Last Chance

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Full Moon

Two weeks had passed since Ashley had died and Lewis had come. Sophia had finally finished the potion and good thing too. It was full moon that night.

"I'm sure it will work, well, I'll die if it doesn't." Lewis nodded darkly.

"It would better or else." He threatened.

"Test it out tonight. It's full moon after all." She pointed out.


"Ew what is it? Dung?" He grunted as he drank the murky brown potion.
"Yes. Eagle actually!" Sophia replied. Lewis had been expecting a different answer so he gagged when he heard her."Ghroogrhourugrrrrr" he mumbled"What?""Nothing."
The next morning Sophia was found with her throat slit and dried blood on her dress. Judging bu the cuts on her leg, she had been running from something, cut by thorns, slipped on rocks and been killed.As for her uncle he never fully got over it. He died within a week though. Lewis, went back to wherever he came from and they found out wolfs bane stops the transformation.
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