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*Trigger warning* (Depictions of abuse) Josephina was a business woman who was just surviving her audit and helping others succeed. A very unfortunate event leads to a life she never thought could be a way to live, but now she is left there given two options and neither would make anyone have hope.

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Chapter 1

Josephina sat struggling to gain control of the derailed train wreck of her life. She was right now sitting inside a sleazy hotel with a bandage wrap holding her blood inside her body and it wasn’t doing a very good job of it. She was doing everything right now to prevent herself from removing the pressure her hands were putting on her neck on top of the bandage and just bleeding out right there on the disgustingly dirty carpet. She was a woman people thought was so put together. She was a career chaser, she was always one step ahead, and took disasters head on, but right now in this room she was simply struggling to survive.

The knock at the door brought her back from the dark place she was brooding in. She wouldn’t talk for fear that something worse was going to happen.

A beep from the keycard being slid on the door lock caused her to jump as she hadn’t been expecting anyone to have one.

A woman who was extremely well put together came in.

“Hmm, I’m not surprised,” the woman looked at Josephine with eyes of sympathy. “He managed to keep you alive after that loss of control? Well, from the information he provided, you are a survivor. So here is how this will go. I am going to get you cleaned up and have Jim come in here and take care of that rip he created. I have new clothes for you to change into, I will take you home, I will get you to bed, and you will sleep. Hopefully your brain will see this trauma as a bad nightmare and this event will become something of a distant memory. I will not comfort you with any words because there isn’t anything comfortable about this, but it is part of my job.” The woman touched her ear bud and called in the fellow Jim.

Jim’s face was covered with a doctor’s mask and his hands were gloved, but other than that there was nothing to hint that he could do anything in the medical world. He was talking to the woman the whole time he took out his tools and placed them on a silver platter.

Josephina stared at the shine of the silver platter, had that been in the room this whole time? She tried to think back to the events before the attack, but nothing came to mind. She was jolted back to reality when the man, Jim, took her hand away and started to room the bandages.

“Jesus Fucking Christ,” the woman growled as she watched the man, Jim, reveal the mess. “How the fuck is she still alive?!”

“Determination? Shock? Human body does some amazing things. I think I brought enough stuff to put this back together, but she will be scarred something awful and if she can make it through me doing this without painkillers cause at this rate of blood lose she could die,” Josephina thought he sounded like a professor teaching a class with how unfazed he was about the whole event.

I wonder if I could see the mess I am in, if I would have just died, she thought as she felt tugging on her flesh.

“This might hurt,” Jim would say as Josephina felt the pull of something and her flesh would feel too tight. This would continue for a while, he would tug, say it might hurt, and then continue without blinking an eye.

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