as he headed out of the steak house.

As I looked back over his shoulder at everyone who was left I saw them whispering to each other I can only guess the things they where saying. He cradled me in his arms in a bridal style. My tears began to stop and my ragged breathing had started to slow. When I felt better I asked him to put me down I felt fine enough to walk. As he put me down he grabbed my hand.

“I am not going to leave you alone right now. I do not think it is wise for you to be alone.” He said with a soft warm smile.

“Thank you for your help. I am sorry I do not know your name.” I said as I looked down feeling shy and ashamed.

“My name is Stan. I am not sure if everyone else truly saw what had happened. I know that he attacked you and all you did was defend yourself you have nothing to worry about.” He said still smiling and never letting go of my hand.

“I am afraid you do not fully understand the truth of the matter. I can not even fully explain it myself.” I said as I tried to free my hand from his.

As I figured out it was impossible to remove my hand from his I led the way to my apartment. As we walked in silence I could not help my mind wondering why he was being so nice. How is he not freaked out about what I had done? I am only 5’3” and have a small but athletic build to my body. Not like anyone could get a good idea of my 130 lbs or build of my body with the way I hide it. I still am not even sure how I could have knocked out the boss he had a good 100 lbs on me.

We reached my apartment building before I really noticed. As I reached for my keys to unlock the lobby door I heard a frightening sound. I stopped dead afraid to look around as I can never be sure any more if the sounds are only in my head. Stan had said nothing he let go of my hand but did not leave. I take the chance to look up at him when I look up he is just smiling. He is not a bad looking man he has chin length light brown hair, a nice jaw line with a faint beard. It looks as if he had only just shaved that morning he also had the most striking green eyes. His eyes where mesmerizing such a bight green they almost had an eerie glow about them.

“I am not going to try anything but I would like to stay the night to watch over you” He stated as he caught me staring at him. All I could do was nod in agreement not sure why I had agreed. We headed up to my apartment as I opened the door I blacked out.

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