The Doll

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Now its Getting Really Active

Now it’s Getting Really Active

Nothing more happened for a while. I begged my father to let me take the last bedroom on the east side, which currently was a junk room. “Storage” Dad would say but it was filling up with stuff no one wanted any longer but Dad hadn’t thrown out yet. I even pleaded that I’d move all the junk to the attic by myself but some of it was heavy furniture and I couldn’t move it. He wouldn’t let me out of Chrissie’s room.

I rearranged my side of the room so that I couldn’t see that damned doll from my bed or my desk. Chrissie complained, of course, that I was “shutting her out” but for once my parents were on my side.

“Chrissie, darling, your sister needs to concentrate on her school work. Teenagers have so much more work to do than elementary students, I’m sure if you need help with your homework your sister would be there for you. She just needs to concentrate more on her work now.” Mom explained to Chrissie.

“She doesn’t love me, Momma. She’s told me so.”

“Now, now, Chrissie, you can’t take what she says when she’s angry to heart. Teenagers have a lot on their minds and little siblings are often a distraction from what they need to concentrate on. I’m sure Elizabeth loves you, she’s just stressed.”

“You can’t hide from him.” Chrissie said when our parents had gone to bed.

“Shut up, Imp.” I responded.

But she was right, I couldn’t hide from it. I started “dreaming” that the damned doll was climbing into my bed at night trying to scare me and do things I wouldn’t want done to me. I couldn’t tell my mother about the dreams because I’d sound crazy but I knew that damned thing could move.

One day I walked home from school instead of taking the bus. I called my mom at lunch time and told her I was staying after class and would walk home so she wouldn’t worry. On my path home there was a Roman Catholic Church. I went in and took a little bottle I had and filled it with Holy Water from the font at the back. I blessed myself as I’d seen people on TV do in a Catholic church and when I got home, at a time that Chrissie wasn’t in the room, I put the Holy Water on the blue tape separating our sides of the room and on the furniture that separated me from the view of it. There was a tiny bit of water left in the bottle so I tucked it under my pillow. If I woke up and that evil thing was in my bed, I’d splash it with the Holy Water!

That night I didn’t have a dream of the doll. The next night I did but it turned out to not be a dream. I was laying on my left side and it was hot in the room so the covers were pushed down. It was like a dream at first, the doll escaped the box and quietly walked across the floor. It jumped over the tape and took the letter opener from my desk drawer then climbed onto my bed. Then it slashed down my back several times before I woke up, screaming, and reached for the bottle of Holy Water. I splashed it in the face, heard this ungodly screech and then the lights were on and my mother was in my room.

“What is it Elizabeth, you haven’t had a nightmare in years.” She was all kinds of upset and concerned.

“Not a nightmare, Mom, lift up my shirt and look at my back.” I stammered.

She did and I heard her take in a horrified breath.

“What did this?” She asked.

“Ask Chrissie!” I shouted.

Mom didn’t ask Chrissie at that moment instead she went to the hall bathroom for the first aid kit because the marks on my back were starting to bleed!

“Chrissie, I’m going to burn that fucking damned doll.” I yelled over to her.

“No you are not! That doll was expensive and Dad won’t let you. He won’t believe you!” She shouted back.

“Yeah, well this is going to make them put you away, bitch.”

By now all my siblings were awake. Cat came and cuddled with me and I started to cry. I was only fifteen years old and although I was angry with my sister enough to keep the tears away, I was scared, too and Cat was always my comfort zone.

I clung to Cat while Mom saw to the scratches on my back. She went to bed before Cat did.

“Cat … that doll … the Scary Perry doll … it’s alive. It’s some kind of voodoo doll and it does what Chrissie tells it. The damned doll did this with my letter opener.” I whispered to her.

“I believe you that the doll is somehow an agent of evil. I’ve been dreaming about it for a month and you know I have prophetic dreams. We have to get rid of that doll, but how? Dad will have a fit that thing cost over fifty dollars.”

“I think we need to burn it.”

“In our furnace? No that face is plastic it will stink up the whole house.”

“Then outside, in the brush fire.”

“Try getting it away from Chrissie.”

“I’m going to talk to Dad about having Chrissie evaluated. The rest of you don’t see it but I think she’s a sociopath.”

“Well, you didn’t do this to yourself and Chrissie is the only one in your room, Dad will think. He’ll probably agree with you. He isn’t as blind as Mom.”

“Cat … can I sleep with you tonight? I’m really scared, now.”

“Sure.” She smiled and helped me get out of bed.

In the morning, the doll was missing from the box.

“What did you do with it, Chrissie?”

“I never got out of my bed and I can’t reach it from the bed.” She answered, just as surprised as I was.

The box was there but no doll. I had shivers up and down my spine because that meant the damned thing had heard Cat and I.

After school that day I got Dad alone in his office. I told him all the crap Chrissie pulled when it was just the two of us and he sort of agreed with me that Chrissie might have a mental issue. He wouldn’t go so far as to say she was a sociopath but he agreed to have her evaluated.

That weekend, with the ruse of a family outing, he dropped Chrissie off at the Diagnostic Center for Childhood Mental Health. She’d be there for three days. The rest of us left her there; glaring at me in particular we went out for ice cream and then home. I felt relief as soon as I got out of the car but it was short lived. As soon as I stepped into the room I knew that thing was there and now it was out for blood. I ran to Cat’s room.

“Here, salt the line and your doors and windows, then say this prayer of protection. It should help.” Cat told me and handed me a paper can of salt.

“What’s the salt for, this isn’t a ghost.”

“No, it’s a demon, only demons inhabit inanimate objects like dolls. Salt is pure and it guards against demons.”

“How do you know this stuff?”

“Then Internet, how else?” Cat said with a smile.

I took the salt back to my room, salted the blue tape and my furniture then I moved my bed away from the wall and salted all the way around it. I sat on the bed and read the prayer. Afterward I felt better.

We weren’t Roman Catholic, I don’t know if Mom and Dad had a church affiliation, but we were sort of Christians. We all knew the Bible and we celebrated the Christian holidays but we didn’t go to church. Later that night, being careful not to open the salt lines, I found Mom in the sitting room of her suite and asked her.

“Mom, why don’t we go to church, other than at Easter and Christmas?”

“Because there is more hypocrisy in church than in the world, Elizabeth. There is an old saying that the devil builds a chapel in every church. Your father and I want you all to know Christ but we want you to make up your own mind, not be brow beaten into it by people who do not live what they preach.”

“You and Daddy live what I would call a godly life, Mom. You are both kind and compassionate. Between the two of you, you have most of the gifts of the spirit.”

“I’m heartened to hear you say so, Elizabeth. I think you do as well. I am proud of you children.”

“But what about Chrissie? Mom, you don’t seem to want to see half the crap she pulls. She’s down right evil some times.”

“I know she’s been a handful and you see her dark side more than anyone because you share a room, but sharing with her is one of the reasons we keep you together. So she can learn from you.”

“But now that she has that damned doll … Mom, I’m afraid of her and that doll.”

“Honey … I’m surprised at you, Elizabeth. You’ve always been so practical. You never believed in magic. You didn’t even believe in Santa Clause after you were four.”

“That was because I saw Daddy putting the suit on. Mom … I know it defies logic, but that damned doll is alive and it’s evil!”

I lost it. I was in tears and she didn’t believe me. I ran to my room and threw myself on my bed and bawled like a baby.

After a long while, someone sat on the edge of my bed and stroked my hair. I calmed down a bit and was very surprised to see Harry.

“You say the doll escaped the carton, where is the carton, Bess?”

Harold, or “Harry” to the family, was the only person who ever called me Bess. It was a private joy between us. I dried my face on my duvet and got up. The box was where it had always been and I brought it to Harry.

He looked over the incantation on the back.

“I recognize this, Bess. It is one of the Enochian keys. Those are the spells Solomon used to conjure the evil Djinn and trap them in jewels. If this invocation was done properly, this is a much bigger problem than just a demon it’s probably a djinn.”

“How do you know that, Harry?”

“I’m studying the Kabbalah in college. The course is about the paths to power, how the ancients rose to rule. But it is pretty detailed.”

“You said Djinn … like Genie?”

“Yeah, English translated it that way, but they’re far worse than any story you’ve ever heard about them.”

“She was conscious of reading the instructions but the one time I talked to Chrissie about it, she said she didn’t remember doing the ritual on a stormy night.”

“And you don’t believe her?”

“No she slipped up and said she took a sleeping pill from Mom because storms scare her. She’s not afraid of storms, she loves them.”

“You would know.”

“So, any idea where that thing is, now?” I asked my elder brother.

“No, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she has it in her arms when we go pick her up.” He answered darkly.

“How do we protect ourselves from it?”

That was the first time in our lives that I saw worry on Harry’s face. “I have absolutely no idea.”

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