Ten minutes

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David Miso's life was slowly falling apart, losing his job, his house and his regular style of life. Alone in the dark cold world.. Until someone extends a hand for help. A secret organization for studying supernaturals hire him, so he can be one of the observers of one of their cages. A cage containing what looks like a human. But is in fact anything.. But a human. Warning:the story is of the horror genre, it contains blood, gore and obviously horror. Second, this as well as all my stories belong to me the same author on Wattpad A_d_a_m

Horror / Thriller
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Ten Minutes

The story will be told from David Miso’s point of view.

My name is David Miso, I work as one of the twelve observers of cage teen.
The shift is distributed equally among us. Two hours for each.

Our job is to watch cage teen, record things, and report it to our bosses when it’s danger.
The only rule is to never keep my eyes off for more than ten minutes off this.. Thing.
When I asked why, their answer was, ‘well mister Miso, the last person who ignored the cage for more than ten minutes.. Well you’re taking their place.’ just that thought sends chills down my bones.

It’s time for my shift, I grab some food, water and a bottle then sit down on my seat.
I stare at my computer, a pen and notebook to my left and my phone to my right. I get a message from my co-worker informing me that it’s my shift, I send a confirmation message that I’m ready.

And so it begins.

The room is lit brightly, all walls are white, there’s only a bed, a closet and a box.

Everytime they put something new in the box to see how the test subject will react.

Right now he’s just.. Staring at the camera.
A teenage boy, with grey skin, almost naked except for ripped shorts. He’s extremely skinny, having refused all types of food until now. His eyes are abnormally huge, black,staring deep into my soul judging me silently.
His hair is black as well, most of it is ripped off.

I gulp and stare at my computer screen silently, that thing remains creepy no matter how much I stare at it.


Silence, I keep all my lights on but still feel darkness surrounding me slowly, I look at the time and only five minutes have passed.

I slowly eat my food just to distract myself from that ugly creature for a minute. You might call me the real monster here, but that thing.. It’s not a human,and I do not want to know what it is, I’m just doing this for the money.

The creature was given its meal, I grab my pen and paper to see if it’ll eat this time.
It slowly approaches its plate, crawling on the ground, living a trail of grey ooze behind it. Its long nails digging to the ground as it drags its lifeless body.

I shudder then put my food away.
And then for the first time ever the monster eats, it shoves all the meat in its mouth and swallows it all.
I write down that today’s meal was the first success. That’ll get my bosses pleased.

I cover my ears so I wouldn’t have to hear that horrible chewing and grunting noise. Only seeing that thing is horrible enough I don’t want to hear it.

After the monster finishes its meal it goes back to its favorite habit. Staring at the camera, yikes for a teen you’d think he’d know what a camera is.

Silence again..
And then, I just panic, it starts licking its lips and making some horrible mouth noises. And then out of a sudden it smiles at me, a hideous smile with its black colored slowly decaying teath ,“no..no..this is just too much!” thank God I have some control! I make the mystery box beep to grab its attention off me.

This time the monster walks, slowly dragging its feet across the floor, it opens the box and sees a cell phone. And as every teen would do, it gets engrossed in it.


It has been an hour, luckily there was no more events, just the thing staring at the phone screen all the time.

I get bored and then call my coworker Rami, I was a little scared from him at first, but never judge a book by its cover.

“hey Rami.” I sigh.

“I know I know.. It’s starting to affect you eh? It happens.. It happens.” he sighs.

“It keeps staring at me for so much time. I was lucky it got interested in today’s object or else I would’ve lost my mind!” I say, I’m so happy I have someone to share my problems with.

“staring at you? Yikes.. For me and the others it mostly sits in the corner, walks around or does some random stuff sometimes.. Stares sometimes, but not like how you describe it.” Rami replies.

“yes.. Oh well, work is work. If the payment wasn’t amazing I would’ve quit months ago.” I say.

“same here brother, I have to go now, it’s praying time. See you later brother in humanity.” Rami says then hangs up.

Whoa! What is this?! I see the monster shaking and flailing around the grey ooze coming out of its mouth. The call only took 5 minutes and I even took some glances! Oh no oh no!

And suddenly, my computer shuts down. I grab my phone and before I even open it. One of my bosses is calling, I touch my screen multiples times panicking but I finally manage to answer, “i don’t know what happened it-” I rush into talk but my boss, Laura, calms me down.

“relax, relax, Tania will take care of it. Apparently there was an error in your computer. Just get out of house and take a walk to calm down while one of our people fixes everything.” she says in a confident strong voice.

“Alright ... Alright.. I trust you boss.” I put on my outdoor clothes and leave the house instantly.
“that scared the shit out of me.. But on the bright side, I finished my job half an hour early.” I say to myself feeling happy I do not need to see that creature again for the day.

I go to the park, relax, have some time away from everything, from work, from stress, from horror.

I see a young child crying then go to help him. Yea! I’m feeling helpful today, “what do you want Child?” I ask putting a gentle smile on my face.

The kid looks at me and says with innocence , “i want your flesh..“.

I misheard that, I definitely misheard that! I ask again then he points at a soccer ball stuck in a tree, I climb up a little and grab the ball.
Though.. It’s staring at me. That eye! That’s its eye! I throw it away and fall off the tree panting heavily. No no no no no! It’s stress! I’m seeing things!

“are you okay mister?” the child asks.

I nod then slowly move back to my seat. I sit down and close my eyes, “everything Is alright.. Everything is alright..” I repeat to myself.

I hear my phone ring. I groan then look at the number, it’s Tania from work. Ohhhh this will be fun! Wait.. It’s her shift and she also got my half an hour she’s probably angry.

I answer anyway,” hey Tania. “I smile.

“Are you okay David?! What happened? You didn’t send me the confirmation message!” she says in a shaky voice.

“wait didn’t Laura tell you? An error happened and she let me leave.” I say.

“David.. This is Laura’s day off..” Tania says and gulps.

no... No no no no no no! I run straight towards my house, I open the door wide open and run to my computer.

“it... It’s asleep..” I smile seeing a figure under the bed sheets. I smile and laugh out of pure joy.

I reach for my phone to calm Tania.

Oh I received a message it’s from....


“Teen.. Cage Teen? Haha no way.. Someone is probably messing with me..” I open the message and see ‘behind you’ I roll my eyes then look behind me..

It’s him... It’s that.. Thing.. The monster.. In my house.. Watching me.

I run towards the door but there’s no door.

I turn around and look at the creature. It smiles then I receive a second message.

“the rules are same. Keep staring at the test subject.. You’re not allowed to look away for more than ten minutes.” I read then look at the creature.

I start shaking. Shaking, nothing but shaking my body is no longer mine.
Fear possesed me and now I’m just staring at.. That monster. I feel paralyzed. I can’t move.

It’s right in front of me. But it’s behavior haven’t changed at all. It is staring at me.

I call Tania instantly and start talking the moment she picks up, “Tania! It’s in my house! It’s in my house!” I yell desperately.

“what?!” Tania says clearly shocked then she yells it out, “monster on the loose, monster on the loose! In David Miso’s apartment!“.

A conversation goes with her and one of our expert monster fighter, “we will be there. Just keep everything under control. We’ll bring the best monster hunters to save you.“he says then hangs up.


My eyes are glued to him. For the last five minutes he has done nothing but stare at me. Breathing slowly, drooling that disgusting ooze.

Grey ooze slowly starts dropping from the ceiling. No matter how I change position a single drop always lands on my head.

I stand up and slowly go to the kitchen, I don’t take the slightest risk and keep looking at the creature.

I get a message that says ‘can you bring me an onion with you.’..... How can I say no? Am I even allowed to say no? I get some water and food, and an onion. Though I hide something special behind my back.

I walk back to- OH MY GOD! it became more terrifying!

I gulp and my eyes fill with tears. It’s face melted off slightly but this huge eyes keep looking at me. The nose have fallen right next to its foot.
I can see its black decaying teeth now turned sharp, its two tongues slowly moving. “I got your onion.. And some of this!” I charge at the creature and stab it in the head, the knife digs in and goes straight in its brain.

I did it! I did it... I... Didn’t do a thing..

Its flesh melts off as it chuckles a little. It opens its phone and presses some buttons.. Then a box appears next to its foot.

It opens the box and it’s full of blood. It moves close to it then a new skin slowly crawls out of it, slowly moving across those bones and attaching themselves to it.

I instantly turn my head away and vomit, I can’t help it. That is far too disguisting. I look back in hopes it’s done. But the skin stopped crawling when I wasn’t looking.

At this point you may wonder. Why don’t I just look away then just take a peek before the minutes become ten right?

I have two problems.. One I don’t have access to time, my watch disappeared and everytime I try to check the time on my phone it turns to a strange language. And two, i once tried acting smart like this.. And well ever since that little experiment it had been staring at me.

I receive another text from Teen.
‘nice trick.. Now let me show you what I can do.’

Suddenly the onion turns to a woman.
The monster grabs her and points the knife I brought on her throat.

The woman stays still, she closes her eyes tightly and screams for help.

I just remain in my corner and stare at him, he moves the knife close to her hand then cuts off a small part of her finger.

I get another text ‘It stops when you look away’. My eyes fill with tears and I continues to watch the woman suffer. Her body was made of that onion. But I can tell that she’s a true living being.. Feeling pain and fear.
She screams and tries to escape as her skin slowly gets cut off.

“please.. Help me.. Help me.. Save me..” the woman struggles but she takes a knife in the arm.

The monster keeps cutting her slowly and painfully until it finally gets bored and slits her throat.

The woman looks at me. A look of hatred. I could’ve stopped it didn’t I?

I can’t stop crying feeling powerless, feeling miserable, weak, worthless.
“YOU’LL NEVER GET AWAY WITH IT!” I yell at the monster and try to punch it.

It grabs my hand then slowly starts crushing it, it pushed me down on my knees and gives me that cursed smile as it crushes my bones forcing me to submit to its will.

It pushes me away and starts staring at me again, I get a call from Tania, I immediately take it and listen to what she has to say.

“David we’re here! Just stay strong! We have arrived we’re close help is....”

Silence... I cling to my phone and wait desperately to hear any voice.

And then I heart it... A voice full of pain and hatred. A voice from the depths of hell. The monster is holding its phone then it slowly speaks,” how funny... Did you really think that call was real?“.

The end.

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