The Doll

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The VonMurkin family was a godly, happy family, parents and three sets of twins. That was until the seventh, single birth, child was born. As an infant and toddler everyone loved Chrissie but soon after she started to talk, the children noticed something was "wrong". At six years of age, Chrissie insisted on sharing her room with her 15 year old sister. Then she brought home a Scary Perry doll. After that, everything went to hell very, very quickly. Could Elizabeth and her older sister, Catherine, save their family from the demonic doll? What would become of them if they couldn't?

Arrwyn Cliona Odalht
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The “day room” of the hospital was a huge open space with a carpet and several tables and chairs, and a sofa and chairs area around a television set up too high for any of us to reach it. I was, as usual, standing at the grated windows looking out at the lawns when my nurse attracted my attention.

“Elizabeth, we have a new patient on this ward, I’d like you to meet Mary.” She said and a little girl popped out from behind her … holding one of THEM.

I lost it. I tried to climb the grate over the window to get away from that horrid doll.

I’m not sure what happened next but I woke up tied to my bed under the heavy tarp they use for people who are so violent they can hurt themselves even in restraints. I just lay there quietly trying to breathe with that heavy tarp on my chest. That thing is really too heavy for someone as slight as me, it is very hard to breathe under it. Then Nurse McCarthy came in and let me out from under it.

The new doctor assigned to my case was young. Like right out of psychiatrist school young. But he also was different than the eraserheads who were old school at this nuthouse. He introduced himself to me by his first name, John, and shook my hand. Most of the doctors here seem to think that being crazy is contact contagious. This guy told them to take all my restraints off and let me sit across from him comfortably.

“So why did you freak out at Mary?”

“It wasn’t the kid it was the doll. Take that Scary Perry doll away from her … and burn the fucker.” I replied darkly.

“Your intake report says the cops said you were going on and on about a doll. Was it that kind of doll?”

“Yes. The doll comes in a box and on the box is a prayer and instructions on how to make the doll come alive. My little sister did the prayer and that damned doll is what killed every living thing in my house except Cathy and me.”

“You had a rather large family … seven children?”

“Yeah, but it’s not as bad as you might think at first. It was only four births. We have … had … three sets of twins.”

“And … Chrissie was the single birth and the last child?”

“Yeah and she got everything she asked for. I had to share my room with the bitch.”

“That’s not a very nice way to talk about your baby sister.”

“I’m telling it like it is. She was a selfish, manipulative bitch from the time she learned to talk.”

“I know you’ve probably told the whole story several times, but indulge me and tell me what happened in your own words.”

“You going to turn that damned camera off while I do?”

“No. I will be reviewing it later.”

“Suit yourself … don’t be surprised when the video feed blanks out. That fucking thing is still haunting me.”

“Language, Elizabeth.”

“Screw you. You said tell it like it happened, well you’ll have to put up with the swearing.”

“Please begin.”

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