The Doll

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How it Ended

How it Ended

I ran back into the foyer and just caught the last of Cat’s soaked dress disappear down the cellar stairs. I heard that dolls unearthly, maniacal laughter and Chrissie’s laugh as well.

I raced after them.

Every room in the basement I’d catch the tail end of clothing slip around a corner or through a door.

Finally there was no where to run but the old coal room and our massive boiler. Dad had refurbished the existing heating system in this old house rather than spend way too much money updating it. The house was heated with forced hot water from a massive coal fired boiler in the basement in a room that was actually not even under the house but under the patio. Once we were all in there, I turned and drove the pry bar we used to break up the coal through the door ring and into the wall which locked us all in.

“OK you son of a bitch, now it’s just the three of us and you. Show yourself.” I said from next to the door.

Chrissie and the doll walked out of the coal pile and stood in the middle of the floor.

“Where is Cat? You haven’t had time to throw her in the furnace.”

“Why would I do that? I love Cat. She’s the only one in the family who understands me.” Chrissie sounded like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

“No she isn’t. I understood you from the day you started to talk, Chrissie. I’ve always known you were a sociopath or a psychopath, I’m not real sure which.”

“I don’t want to hurt Cat but if you don’t surrender, I’ll have to.” That voice was much more “masculine” even if the mouth that said it was Chrissie’s.

“I’m not surrendering to you or to it.” I said looking at Chrissie then I looked at the doll which now was not showing any signs of hiding, it was standing on its own two little feet staring bullets at me. “Let Chrissie go and you and me can tie it on.” I told it.

“I have defeated kings, little girl, do you think you can best me?” That ungodly, unearthly voice issued from the area of the dolls mouth though the face didn’t move.

“No, but I can give you one hell of a good fight.”

“Puny human … you can not even aspire to kiss the dust from my feet. As for this child …” He waved his hand in Chrissie’s direction and her head turned more than ninety degrees on her neck and she dropped like a rock.

“What are you going to do with Cat?”

“That one has abilities … she senses the unseen in your world. I can use that.”

I kept this stupid dialog going for quite a while. The arrogance of the damned thing was so high it didn’t notice that I was inching closer and closer. I reacted not at all when Cat came out from behind the furnace and, silently as possible, opened the door to the furnace behind the doll.

“Do you not think I know what you plan? That I am not aware you are close enough to grab this poppet? You are a fool if you think you can capture me.” It bellowed and raised the cloth arms up giving me clear access to its cloth body.

What it didn’t know, because it had never seen it in me, was how fast I can move. I grabbed it and shoved it into the furnace; burning my hands until the cloth caught fire then I slammed the door and threw the handle to the locked position. From inside it began to turn the handle to the open position. I lay on the floor and put my boots against the door. Cat did the same and the two of us fought its waning doll strength to keep the door closed. From inside it psychokinetically broke both of Cat’s legs and she curled into herself beside me screaming in pain.

But it couldn’t touch me! I felt it try. I felt the brush of the incredible power that thing had as the body of the doll dissolved into slag in our furnace. My shoes were smoking and the rubber of the soles was dripping down the door as they were melting into the hot metal. I didn’t care; I kept my feet on that door.

I don’t know how long I stayed like that. I was only barely aware of the police or firemen or whomever gathering Cat and I up and carrying us out. I know there was a sickly smell in the basement. I don’t know the condition of the house, how much of it was burned. I don’t remember anything of the time between throwing that thing in the furnace and waking up here, being told I’d been in shock and unresponsive for seven days.

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