Five Minutes

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After David Miso's death,the monster looked for more targets, it picked its victims at random. No survivors at all, dead bodies with their flesh ripped off, bite marks and writing on walls with blood. The creature continued its killing spree, getting stronger. It grew, started acting different, the killing method changing after each victim. Now, the monster is trapped inside a house, a group of specially trained people attempt to find the monster and destroy it. (note: this is a sequel to the 10 minutes story, please read that one before) note: This, as well as all my stories belong to me, they are also published on wattpad where my name is A_d_a_m

Horror / Thriller
Age Rating:

Five Minutes

The victim’s face and body were horribly disfigured. Do not worry my child, I will save you, I will return your body to you, and even more than that.

A group of armed soldiers were surrounding a house, there was a barrier set around it, the entire town was cleared. All for the sake of one creature.

There were five only inside the barrier, they were talking to each other preparing for what they are about to face.
Five people, David, Damien, Mark, Sasha, and Marie. They were not the strongest, but they had bravery. They were willing to face the monster and never back down until it was destroyed. All of them had continuous training for months just to they can hunt down the monster.

“Remember with no electronics, the monster can not escape.” David, the oldest of the group said,“If one of us see it we call for the others, we do not take our eyes off it until we are all there. Once we surround it, we shoot.” He said,“Now let’s do this, for our families.“.

“For fortune and fame.“Mark smiled.

“For our parents.” Sasha said.

“For our country..“Damien mumbled.

“For humanity.“Marie said, all holding tightly to those thoughts, reminding themselves of what they’re fighting for.

The moment they entered the house was the moment they left the human world, and entered a world of horror. The walls near the entrance had eyes. Veins showing, pupils that followed the group every step they moved. Some of the eyes cried, a grey ooze dripping from the walls.

They continued to walk, not affected by the dreadful gazes. “Target spotted.” Sasha whispered and pointed at the monster, it was connected with tubes, the tubes were transferring the grey ooze somewhere unknown.

“Wait till I shoot.” David whispered, and he moved slowly to get a better look, he aimed carefully,“NOW!“He yelled and started shooting, his four teammates joined him in a moment.
Bullets penetrated the monster’s skin, after dozens of bullets the group stopped to see if the monster is dead.

The tubes came off and a corpse fell down,“Do not approach! I will check.“David said and moved close to the monster. He checked it and then motioned his comrades to come closer.

Sasha, Mark, Damien and Marie arrived near the corpse, holding their guns close. They formed a circle around the monster, their breath was slow and calm.

David counted in his mind making sure all his comrades were there,“four, five, six..”

“Wow that would have killed me if I was there!” The monster said with a smile. The group turned quick and shoot, the bullets going through it, it was an illusion.

“Hello everyone my name is Zero One and this is my house of fun!” The monster yelled sitting on the chandelier,“Now here are the rules, As long as one of you is looking at me I can not disappear, simple right? Oh and by the way my attack cooldown is only five minutes! Isn’t that fantastic?” Zero smiled, a wide creepy smile, a full set of sharp teeth in his mouth, he looked like a normal human for one second before his skin melted off slowly, going back into his original terrifying form and then to a pile of bones, “The game starts now! Try and find me!” Zero’s voice echoed through the house.

“Five minutes?!” Mark gulped looking distressed,“we were told they are ten!“.

“Not a problem.” Sasha said.

“We were trained for worse.“Damien said.

David clapped his hands,“Soldiers! You heard it, if one of us finds him he won’t disappear.” He said.

“Let us split up, if one of us finds him, yell.“Sasha said and ran away.

The group split up each in a different direction, they looked for any clue to spot the monster.

As they got further, they seemed to stray from reality further.
The normal sized house felt like an entire neighborhood.

“You should go back to your family, if you do I will spare you.” Zero said.

David stayed silent, and followed the voice.
“Do it, no one will blame you.” An image of David’s daughter appeared.

“This is beyond your human capabilities.” An image of David’s wife appeared.

David continued moving not listening to any of the warnings.

“I would escape if I was you..” An image of David himself appeared.

“Stop it with your illusions and face me like a man!” David taunted Zero.

Zero appeared in front of him, his shadow towering over David, Zero’s body was cracked, his eyes moving inside his body looking at David.

David raised his gun and aimed at Zero, he as loud as he can,“I FOUND IT!” His eyes focused on Zero.

Zero chuckled, he pulled out a chair from underground and sat on it,“mister David, your daughter seems to be having problems at school.“He chuckled and a desk appeared in front of him, “A lot of her classmates pick on her.” Zero said and smiled,“but of course how could you know? You’re always busy.” Zero’s eyes reached their place and turned to clocks,“Soon, time will run out, you will wish you spent more time with her, either you or her will die. “.

“Stay away from my family! ” David said , his hands shook in anger.

“I will not kill her, neither anyone else, except herself.“Zero said.

David could hear his comrade’s foot steps, he shook his head, he stood straight, his eyes watering, he was so cautious even blinking felt like a risk.

“Their names and their addresses. Everyone who hurt your daughter. I can give you that.“Zero said licking his lips slowly, his voice only audible to David’s ears.,“You can let your comrades look, but after that you let me escape.“.

“David!” Mark yelled, Zero was directly in front of David, he already tied a rope against David’s neck and near his own waist.

“Stop right there monster!” Sasha said as she aimed her gun at him.

Zero backed away slowly, he got bulkier, muscles grew on him and more ooze leaked from him, The rope around David’s neck got tighter, Zero was close to a window.
“Shoot me, I fall down and he dies.“.

David coughed and held on the rope as he tried to rip it off, his team mates reached for their knives but they couldn’t find them, they were all near Zero’s feet.

They all turned their head away, Zero disappeared, a dead body replaced him, it was light and they were able to free David.

David breathed heavily and held his neck in pain,he coughed and gasped for air.

“Do not worry, we will find him again.“Marie said and hugged him.

“Split in groups of two.” David said.

“But we are five people.“Mark said,“is the lack of oxygen disabling your counting ability?“he asked.

“I will go alone..” David said, “If I die, if I scream, if i beg for help, do not care.“He said and left alone.

Sasha went with Mark, Marie went with Damien.

Zero was calm, he did not make any moves until the moment he announced, ” One minute is left.” He said and then the sound of a clock echoed through the house. Everyone moved faster, their minds grew uneasy. They were terrified of death, terrified of the unknown force hunting them.

“We fond it!” Mark and Sasha yelled. Zero just sat there. No movement, not a word, just his creepy smile and soulless eyes focused on Sasha and Mark.

“We must shoot!“Sasha said.

“What about the others?!“Mark asked.

“If they are late, they are late.“Sasha said, “it is do or die!”

Sasha fired , her aim focused on Zero, who did not fight back and focused on dodging the bullets.
“You are cheating!“Sasha said, she did not stop firing for a second, when her gun ran out of bullets she took Mark’s weapon and fired with it.

“You thought I will just stand there and take it? I may not be able to attack you, but I can manipulate you!“Zero laughed.

“We are here!” Damien entered the room with Marie,“Sasha stop it! you will run out of bullets!” He warned, Sasha stopped firing for a moment, she panted her eyes sent death threats towards Zero.

“Ten, nine, eight, seven..“Zero started a countdown.

“Where is David?!” Damien asked.

“Over there!“Mark looked outside and pointed at David, who ran as fast as he can, but half way there he tripped on something and fell down on a bunch of nails.

David screamed in pain, he stood up barely and pushed his body to run.

“One..Zero. Time is up.” Zero laughed and then spider legs came out of his back as he crawled away.

“You said you won’t disappear!” Mark yelled and chased Zero knife in hand.

“I am not disappearing, this is an attack.“Zero laughed.

“You bastard!” Sasha and Mark followed Zero, suddenly, the rest of Zero’s body turned to a giant spider that hit Sasha with green colored webs.

Marie was the closest to David, as well as Damien who guarded her back. As Marie protected David , huge teeth came out from the darkness then they took David in.

“No!” Marie chased the teeth, as they opened Zero was sitting on a throne of corpses melted together, David was tied with tongues that spoke endless streams of insults and taunts.

The group stood there, shocked that their leader was took away, except Marie who gathered enough courage and shoot Zero.

Zero hissed as the shoot grazed his shoulder, grey ooze dripped out of it.

Mark fell on his knees shocked,“it took David, it took David!“.

“What..What are we going to do?” Sasha asked, even she was shocked.

“We continue this mission, it is what he would have wanted.” Damien said.

“Umm, guys, there is something you should see.” Marie said checking where David tripped. There was a wire there.

“Isn’t this one of the wires we use at the base?“Damien asked.

“This means..“Mark gulped.

“Don’t you dare say it! That monster probably stole it a long time ago!” Sasha said.

Damien nodded,“Sasha is right, in our unity there is strength, the monster is trying to make us fight each other since he can’t attack often.” He said.

“Speaking about that, we should hurry.” Marie said , she pointed at the trail of ooze, it slowly turned black.

“Good job Marie.“Damien smiled and the group followed the trail.

Doubts started to grow in Mark’s mind, even the others were scared, yet this time they were afraid of each other.
Something was weird with Sasha, ever since she got hit with the spider webs she was getting weird images in her mind, most of them were flashbacks. They walked, until they reached a hallway, in front of them was David.
David was being strangled with a rope around his neck, Zero was close to him biting his flesh off, as he ate his wounds began to heal,“I ate a David once, he was much tastier than you are!“.

“Fire!“Damien commanded and the group aimed their guns. Before they can push the trigger Zero pushed his hand inside David’s body which made David scream in agony.

“NOOO! “David screamed in pain and then his intestines exploded, the blood splattered on the walls and on the group, which made them close their eyes to shield them from the blood spray.

“It got away again! The fucker got away again!“Sasha yelled and cursed.

Mark stared at a wall, there was something written on it. After that Mark left without saying a single word.

Marie went to check what was written with blood, the hand writing was shaky,“Do not worry Zero Two,I found your current disguise, I won’t hurt you.“She read out loud.

“Zero Two? There is two of them?! And did that thing just say disguise?” Sasha asked.

“That is why Mark left. He thinks that... Among us, is a traitor. An impostor.” Damien mumbled.

“That is none sense! I will go talk to him!“Sasha ran away.

“What should we do?“Marie asked.

“I think it is lying, we should not believe anything this monster says.” Damien said,“we will regroup and find that monster.” Damien went to David’s body, he prayed for him, and then left with Marie.

Sasha’s situation got worse, the images in her mind were corrupted now, in all her flashbacks and memories she could see Zero, close to her family, close to her loved ones and people she cares about.

“Stay away!” Mark said and aimed his gun at Sasha, “Stay...away..” He said.

Sasha’s eyes widened she aimed her gun back at Mark, but to her that wasn’t Mark, all she could see is Zero,“Die!“Sasha screamed and started shoot.

Mark fired back,” So you are the traitor!” The two of them shoot an endless stream of bullets, they did not seem to land any hit, all their bullets missing.

As they reached to reload their guns they suddenly stopped. They heard a mischievous laugh before the illusion disappeared, both Sasha and Mark were full of bullet holes, the two of them collapsed. They looked at Each other and cried.

“I..I am sorry.“Mark coughed,“I..Really screwed up this time.” he said and then died,Sasha soon bled out as well without saying any word.

Damien and Marie found the bodies, Marie gasped and covered her mouth, she cried. Damien clenched his fists,“I won’t forgive you..I WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU!“He yelled in pure rage.

Marie fell down and continued crying on the two she spent months with, training, eating , and living together.

Damien helped Marie up,“we..Can not waste anymore time.“He said and the two searched for Zero. All their search was futile as they could not find Zero.

“Time. Is. Up.“Zero laughed, suddenly, Marie and Damien were stuck together in a room. “Bonus round, give away all your weapons, and only one of you can leave.” Zero said,“Do not try and trick me, I know each of you has a gun, and a knife!”

Marie and Damien whispered to each other for a moment, they handed their gun and knife, and then Marie left. She was crying, shaking in fear.

“I win, as I always do!” Zero laughed and appeared in front of Damien, the floor turned to a fire pit and a platform slowly raised with only Zero and Damien on it.

“Did you know? Mark fears betrayal, Sasha fears something would happen to her loved ones, David fears getting chocked, and you fear fire. I know all your fears, I can manipulate you as much as I want.” Zero Laughed.

“And you fear this!” Damien pulled out a knife and stabbed Zero in the head. It was David’s knife, he took it and hit it with him after he prayed for David.

Zero screamed in pain the platform fell, and the fires disappeared, the house returned to normal. All the illusions disappeared.

“A knife. Can not kill me!” Zero screamed as he bled from his head, real, red blood.

“This one was made specifically for you!” Damien jumped on top of Zero and stabbed him multiple times, Zero’s body broke and out of it came a smaller version of him that crawled to the door, Marie opened the door and then kicked Zero in the face,“No escape!” She growled.

Zero screeched and jumped on top of Marie trying to bite her, Marie held his head and then Damien stabbed him in the head again. Zero’s horrifying scream echoed through the house.

“We..We did it!” Marie and Damien hugged tightly as Zero’s corpse lied on the ground.


The next day, Damien and Marie returned to their home, they were at a party just for them.

“I am exhausted, I will be taking a shower if you need me.“Marie said and walked away.

“Alright, I’ll follow you in a moment.“Damien smiled, they were planning on marriage in a few weeks. Damien opened his phones and checked the pictures they took at the party, after a few minutes he went to the bathroom.

He froze in place, when he saw a corpse in the bathroom, it was rotting, burnt, disfigured,“M-Marie?!” he turned behind him and saw a robotic female, he jumped back, falling on his back. Damien took a look at her, it had Marie’s face. The rest of its body was slowly changing to different body types. And then ‘Marie’s’ face opened showing a lot of wires,“I am not Marie, you can call me Zero two.” .

“Wait, if you’re a machine that means!” Damien stood up but was stabbed in the back by Zero one, he was stabbed by the same knife he stabbed Zero one with. Damien fell down unable to move anymore, he was too scared, he was also bleeding .

“Do I really have to dispose of my old body?“Zero two asked pointing at the rotting corpse.

“Sadly yes.” Zero one said and then hid inside Two’s electronic body.

The next morning, Damien’s house was found burnt, two corpses were found....

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