The Doll

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Can I be a Demonologist?

Can I Be a Demonologist?

I’m not going to bore you with what happened for the next six months because it wasn’t much. Cat convinced me to take a six month lease on a little upstairs apartment over an unused garage from someone in the neighborhood on the opposite side of town from our old Victorian while I waited for answers from Father Bob about who to talk to about why the djinn couldn’t touch me. He contacted some folks in Rhode Island who had been on the show also but it was a while before I heard from them. They actually sent me to a First American Medicine person named Patrick “Many Thunders” Thomas who lived on the Oneida Reservation in Madison County, New York. They said they sent a letter to him and that I was to wait for a response from him and not to try to contact him first. So, for six months we waited. And waited.

Then, about four months after we moved into the apartment, I started having dreams. I asked Cat if she were dreaming as well and she said not really just having nightmares about what happened to our family. I suggested she go back to see Dr. Campbell and she did. My dreams weren’t nightmares about what happened, they were more like journeys through strange landscapes and with someone guiding my way but this person was behind me. I was keeping a journal of these odd dreams. I was putting off going to college for physical therapy until I knew if this Oneida person would work with me or not.

Exactly six months to the day that we walked the house for the last time, it sold. Amanda called me, excited, because they had gotten even more than three million dollars for the sale.

“Why would anyone pay more than the asking price for a house?” I was really puzzled.

“Who cares! They offered five million if they could close on the house quickly.” Amanda was excited.

“Something is fishy about this.” I said under my breath but she heard me.

“You really think so?” She asked, suddenly her voice went a little cold.

“Yeah I do and so do you Amanda. I can hear it in the change in your voice.”

“The sale was arranged through a lawyer and he gave me the willies.”

“Amanda … no sale. Period, end of story, whoever they are they can’t have my house!” I had such a strong feeling that letting this particular buyer take the house was inviting trouble I didn’t want.

“They already started the process.”

“Pull the house off the market. I’d rather let it rot than let it go to whomever this is. They want to try to raise the djinn or at least draw it back to the house. No! No sale!” and I hung up on her and collapsed into myself, shaking and rocking with tears streaming from my eyes. I’d never felt so frightened in my entire life. I honestly can’t say what I said, but I know it was a prayer and in a few seconds I felt like someone poured warm oil over me then covered me with a blanket right out of the dryer. The fear left and I felt serene.

“What … was that?” I said aloud.

“You needed to know I was here.” I heard, but did I hear it or was it only in my head?

“I am here, but I am not material, right now.”

“Who are you?” I asked aloud.

“Many Thunders. You will get my letter tomorrow.”

Then the feeling of the warm blanket cooled and I still felt calm and unafraid but I knew I was alone.

Cat came in from her physical therapy session, she was now taking them alone, she was driving again, and she stopped just inside the door.

“What the hell happened, Bess?”

I looked up at her and then ran to her and just held onto her for a while.

“Bess, you’re shaking like a leaf in the wind! What happened?” She held me closer and moved us to the couch where she threw a blanket over us and continued to hold me.

When I got control of myself again I told her about Amanda’s call and what happened with Many Thunders.

“Wow … that’s … you believe it really was him?” She asked softly.

“I don’t know what I believe right now but if I get a letter from him tomorrow we’ll know won’t we.”

We just sat there under the blanket holding to each other for another hour. Then we went about the rest of our day as if nothing had happened.

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