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Mermaid (Complete/Unedited)

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Erika Lawrence is a young girl with a knack for swimming underwater without coming up for air for a consecutive amount of time; for her it’s normal, to others, not so much. Though after taking one last swim in her high schools swimming pool while waiting for her best friend, she notice’s something odd about her right eye, in the far bottom right corner of the iris she sees something off; there with the mix of lavender is a pigment of red that shouldn’t be there. At first she shrugs it off, even though she’s still concerned about it, but then on the day after her eighteenth birthday something happens. Strange visions appear in her mind throughout the nights of when she is asleep, alongside with the need for water, blood, the consumption of flesh and a supressed memory of her mother. All the while the red in her eye begins to grow… Worried for her own sanity, she goes to her grandparents for guidance, asking them for some kind of answer to be given, if she truly had become something frightful, and what they tell her shocks her, the birthplace of her mother. Wanting to know more about her mother’s supposedly secret past Erika and her friend Alison Jones; head there in search for the truth, only to find that some things are best left to be forgotten…

Horror / Fantasy
Tarynne Bourret
Age Rating:

Before you read

Before you read, I realize that I should have clarified this from the very beginning.

This story is unedited, meaning it has not gone through Grammarly (and is also several years old) and has absolutely horrible grammar and punctuation in comparison to any of my more recent works.

If that is going to bother you then please drop the story.

I decided to post this as is because I wanted to give something that people will enjoy, even if this hasn't been edited since I knew that there were people who still like this kind of story that's horror fantasy.

But if you do decide to read it regardless of that, then I hope you enjoy it even with its horrible errors.

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