Last Chance

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Sophia hurried to the magic Barrel, the local tavern, pouch in hand. Through the thick glass and Iron windows warm light glowed. She banged the brass knocker and she heard the heavy bolt move.

" 'low Sophia!" Thomas, the barkeeper yelled from behind the well scrubbed wooden bar. "Whatcha 'ere for?"

"Two things actually. Can I see Ashley? And then I want some rubbing Alcohol. I'm running out." Sophia called back.

" I'll send Ashley to your table. Anything else?"

"No. I'm fine."

"Ah, Ashley there you are." A woman with Chestnut hair and Hazel eyes was coming towards Sophia with a large jug in hand.
"Snakie! What do I owe this pleasure!"Sophia's tone darkened. "Anthony." Ashley's warm smile faded. "What about him?""Give him back." "I didn't take him. He took me."Sophia smiled. It was fake but Ashley couldn't see that."To your relationship!" Ashley smiled and took a sip from the jug. She didn't see Sophia jab a knife into her throat.Blood gurgled out of her throat. Sophia quickly pulled it out and hid it in her dark skirts. She then stood up and pretended to mourn.
Smirking, half an hour later she re entered her home. She walked to the indoor pump and tried to wash the blood of but it didn't come off. Finally she gave up, hiding it under the floorboard.
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