Vampire in Vana Woods

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Kevin Brown is just an ordinary teenager trying to get into the best college out there. But when he gets bitten by a vampire on his way home from school, everything changes as he tries to protect his family and friends, Be prepared for scares!

Horror / Thriller
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The Bite

“I came to see the oracle and I will!” Anubis shouted, knocking over the potted plant next to him.

“I’m growing tired of your braggadocio behavior.” The witch said, her teeth clenched.

“It Seems like someone will have to teach you a lesson!”

“The mighty witch stood up and shot a bolt of lightning from her wand, and with that Anubis was gone. He would forever be remembered as the dumbo who yelled at the most powerful witch in the universe!” Alyssa said, smacking the table in emphasis.

“Well, she was a jerk and I wasn’t going to let her boss me around.” Kevin said, crossing his arms with a pout. He flipped his game piece in his hand. Alyssa groaned, “she has a level 36 wand. That was such a stupid move!”

“Whatever,” Kevin murmurs before hugging Anubis in his chest. “Don’t worry buddy, I don’t think you’re stupid.”

Alyssa scoffs but a smile forms on her lips. “You’re impossible, you know that?”

Kevin giggled and looks out the classroom’s widow into the beautiful autumn landscape. He had always loved seeing the leaves change colors and the feeling the cool air on his skin as he walked back from school. He thought about how soon he wouldn’t be walk back home from school anymore, he’d be walk to his dorm from the campus. This gave him a familiar sense of adomania. He wasn’t a kid anymore, he thought to himself.

Alyssa sighed, as she felt it too. She felt years of friendships and achievements distance themselves from her. They say college is a new chapter in your life but would that mean the other chapters didn’t matter anymore? Would they slow her down?

“I’m going to miss you.” Kevin said blinking steadfast.

“Yeah me, too.” And the two friends embrace and enjoy the familiarity of each other and the classroom, knowing that soon they’ll have to leave both behind.

“Who? Who?” Called a large owl above Kevin Brown’s head. He looked up, startled, as he had gotten lost in his own thoughts and the owl made him jump. He saw her, a snowy white owl with a curved, sharp beak and pointy claws. Her wings had black specks in them. He froze, unsure what to do. She seemed strong enough to tear him to pieces. Knowing he had to be home in time for tea, Kevin took three slow steps away from her. He continued to do so until she was out of sight. Then he dug his hands deep into his pockets and hurried on through the woods. Every day when he came home from school, he had to walk for forty five minutes, taking a trail through the woods. He and his family lived out in the country, and he had to start very early in the morning and walk for a long time in the afternoon. It was the end of autumn, and the winter was just biting through. All the trees had lost their leaves, but snow had not yet hit the ground. The soil was cold and damp, although you could barely see it because of all the dead leaves covering the dirt. There was an eerie mist swivelling around the naked trees, making Kevin cough and wave his hand, as if that would help. Crows had made this forest their home, and one of them perched on a low tree branch, eyeing Kevin as if he was nothing but a crow himself. The crows and all the animals in the woods were used to Kevin coming through almost every day, and once or twice he had managed to feed the deer some breadcrumbs out of his hand as he went to school.

He keep moving through the woods, but soon his determinant trekking became a loose peregrinate. He had always rushed home after school to get his homework done in time for his 5 ’o clock piano practice, but now what’s the point? he thought to himself. He had only played piano because it looked good on college applications. He hated playing the piano. He smiled fondly thinking about his college campus. It would be so different from his home. It would be a big and bustling city, with tall buildings, subways and fast food restaurants at every corner. Kevin’s family banned fast food, so he was very excited to try it. In fact, he was excited to get away from his family in general. Yes, he loved them very much, but he could not live under their suffocating rules any longer.

Thoughts of a free life circled around in his head as leaves blew in the wind and winded down onto the ground. It was a familiar dance that he had seen for years as walked home. The trees would shimmy and shake until their leaves fell. Sunlight would peak in through the gaps in the trees as the birds chirped. But today it was different. Today the tree shook violently. Today the leaves swirled on the ground like like hurricanes. Today no sun peeked through the trees. It was as if the whole forest was tense, and for good reason, because today Kevin was not alone in the woods.

Somewhat scared of the violent scenery, Kevin pulled his phone out of his pocket and pressed the home button once. Then twice. It was dead. He would not be able to reach his parents. Then he started to walk home for a while.

He walked for a while until he came to a small clearing which he had certainly never seen before. His mind was swirling with worried thoughts, about the violent shaking of the trees and the horrid blowing of the leaves, making such a high pitched noise that Kevin almost became deaf. His legs were getting sore--and surprisingly cold, so he sat down at the base of the tree and waited.

Kevin started to shiver in the night cold. Without the comforting heat of his house, his teeth chattered and his hands shook so hard that he lost the feel of them. It was getting too cold. It felt like it was minus freezing, but it didn’t make sense. It wasn’t even winter yet. Kevin curled up into a ball and tried to keep himself warm by stuffing his hands into his coat pockets. But even the fabric of his clothes was turning cold. He wiped his eyelids with his frozen fingers and was surprised to see tiny icicles come off of them. Strange...

He looked up at the starless sky and willed himself to fall asleep. Then he saw something flying. Was it a bird? No... it was flying much more clumsily and faster than a bird. And it was larger, too. The thing dropped to the ground and the cold got worse. Kevin’s whole body was shaking uncontrollably. He clenched his toes and stomach and tried to bear the intense freezing. The thing was hopping on the ground. His mind was clouded from the cold and he started to think “a flying badger... it’s just a flying badger...” Then it got closer and closer to him. Kevin tried to inch away, for there was an eerie light coming through the trees and the thing’s face was revealed. It was furry, and its head was small. It had a stubby snout with two razor sharp teeth and beady little eyes.

It was a vampire bat.

Kevin didn’t want to have an encounter with one, and so he tried to scoot back as far as he could. But the bat just stood still. Then it flapped its wings, which seemed to grow bigger and bigger every second. Then its head started to grow, the fur disappeared and its teeth grew longer and sharper. And then, in no time at all, a vampire stood before Kevin. He wore a black cloak, with silver buttons. His face was long and oval-shaped, the colour of dirty dishwater. His hands were pale, long, and had sharp fingernails on the end. He wore a diamond ring, which was the only beauty about him. He still had his bat-like wings, which were stretched and looked rubbery. The vampire bared his fangs at Kevin, who was petrified. He looked into the vampire’s red eyes and slit pupils, and felt the urge to get up and run away. But the cold... oh the cold! It had purged into his very bones, making him cringe with pain as the cold numbed him from inside out. He could not feel his body, only hear his breathing which was just starting to get ragged, and could see the vampire standing before him. Its lips curled up at the ends into a nasty, rotten smile. He then inched closer and closer to Kevin, then kneeling down on the grass beside him. Kevin closed his eyes. He felt peaceful, almost at ease. And he did not even feel the piercing bite and the blood that spilled all over his winter coat.

And when he woke up, the vampire was gone.

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