Queer dream

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Well, here is a weird dream. one chapter basically. maybe i imagined it. a weird tale about someone i used to love and now i want him to get hurt. let's read this and find out what i did with him in this. she wants him to suffer but ends up suffering by herself.

Horror / Romance
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Chapter 1

i was in a car with the person i had crush on in sixth grade. we were all grown about seventeen. he was in the driver seat and i was in left seat in the back. i think we all friends were on a trip. all of them, except him and i, were gone to feed themselves or something.

he suddenly says out of freaking blue,
“why are you even on this trip?”
i responded passively,

“to pass time”
“ah! well, they dragged me here because only i knew how to drive”

“i know how to drive a car” (i don’t actually but my pa’s teaching me gears and stuff)
" you do? great! say, we go on a long drive then? we will take turns while driving”

“long drive? what about friends?” i asked amused.
“fuck friends. only you and i. it will be fun”

" okay, if you say so. ”
it was obviously like my dream come true. it was almost close to night. the sun was setting down and night was slowly messing with the color of the sky. we mostly talked about our friends and joked around. we would occasionally talk about songs and movies. i was showing him some shitty memes and he was laughing deliriously. i was laughing so hard too. it was most amazing time and it went by like a second. the next moment i remember he was shouting and the car was crashing on a stone. the car almost flew in the sky and then rolled down three or four times before becoming parallel upside down with the side of the road at the end of the valley. the night had already fallen. i don’t know out of nowhere the song of Billie Eilish ‘when the party’s over’ starts to play in awfully slow speed. it was maybe in my head. every word was awfully slow. i remember looking at stars. my eyes were half closed. it wasn’t clear what was happening. there were trees, damp ground, soil and road just at some distance. the night was rather indigo than black. my left eye was forcefully closed by something.

i fell asleep. it was hard keeping the eye open. i woke up after some time with shooting pain in my legs. it was hard to stay asleep. it was still night. the song resumes from the top again. my right eye opened in shock to see him in the driver seat crushed but his body cushioned by the air bag. his head was still crushed by the ground or maybe the roof of the car. my right eye again dilated to see myself. i was upside down. my legs were twisted to the wrong side. it was awful to be awake. it was not me i was concerned about but him. i tried to forced myself out but the window had shards of glass around it. i did it anyway. the shards dug in my back but i was out. it was bloody everywhere but i was out. i lay there but it was painful with the bits of glasses in my back.

i sensed something in my jeans. my phone. i took it out. it was almost broken but Samsung phones still works even though the display is broken. it was hard to move but my eyes fleeted to him and i opened Whats-app. it was hard to keep focus. i opened randomly and typed gibberish but close to what i wanted to say. there i saw was blood on my hands and it was dripping thick. help! he needs help! track my phone! just help him! i wanted to say. i had no energy left to read back what was written. my hands dropped down almost dead. i could still sit up. i crawled to him. with much much effort i took him out too. i opened my shirt as it was my first instinct and tore it to bits. i tried to wrap his wounds. his head, his hands, his torso, his legs, i don’t know but wherever i found blood, i wrapped it. soon i was out of bits of shirt. i lay down on the ground some feet apart from him. the shards went inside more and i groaned with pain.

when i was finally okay with that pain i remember whispering to him breathe, breathe, breathe until i finally fainted. i woke up again. the sky was spilling its color in meaningless manner. i saw him there again. i lay my hands on phone accidentally. i took it. the blood on my hands had dried. i called 911.
the woman spoke calmly,

“yes, how can i help you?”
i wanted to say a lot of things but only hisses came out. some clouds of blood. i could barely be awake. she waited patiently for me to answer.

“send an ambulance. ” that came as barely a whisper but she understood.
“we will right now. hang in there”

my hand dropped down dead again. i waited to faint again but i didn’t. i didn’t know how much time has passed. there was no help. no one came. not even a carnivore. our fleshes were rotting. he was not dead. his had a pulse which was getting weaker to find by second. i crawled my body out again. my hands were alright except for the scratches. i put a hand forward and dragged my body. i crawled till i was exhausted. i didn’t know if this was the right road. i just keep crawling leaving a bloody track behind. i thought i have to get the ambulance myself. i have to do it. i just have to. i went on crawling. yes, it was painful. yes, it was almost impossible to pull out another crawl but i would. i crawled for much time. my hands gave up. they won’t move. my legs gave up already and were acting as another animal feebly attached to me. my left eye was sending shooting pain in my brain. it was getting wet on my face and soon my entire face was wet.

i mercifully fainted. i heard ambulance in my deadly sleep. i knew it was not for me. no one will come to my help. i just lay there facing downwards to the ground. the song continued to play in the background awfully slow. after some time, i felt as if someone was lifting me up and cradling me in their arms. two persons, i could sense. not my friends, i thought and i knew this. then again i thought, who’s friends.

i woke up again. i did not remember anything or nothing was making sense. there were these two strangers standing by my bedside. it was hospital. they cured me and told me that i woke up after an year and was still recovering. they gave me a new name, a room in their house but on leash. they were newly married couple. the woman was pregnant. i was not supposed to leave their house until i pay them back. i was okay with it. i was okay with everything.

but...things went upside down, when i met him again healthy and happy.
i was still recovering. mostly i was unlike him. one thing, i don’t remember him but he do, maybe that’s why he came finding me.

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